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1880 census, Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
Germans to America: Aboard the S.S. Teutonia
Homestead Certificate: LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Church Records at Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, P.O. Box 428, 308 Osseo Rd,  Independence, Wis. 54747
Letter from Sister M. Sancya

1880 Census
Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin

Relation to head
Birthplace of father
Birthplace of mother
Kilian, Mathias M 42   M Farmer Prussia Prussia Prussia
" Rosa F 39 W M   " " "
" Peter M 14 S S   " " "
" Hedwig F 12 D S   " " "
" Elizabeth F 9 D S   Wisconsin " "
" Roche M 4 S S   " " "
" Mary F 2 D S   " " "
" Katie F Oct.1879 D S   " " "
Bill, John Jr. M 36 H M Farmer Vassan Vassan Vassan
**Bill, Anna F 24 Wife M Keeping House Prussia Prussia Prussia
**Bill, Mary F 4 Daughter S   Wisconsin Vassan Prussia
**Bill, John M Infant Son S   Wisconsin Vassan Prussia
**Bill, John  M 78 Farmer S At Home Vassan Vassan Vassan
**Killian, Andrew M 36 Boarder S Farm Laborer Prussia "  

Of the families above, Anna Bill was born Anna Sluga, daughter of Frank Sluga and Barbara Killian. Barbara Killian was the daughter of Matthew (Martin) Killian and Marie Kulig. This particular family has not yet been connected to our own Killian ancestors. However, a separate family group page will be devoted to Matthew and Marie (Kulig) Killian as time permits.

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Germans to America
Lists of Passengers arriving at U.S. ports. Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby. Volume 23, June 1869 -Dec. 1869

Page No.







307 Kilian, C. 19 M Labr. GR000 USA
  Kilian, Elsie 21 F   GR000 USA
252 Kilian, Heinr. 16 M Farmer GR64W USA
234 Kilian, Wilh. 06 M Infant GR000 USA
56 Kilian, Mathias 37 M Labr. GR000 USA
56 Kilian, Rosalie 27 F Wife GR000 USA
56 Kilian, P. 3 M Child GR000 USA
56 Kilian, Margr 06 F Infant GR000 USA
58 Kilian, Mar. 19 F Single GR000 USA

Ship Teutonia from Hamburg to New York, arrival 14 June 1869
S.S. Teutonia-Peabody Museum of Salem, Salem, Mass. 01970

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Homestead Certificate
No.21871, Application No.11727, Matys Kilian, August 20, 1875

The United States of America, To all to whom these presents shall come, Greetings:

Whereas, there has been deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Registrar of the Land Office at LaCrosse, Wisconsin, whereby it appears that pursuant to the Act of Congress approved 20th. May, 1862, "To secure Homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain", and the acts supplemental thereto, the claim of Matys Kilian has been established and duly consummated in conformity to the law for the North West quarter of Section Twenty Five, in Township Twenty one, North of Range Nine West in the District of Lands subject to Sale at LaCrosse, Wisconsin, containing one hundred and sixty acres: according to the Official Plat of the said Land returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General.

Now know ye, that there is therefore granted by the United States unto the said Matys Kilian the tract of land above described, To Have and To Hold the said tract of land, with the apparatuses thereof, unto the said Matys Kilian and to his heirs and assigns forever.

In Testimony whereof, I, Ulysses B. Grant, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.

Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, the tenth day of August, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy five, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundredth.

By the President: U.E. Grant

A copy of the Kilian homestead can be found in the book "Standard Atlas of Trempeleau Co., 1901". The homestead at that time was owned by his son Peter Jacob Kilian.

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Church records at SS. Peter & Paul Parish
Records of St. Michael's Parish in North Creek and of Ss. Peter and Paul Parish in Independence, Trempeleau County, Wisconsin. Sent to me in May, 1989, by Doris Mish, Parish Secretary (with her own notes and spellings)

Births, Ss Peter and Paul:

Maria Kilian, born September 1878, parents Mathae Kilian and Rosalie Gandera:
Maria Kilian, born January 23, 1885, parents Klemensis and Sophia Sigulla:
Peter Killian, born October 1877, parents Clements Kilion and Josepha Segulla:
Peter Kilian, born April 26, 1893, parents Simon Kilian and Francisca Resler:
Rochus Kilian, born August 4, 1876, parents Mathae Killian and Rosa Gandera:
Franciscus Kilian, born December 3, 1884, parents Matheai Kilian and Rosalie Gandera:
Gregorius Kilian, born June 3, 1887, parents Clementis Kilian and Josepha Sygulla:
Joannes Kilian, born June 5, 1879 *notation, this person married Helen McGovern on April 8, 1915 in Plentywood, Montana:
Joannes Kilian, born April 18, 1892, parents Mathiae Kilian and Rosalia Gandera:
Julia Kilian, born May 20, 1881, parents Mathiae Kilian and Rosalia Gandera:
Joseph Kilian, born February 18, 1893, parents Clemens Kilian and Sophia Sygulla:

Deaths 1st. Book, Ss Peter and Paul:

Joseph Kilian -died March 1877 (?), parents Mathis and Rosalia Gandera, he was 4:
Joseph Kilian -died August 12, 1878, parents Joseph and Eva Pampuch:
Josephus Killian -died April 18, 1884, could not figure out parents names, possibly his wife was Eva Pampuch):
Matias Kilian -died June 13, 1884, it looks like he was 45 when he died, does not list parents, this is likely our ancestor although we haven't been able to prove it to date. However, all other information fits:
Peter Kilian -died September 14, 1879 (2 years old), parents Clementis and Josepha Segulla:

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1913 letter from Sister M. Sancya (Katherine Kilian)

d/o Mathias and Rosalie (nee Gandyra) Kilian

Chicago, June, 2, 1913
My dear nieces

Glad tidings indeed that my dear nieces, Mary and Ti11y, belong to the few chosen ones, who on the 8th. of June, will for the first time receive their Lord and Master in the holy Communion. What unspeakable joy and happiness will be yours on that happy day! -- for, not’ the Bread of Angels, not a precious Gift but the Lord of host of Angels, the Lover of dear little children, the God and Creator of all, will come to your, pure and well prepared little hearts filled with great longing for the most beautiful and most desired day of your young life.

Please remember me in your prayer when the Great Giver of all good will take possession of your adorned and loving hearts. Above all remain faithful to your holy promises and never greave the most Holy Heart of Jesus by becoming unfaithful to them. In spirit I will be with you that day and pray for you that the Sweet little Infant will grant you all the graces necessary to be always good and obedient children.

As a little remembrance I am sending a rosary and a scapular, let it remind you hereafter when ever you look at it of the great and happy day of your first Holy Communion.

Kind greetings and love to all, your dear parents, sisters and brothers, but above all, to you dear, happy little nieces.

I remain,
Sister M. Sancya

Written by Catherine (Katie) Kilian (d/o Mathias and Rosalie (nee Gandyra) Kilian), to her nieces Mary and Matilda Killian, children of Peter Jacob and Barbara Mary (nee Lisowski) Killian.

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