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Clarence George Killian, 1919-2003, and
Brigid Fennell, 1919-2002 

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Carman Dominick Killian, Clarence George Killian, and Joseph Albert Killian


Hello and welcome to my Killian and related families pages. The original spelling of our surname was Kilian, however, it was later changed to Killian. The spelling throughout this site will vary, depending on the date of documentation and the generation of ancestors. For the most part, though, I will use Killian.

Links to other pertinent pages will be updated as my family pages are, so please be patient and come back often to check on latest changes. Hopefully the following legend of place names, which I used in order to avoid a LOT of repetition, will be easy for visitors to follow:

ARC=Arcadia: CAL=Calgary, Alberta, Can: CON=Constance, Sask., Can: CRE=Creemore, Ont., Can: GER=Germany: KRO=Kronau, Sask., Can: MAR=Marmora, Ont., Can: MIL=Milaca, Milles Lac Co., Minn: NC=North Creek, Temp. Co., Wis: ONT=Ontario, Canada: PO=Poland: PR=Prussia: PRC=Preeceville, Sask., Can: REG=Regina, Sask., Can: TRI=Tribune, Sask., Can: WAU= Waumandee, Tremp. Co., Wis: WEY=Weyburn, Sask., Can:

Some interesting facts about our Killian ancestors


Mathias Kilian and his wife Rosalie (nee Gandyra) arrived at the Port of New York aboard the ship S.S. Teutonia. They departed Hamburg, Germany, and arrived on June 14, 1869. With the couple were their children Peter and a Margr (Margaret?). Catherine Killian, d/o Mathias Kilian and Rosalie Gandyra, became a nun, Sister M. Sancya.



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