Mama’s Gift

Listen to "An Immigrant's Daughter"

 When my mama was a girl, she lived very far away,
In a land across the sea, on the shores of Galway Bay.
She spoke of dear old Ireland, the Emerald Isle she said,
Where everything was emerald green - not blue, or pink, or red.

 She told us stories of yesteryear, of days that are long gone,
She spoke of magic and mystery, of elves and leprechauns.
Oh they were very real, they truly did exist,
For as a girl she had seen the elves, and the magical fairy mist.

Hidden in the thicket dense, among the shamrocks green,
Safe behind a veil of haze, the fairies went, unseen.
The leprechauns were busy too, but they were not so fast,
And mama said she saw some as they went about their tasks.

 They asked if she would take them when she came to our fair land,
She said yes, her case was large enough to hold the entire clan.
She brought some magic with her, on that day so long ago,
How do I know this story is true? Why, my mama told me so!