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Michael Ely
of Buffalo Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania
The Raymond M. Bell Anthology, transcribed by Jeanne Walsh of Seward, NE, in April 1998

Ancestor of Elisha Ely, who married Kesiah Brotherton Snodgrass

Michael Ely came to Buffalo Township in 1790 and died there in 1819, the father of 14 children. Ten of the children of George Ealy and Michael Ely went to Ohio, eight to Knox County, and two to other counties (not mentioned, perhaps unknown).

Michael Ely,, d.Dec.1819 in Buffalo Twp., to Mary Regina Kissner, she, d.1816. They moved from Londonderry Twp. (now Lebanon Co., Pa), to Buffalo Twp. in 1790. Their children were baptized in the Bindnagle Church, near Palmyra, and Michael's will was written Sept.13, 1816, probated Dec.24, 1819, and a settlement was reached in 1834. Children of Michael and Mary were:

1-John Ely, b.July 8, 1773, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.July 24, 1773, d. May 15, 1853, at North Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio USA, buried Shauck Cemetery, Perry Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio, m.1795 to Mary Dennis, d/o Michael Dennis (she The family resided in Ohio, in 1820 they were living in New Castle Twp., Coshocton Co., Ohio, in 1830 they were in Perry Twp., Richland Co., and in 1850 John Ely was living in North Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co. Known or suspected children of John and Mary, although there may have been others, were: 

1-Philip Ely,, d.1849 in Butler Twp., Knox Co., Ohio: 
2-Martin Ely,, d.1840 in Bloomfield Twp. (later Morrow Co): 
3-Michael Ely, b.1804, m.1828 to Catharine (she b.1808, d.1850 in Bloomfield): 
4-Catherine Ely, b.1806, m.June 2, 1832, to James Toland (he b.1782, in Pa: 
5-Peter Ely, b.1808, m.1831 to Sarah A. (she b.1813, d.1850 in N. Bloomfield): 
6-Jacob Ely, b.1812, d.1850 in Chester Twp., Morrow Co: 
7-Samuel Ely, b.1814, d.1840 in Harrison Twp., Knox Co:

*Another source, not recorded, has John's wife as being Mary Catharine Johnsonback, born 11 Sep 1776, in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, died 11 Mar 1849, in North Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, buried Shauck Cemetery, Perry Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio. This source lists one son, Martin Ely, born 1810 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, died 1892 in Indiana.

2-Jacob Ely, b.May 4, 1775, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.May 26, to Christina Dennis, d/o Michael Dennis (she b.1780, d.Mar.16, 1829). Their known children were: 

1-Catharine Ely, b.1807, m.Aug.31, 1826, to John Black
2-Mary Ely, b.1810, d.Apr. 21, 1828:

3-Elizabeth Ely, b.July 23, 1776, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Aug.12, d.Sept. 1, 1854, in Jackson Twp., Knox Co., Ohio, m.1797 to Jacob Stricker, s/o Lawrence Stricker (he b.Mar.19, 1775, in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, d.Apr. 8-15, in Jackson Twp., Knox Co., Ohio). Their children were: 

1-Barbara Stricker, b.1798: 
2-Mary Stricker
3-Elizabeth Stricker (m.Young), b.1801, d.1872: 
4-David Stricker, b.1803: 
5-John Stricker
6-Catharine Stricker
7-Jacob Stricker
8-Rosanna Stricker
9-Samuel Stricker, b.1813: 
10-Solomon Stricker, b.1815, d.1856: 
11-Isaac Stricker, b.1818, d.1835: 
12-Evan Abraham, b.1822:

4-Mary Ely, b.Aug.16, 1778, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Sept. 6, to George Kellison (he b.1774 in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania:

5-Catharine Ely, b.Apr. 5, 1871, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Apr. 12,, m.Archibald McNeal, b.1777 in in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. Known children were: 

1-Mary McNeal (m.Porter), b.1812: 
2-John McNeal, b.1814: 
3-Michael McNeal, b.1816:

6-Margaret Ely, b.June 12, 1784, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.June 27, d.young:

7-Christina Ely, b.Mar.10, 1786, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Mar.12, d.Aug.27, 1745, in E. Finley, Washington Co., Pennsylvania, m.George Ealy Jr. (he b.1778, in Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania, d.Jan 16, 1869, in Finley, Washington Co., Pennsylvania):

8-Magdalena Ely, twin to a sister who died young, b.Oct.11, 1787, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Nov.4, d.Dec.24, 1862, in Knox Co., Ohio, m.1808 to Jacob Horn, s/o Hardman Horn (he b.Apr. 12, 1781, in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, d.Mar.16, 1858, in Knox Co., Ohio). Their children were: 

1-Elizabeth Horn (m.Ulrey), b.1809, d.1874: 
2-Mary Horn, b.1811, d.1881: 
3-Abraham Horn, b.1813, d.1884: 
4-Jacob Horn, b.1815, d.1889: 
5-Susannah Horn (m.Morningstar), b.1817, d.1884: 
6-John Horn, b.1819, d.1846: 
7-Solomon Horn, b.1820, d.1900: 
8-Catherine Horn (m.Gorsuch), b.1822, d.1895:
9-Sabina Horn (m.Farmer), b.1824, d.1860: 
10-Rosanna Horn (m.Staats), b.1826, d.1863: 
11-Kesiah Horn (m.Ferenbaugh), b.1828, d.1906: 
12-Christina Horn (m.Peter Ealy), b.1831, d.1897:

9-Daughter Ely, twin to the above mentioned Magdelene Ely, b.Oct.11, 1787, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Nov.4, d.young:

10-Susanna Ely, twin to Michael Ely, b.Sept. 20, 1789, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Sept. 27, d.Mar.16, 1874, in Knox Co., Ohio, m.1811 to Joseph Horn, s/o Hardman Horn (he b.1787, in Pennsylvania, d.Nov.21, 1853, in Knox Co., Ohio. Their children were: 

1-Hardman Horn, b.1812, d.1892:
2-William Horn, b.1813: 
3-Mary Horn (m.Wolf), b.1814, d.1836: 
4-John Horn, b.1816, d.1897: 
5-Isaac Horn, b.1817, d.1904: 
6-Elizabeth Horn (m.Ulrey), b.1820: 
7-Martin Horn, b.1823, d.1910: 
8-Jacob Horn, b.1825: 
9-Abraham Horn, b.1828: 
10-Joseph Horn, b.1829: 
11-Keziah Horn (m.Day), b.1830: 
12-Solomon Horn, b.1836:

11-Michael Ely, twin to Susanna Ely, b.Sept. 20, 1789, in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, bap.Sept. 20, d.July 29, 1857, in Knox Co., Ohio, m.1814 to Catharine Hewitt, d/o Peter Hewitt (she b.Feb.19, 1795, in Washington Co., Pennsylvania). Their children were: 

1-Delilah Hewitt, b.Nov.20, 1814, still living in 1881, m.Oct.1833, to Jacob Lepley (he b.1804, d.1864): 
2-Henry Hewitt, b.1816, m.1842 to Elizabeth
3-Lewis Hewitt, b.1819, living 1900 in Morrow Co., Ohio, m.1837 to Elizabeth Porter
4-Noah Hewitt, b.May 30, 1921, d.Aug.30, 1888, in Paulding Co., Ohio, m.Julia Lybarger
5-John Hewitt, b.Feb.14, 1824, m.Mar.16, 1852, to Rebecca Braddock
6-Sarah Hewitt,, d.1891, m.Apr. 5, 1848, to Martin J. Horn (he b.July 22, 1822, d.1917 in Knox Co: 
7-Jacob Hewitt, b.1829: 
8-Mary Hewitt, b.1831:

12-Martin Ely, b.Nov.25, 1791, in Buffalo Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, d.Dec.13, 1871 Buffalo Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, m.1811 Ann Jolly, d/o Elisha Jolly (she b.Nov.30, 1795, in Canton Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, d.Feb.12, 1881, in Buffalo Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania). Refer to the Ely deaths in the East Buffalo Cemetery Index. Their children, all born in Buffalo Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, were: 

1-Nancy Ely, b.Apr. 7, 1812, d.1903, m.Nov.3, 1832, to Robert Marshall
2-Elisha Ely, b.Apr. 17, 1815, d.Aug.24, 1905, m.first on Oct.2, 1838, to Mark Clark, m.second in 1843 to Keziah Brotherton Snodgrass, d/o
William and Margaret Snodgrass of Canton Twp., Wash. Co., Pa. (she b.1820). This family genealogy is recorded under our Snodgrass surname. 
3-James Ely, b.June 28, 1818, d.Oct.26, 1889, m.first on Aug.11, 1836, to Eleanor Clemens, m.second to Ann Pollock (she b.1820, d.1897): 
4-John Ely, b.Nov.23, 1820, d.Nov.29, 1908, m.Margaret S. Cleland, d/o James Cleland, moved to Henry Co., Iowa: 
5-Mary Ely, b.Apr.24, 1824, d.Dec.1906, m.Dec.21, 1843, to William Donahay: 
6-Sarah A. Ely, b.June 3, 1826, m.Oct.2, 1845, to Thomas Knox
7-Jeremiah Ely, b.June 28, 1829, d.Nov.12, 1908, m.Oct.3, 1850, to Catharine Horn, d/o Joseph Horn (she b.1834): 
8-William Ely
9-William Alrich Ely, b.Oct.14, 1833, d.Oct.1903, to Elizabeth Ann Weirich (she b.1839):

13-Barbara Ely,, to Michael Dennis Jr. (he, d.1840 in Knox Co., one know child was: 

1-Martin Dennis, b.1815, d.1896 Illinois:

14-Margaret Ely,, m.George Dylinger: