Other SNODGRASS Related Families

Our ancestor William Snodgrass married about 1831 to Margaret Chambers, who was born about 1807 in Pa. She was the daughter of Thomas Chambers and Elisabeth McCullough, both of Irish descent, having settled in Pa. prior to the Revolutionary War. In doing my research I developed an interest in the names of children in the Snodgrass family, from one generation to the next. Very often names can help give one clues as to who the preceding generations may have been.

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One example was young Samuel McCullough Snodgrass, son of William Snodgrass and Margaret Chambers. By theorizing that the name McCullough had some important significance, I researched it and found that one Samuel McCullough, whose will was written on April 6, 1814, and probated on April 18, 1814, left as his heirs sons:

1-Thomas McCullough2-John McCullough3-Samuel McCullough: 4-James McCullough: His daughters were named as being: 5-Elizabeth (nee McCullough), wife of Thomas Chambers: 6-Margaret (nee McCullough), wife of John Linn: 7-Sarah McCullough, wife of John Chambers: 8-Mary McCullough.

In this instance, two McCullough sisters married two Chambers brothers.

These records are of great importance as they not only give us two preceding generations, they also help us to follow family members, thereby piecing together some of those little pieces of the puzzle. The youngest child born to William Snodgrass and Margaret Chambers was James Francis Snodgrass, who was raised by John and Sarah Chambers of Richland Co., Ohio. By tracing the McCullough surname we now know that his mother's aunt, Sarah McCullough, and his mother's uncle John Chambers, raised him. Father Samuel McCullough was married to Margaret ?, who died some time after 1814.

An investigation of the family of Margaret Chambers brought to light the following:

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Margaret's father, Thomas Chambers, died in 1856, (Will, Volume 7, page 516 of the Washington County Willbook of 1781-1900, probated Feb.1856 in Docket H of The Orphans Court Will dated April 23, 1851-heirs named were: 1-James Chambers2-David Chambers3-Elisabeth Chambers4-Sarah Delley Chambers: 5-John A. Chambers6-Samuel McCullough Chambers: 7-Mary Chambers: 8-Thomas Chambers Jr. heirs: 9-Martha Chambers: 10-Margaret Chambers heirs:

Other names that will likely prove beneficial in our search are Brotherton, Patterson, Henderson and Campbell, all used as middle names by our ancestors.