Patrick Foran and Mary King Family

Carolyn Rootes' Forans
Compiled 28 Feb.1999

Patrick Foran, was born late1830s/early1840s in County Clare, Ireland. About 1862 he married  Mary King (she born 1841). Their children were:


1-Michael Foran, baptized on Aug. 23, 1862, sponsors Edmond Pierse and Bridget King

2-Mary Foran, baptized 21Oct1865

3-Bridget Foran, baptized on June 26, 1870, sponsors John and Susan McGenis

4-Patrick Foran, baptized 12Mar1872

5-George Foran, baptized 27Sep1874

6-Catherine Foran, baptized 23Apr1876

7-John Foran, baptized 28Jun1878

8-Joseph Foran, baptized 25Mar1880

9-Ellen Foran, baptized 23Apr1881

10-James Foran, baptized 29Jul1883

11-Elizabeth Foran, baptized 18Aug1886

12-Joseph Foran, baptized 12Jun1889

The family lived in Quilty, County Clare, Ireland. Michael Foran, the eldest known son, arrived in Australia in 1884, aboard the ship Dacca. Mary Foran, Michael’s sister, arrived in Australia three years later, in 1887, aboard the ship Bulimba. Michael married Florence Catherine Burke on February 24, 1892, at Caboolture, Queensland.

Michael is Carolyn Rootes' grandfather.


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