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Samuel McCullough Snodgrass
July 09, 1839 - June 26, 1926
William Snodgrass and Margaret Chambers),
h/o Esther Hannah Graham

The following information has been found and documented with respect to this individual. A great deal of my Personal Information can be credited to the hard work of Charlou Dolan and her Snodgrass Source Books. Thank you also to Suzie, Patty, and Mac. You have been fantastic!

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1850 Federal Census
Snodgrass Golden Wedding Anniversary -1915
Obituary of Samuel McCullough Snodgrass -1926
Snodgrass Family Bible records

1850 Federal Census, Jackson Township, Crawford County, Ohio

William Snodgrass --- 43 --- M --- Farmer --- (value of property) 2500 --- (born) Pa
Reachel Snodgrass --- 33 ---F --- Pa
William C. Snodgrass --- 14 --- M ---Pa
Sarah J. Snodgrass --- 16 --- F ---Pa
Mary H. Snodgrass --- 13 --- F --- Pa
Samuel Snodgrass --- 10 --- M --- Ohio
John Snodgrass --- 8 --- M --- Ohio
Elizabeth Snodgrass --- 6 --- F --- Ohio
David Snodgrass --- 4 --- M --- Ohio
Margaret Snodgrass --- 1/12 (one month) --- F --- Ohio

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Snodgrass Golden Wedding Anniversary
The Claysville Recorder, Friday, July 16, 1915
J.L. Melvin/John Melvin --- Owners and Publishers

On May 10, 1865, Miss Esther Hannah Graham, of Taylorstown, was united in marriage to Mr. Samuel McCullough Snodgrass, near Crestline, 0, with Rev. J.R. Johnston, pastor of the First U.P. church of Washington, officiating. They started in a buggy next day for Mahoning county, Ohio, a journey of about two days, which is now made by auto in five hours. The bride of half a century was a daughter of Samuel and Hannah Mary Graham, her birthplace being in the Neely farm. But the groom had Ohio, had Crestline, as his birth place, son of William and Margaret Chambers Snodgrass. As a youth he hau1ed stone for the construction of the Crestline, Columbus & Cincinnati railway through that town. Later on he was sent on business to Washington County. Pa., where he had cousins and uncles and aunts. After that he came a-courting and the wedding followed. Not much time was given in those days to wedding tripe, so he got back with his bride to his work. They returned to the Neely farm soon after, later locating on the Frank Nicolls (now Milt Irwin’s farm) where they remained three years. Leaving there they went to the John McDowell farm and after six years, in 1875, they located on their present farm, which they purchased through means secured by economy and industry. The farm was then run down, a rail fence ran close in front of the dilapidated house surrounded be tall woods, quite in contrast with their splendid farm residence modernly equipped and beautifully situated. Then the oil development came and they received a goodly share of the product of the 17 wells drilled on the farm, a single well yielding as high as 300 to 400 barrels a day. But with these means the habits of life were not changed, the same industry prevailed and the same neighborliness to those for miles about them continued and the family stands high wherever known.

They have the following five children living: Margaret, who married Andrew Kerr, of near Coffey’s Crossing; Marry Hannah, the wife of John Maxwell, of near Buffalo: Eleanor and Samuel G. at home, and John G., who lives near his father’s residence.

Conditions did not suit for the anniversary on May 10, so Friday, July 9th was chosen on which to celebrate the golden wedding, the birthday anniversary of Mr. Snodgrass being the day before. The home was handsomely decorated in colors of gold and lavender. Mr. Snodgrass wore the suit in which he was married, and though 50 years old it still fit him fairly well and was in good condition. He and Mrs. Snodgrass received their guests in the parlor, beneath a golden wedding bell with combination of yellow streamers, wheat, cut flowers, ferns and pines arranged into an effective arch tasty because of the simplicity. They were assisted by their daughter Miss Eleanor, who with Miss Nell Jackson looked after the comfort of the guests and Misses Margaret Jackson and Ferne Patterson were aids at the table. There were three small flower girls who filled their parts well, gowned in white with yellow sashes, Margaret Duvall, Mildred Hamilton, and Mildred Henderson. The dining room was ornamented in yellow and white, with cut flowers. In the afternoon there was a hundred guests present and in the evening a like number. Caterer Mosebay, of Washington, provided for the inner man and the John Flack orchestra furnished splendid music. 48 guests were provided for at a sitting. The hours were 1 to 5 and 6 to 10.

The guests included the following:

Mrs. Frank Drake, Massilen, 0: Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Stiffey, and Miss Mary Walker, Blairsville, Pa; Will Chambers, Mrs. Mary Cowden, Mr. and Mrs. S. McClurg, Poland, 0: Mrs. W. Clark and Lionel Clarke, Pittsburgh.

Washington and rural routes: Dr. and Mrs. W.R. Thompson, Samuel Amspoker and daughters, Andrew Kerr and wife, Frank Snodgrass, Jennie Snodgrass, Miss Blanche Broudfit, J.R. Hanna, Dr. and Mrs. H.L. Snodgrass, A.T. Anderson and wife. Mrs. E.B. McDowell, Misses Viva, Emma, and Kizzie McDowell, Howard Ely and wife, Robert Ely, Rev. T.P. Proudfit, A.E. Thompson and wife, John A. Flack and wife, Milton and Salem Flack, Flossie Clutter, Fred Ward, Mrs. Jennie Jackson, Mrs. Clara Hunter, Kenneth Hunter, S.L. Ely and wife, Katherine Ely, R.L. McCarrell and wife, Jane O. McCarrell, R.L. McCarrell Jr., T.H. Sutherland and wife, John N. McDowell, T.C. McIlwaine and wife, Samuel Cleland and wife, Sarah B. McDowell.

West Alexander: Miss Minnie Ely, Miss Armida Hupp, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Buchanan, Miss Florence Buchanan.

Buffalo Village: Mrs. W.G. Maxwell, Mrs. A.B. Maxwell, J.B. Maxwell, Ella H. Snodgrass, J.C.H. Snodgrass, Mrs. Nan Maxwell.

Claysville: Mrs. W.G. McCullough, Mary and Bedelia Biggins, John DeFrance, Rev. A. MacLachhen and wife, M.L. McGill and wife, French. Lowrie and Eula McGill, Mrs. McCullough, only sister of Mrs. Snodgrass.

Mrs. Isabelle McLeese, W.M. Horn, Rev. R.B. Harsha, Mrs. Jane Sawhill, M.G. Ralston and wife, John Sawhill, Mrs. G.R. Coffey, Miss Anna McCabe, J.G. Snodgrass, wife and daughter, Esther Jane: Dr. R.W. Wolfe and wife, S.W. Hair and wife, Isaac Hodgens and wife, 0.M. Hill, Miss Anna Hess, Miss Donna Clelland, Ben Hamilton, Margaret Hamilton, John M. Thompson and wife, Mont Weirich and wife, W.L Sawhill and wife, Mary E. Blayney, H.M. Crothers and wife, G.H. McMannis and wife, S.D. Blayley, James Elliott and wife, E.N. Ralston, Alice Sawhill, Maude Sawhill, Samuel Flack, Arthur Flack, John A. Flack, Lizzie Flack, Nellie Flack, Samuel Snodgrass Jr.

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Obituary of Samuel McCullough Snodgrass- 1926

Samuel McC. Snodgrass Buried Tuesday Afternoon

Samuel Snodgrass, native of Ohio, for more than 60 years a resident of Buffalo township and one of its most substantial citizens, died at his home near Coffey's Crossing, at 9:20 am Saturday, June 25, 1926, from illness of a fortnight due to a severe cold, only two weeks short of his 87th year. The funeral service was held at his late home at two o'clock Tuesday afternoon, conducted by his pastor, Rev. Jacob Ruble, of West Alexander, assisted by Rev. H.B. Fairman, of Taylorstown. The attendance was very large. The interment was made in Claysville cemetery.

Two other ministers assisted at the funeral, Rev. W.M. Lorimer, at the house, and Rev. Robert Ely. of near St. Louis, Mo., at the grave.

Samuel McCullough Snodgrass was born near Crestline, Ohio, July 9, 1839, son of William and Margaret Chambers Snodgrass. In his youth he hauled stone for the construction of the Crestline, Columbus and Cincinnati railroad through Crestline. Later he was sent on a mission to Washington County, about Taylorstown, when he met Miss Esther Hannah Graham, who, on May 10, 1865, became his wife, the wedding ceremony being performed by Rev. J R. Johnson, pastor of the First U.P. church, of Washington, Pa. They resided a short time on the Neely farm (Dr. Conger’s), then were located three years on the Milt Irwin farm. For six years following they resided on the John McDowell farm. In 1875, through means secured by industry and economy purchased present home farm. The farm was then run down, fences dilapidated, yard grown up with weeds. It was quite in contrast with the modern brick residence which now stands on a beautiful site and surrounded with up to date farm buildings and well kept in every way. Much hard work endured through long hours helped work the transformation. With the development of the Taylorstown oil field the farm was put under lease and they received their allotment of the product of 17 oil wells, yielding as high as 300 to 400 barrels a day. But with the coming of wealth through oil the habits of industry were not changed, nor the neighborliness which had existed between Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass and the families of the community. To the end of life those friendships were maintained. The golden wedding was celebrated on July 9, 1915, when Mr. Snodgrass wore the same suit in which he was married 50 years before, still fitting fairly well and in good condition. Mr. Snodgrass was a member of East Buffalo Presbyterian Church. He walked uprightly in his community and will be missed by many friends. He was a Democrat in politics. Mrs. Snodgrass passed away Nov. 7, 1915.

Five of the seven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass are living: Mrs. J.C. Kerr, of Bremen, Ohio: Mrs. J.C.H. Maxwell of Hopewell township: Miss Ellen Nora Snodgrass and Samuel C. Snodgrass, at home, and John G. Snodgrass, of near Taylorstown. There are two grandchildren, Esther Jane Snodgrass and John Samuel Snodgrass. Two half sisters, Mrs. Amanda Roliston, San Diego. Cal., and Mrs. Grace Guthrie, Mansfield. Ohio, and a half brother, William Snodgrass, of Seattle, Washington, survive.

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Snodgrass Family Bible
Remenants of a family bible were turned over to the South Western Genealogy Society in Washington Co., Pa. Information appears updated in records -Samuel Snodgrass Family Records


Mary (torn)benlserson(?) Snodgrass was born December the 3.A.D. 1837
Samuel McCullough Snodgrass was born July the 9th AD 1839
John Chambers Snodgrass was born March 6th AD 1841
Elisabeth Snodgrass was born August 2th Anno Domini 1843
David Snodgrass was born January 11th Anno Domini 1845
James Francis Snodgrass was born Nov 17th Anno Domini 1847
Margaret E. Snodgrass was born May the 14th A.D. 1850
Clurrindia J. Snodgrass was born July the 22 A.D. 1851
(page torn off) wife of?? William Snodgrass was born August the 19th A.D. 1832
Sarah Jane Snodgrass was born Aprile the 19 A.D. 1834
William Camel Snodgrass was born on October the 25th A.D. 1835

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