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Sarah Jane Snodgrass
April 19, 1834 - 
William Snodgrass and Margaret Chambers),
w/o George McEwen

The following information has been found and documented with respect to this individual. A great deal of my Personal Information can be credited to the hard work of Charlou Dolan and her Snodgrass Source Books. Thank you also to Suzie, Patty, and Mac. You have been fantastic!

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1850 Federal Census
Marriage record for Sarah J. Snodgrass and George A. McEwen, 1850
Snodgrass Family Bible Records


Sarah Jane Snodgrass, b.Apr.19, 1834, in Canton Twp., Wash. Co., Pa., m.Oct.28, 1850, to George A. McEwen (Marriages of Crawford County, Ohio, 1831-1989, Vol. 4, Page 035, and Marriages in Crawford County, Ohio, Film #.388676, Volumes 3/4, 1847-1854):

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1850 Federal Census, Jackson Township, Crawford County, Ohio

William Snodgrass --- 43 --- M --- Farmer --- (value of property) 2500 --- (born) Pa
Reachel Snodgrass --- 33 ---F --- Pa
William C. Snodgrass --- 14 --- M ---Pa
Sarah J. Snodgrass --- 16 --- F ---Pa
Mary H. Snodgrass --- 13 --- F --- Pa
Samuel Snodgrass --- 10 --- M --- Ohio
John Snodgrass --- 8 --- M --- Ohio
Elizabeth Snodgrass --- 6 --- F --- Ohio
David Snodgrass --- 4 --- M --- Ohio
Margaret Snodgrass --- 1/12 (one month) --- F --- Ohio

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Marriage record for Sarah J. Snodgrass and George A. McEwen
Source --- Marriages of Craw. Co., Ohio. 1831-1989, vol. 4, pg. 035
Source --- Marriages in Craw. Co., Ohio, film no.388676, volumes 3/4, 1847-1854

George A. McEwen and Sarah J. Snodgrass

The State of Ohio Crawford County I certify that the seventh day of November A.D. 1850 I solemnized the marriage of George A. McEwen with Sarah J. Snodgrass. Given under my hand and seal this 8 day of November A.D. 1850 --- D. Gray M.O.

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Snodgrass Family Bible
Remenants of a family bible were turned over to the South Western Genealogy Society in Washington Co., Pa. Information appears updated in records -Samuel Snodgrass Family Records


Mary (torn)benlserson(?) Snodgrass was born December the 3.A.D. 1837
Samuel McCullough Snodgrass was born July the 9th AD 1839
John Chambers Snodgrass was born March 6th AD 1841
Elisabeth Snodgrass was born August 2th Anno Domini 1843
David Snodgrass was born January 11th Anno Domini 1845
James Francis Snodgrass was born Nov 17th Anno Domini 1847
Margaret E. Snodgrass was born May the 14th A.D. 1850
Clurrindia J. Snodgrass was born July the 22 A.D. 1851
(page torn off) wife of?? William Snodgrass was born August the 19th A.D. 1832
Sarah Jane Snodgrass was born Aprile the 19 A.D. 1834
William Camel Snodgrass was born on October the 25th A.D. 1835

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