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At this site you will meet nine generations of our Sigsworth Family, beginning with John Sigsworth in Helmsley, Yorkshire County, England (1615).

The following legend of place names should decrease the size of our Sigsworth Family page(s), and will eliminate a lot of repetition. Hopefully visitors will find it easy to use:

BRID=Bridlington, York. Co., Eng: BURT=Burton Agnes, York. Co., Eng: CAT=Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston: COL=Colton, York. Co., Eng: DAL=Dalby, York. Co., Eng: FAR=Farlington, York. Co., Eng: FOW=Foston on the Wolds, York. Co., Eng: FRONT=Frontenac Co., Ontario, Canada: FUL=Fulford, York. Co., Eng: HARR=Harrowsmith, Front. Co., Ont., or Harrowsmith Cemetery: HART=Hartington, Front. Co., Ont: HOV=Hovingham, York. Co., Eng: KING=Kingston, Ont: KTWP=Kingston Twp., Front. Co., Ont: LOUG=Loughborough, Frontenac Co., ONT., Canada: LWC=Langtoft with Cottam, York. Co., Eng: ONT=Ontario, Canada: OSW=Oswaldkirk, York. Co., Eng: OWT=Owthorne, York. Co., Eng: PORT=Portland, Add. Co., Ont: PTWP=Portland Twp., Add. Co., Ont: RICH=Richardson, Polk Co., Wisconsin: SAND=Sandhill Cemetery: SOTF=Sutton on the Forest, York. Co., Eng: STOR=Storington, Front. Co., Ont: SYD=Sydenham, Ontario: WF=Walters Falls, Grey Co., ONT: YORK=Yorkshire County, Eng:

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