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Wedding Announcement for Paul Slabik and Frances Woychik

Arcadia Leader article, November 28, 1903: Matrimony Wojcik-Slabik: Miss Francis Woyjcik and Mr. Paul Slabik, were united in marriage at the North Creek Church Tuesday morning. After the ceremony the bridal party drove to the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wojcik where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was served to a large number of guests who had gathered to celebrate the event. The day was spent in feasting and merrymaking and in the evening a wedding dance was held at the Opera Hall in this city. Both parties to the union are well known young people and are members of popular families in North Creek. That their matrimonial life will be a continual round of sunshine and pleasure is the wish of their many friends whom the LEADER joins in extending congratulations.

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Information Provided by Unknown Source

Paul Slabik moved to Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, arriving at the CPR Station on November 12, 1907 (age 21). On November 19, 1907 he filed on the NE 6-14-19-W 3, seven miles northwest of Gull Lake (Jews' pasture fence). He returned to the USA, returned to Canada 1908, back to USA. He married and the couple returned to Gull Lake in 1909
Paul's brother Joseph Slabik married Julia Bauch at Geneseo, North Dakota, moved to Gull Lake, Saskatchewan on November 25, 1910. Their children were Lawrence (1912), Albena (1914), Frank (1915), Joseph (1917), Elizabeth (1918). This family moved back to Geneseo in 1919, moved back to Canada in 1923, son Peter born in 1924, returned once again to Geneseo. Four more children were born, Victoria (1926), Mary (1928), Anna (1930), and Barbara (1933). The Joseph Slabik farm was then rented by his brother Paul and nephew Roman. Paul served on the Suffield School Board, the Valley Center Telephone Company, and St. Anne RC Church Board and retired to live in Gull Lake in 1945 when son Roman took over the farm

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Gull Lake Memories - A History of the Town of Gull Lake:
Gull Lake's History Committee, Box 58, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada S0N 1A0

Paul Slabik and Frances - by Phyllis Slabik
June 1945 Paul and Frances Slabik moved to Gull Lake to live. Paul continued to farm a half section of land and helped with combining until his health failed. While in town he helped around the church and became more active on the church board. He and Frances made several trips to the United States to visit their relatives. During the last few years of his lifehe spent days and nights out at the farm with us. He loved the grandchildren, especially at harvest time when they would be helping haul grain. January 3, 1963 he passed away due to heart troubles. Frances spent most of her time doing the house work and needle work such as quilting, embroidery work and crocheting. She joined the Alter Society and enjoyed helping with the work they did. In April 1954 she became quite ill with cancer and never recovered. She passed away February 12, 1955.

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