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Margaret (Snodgrass)
April 15, 1780 - August 26, 1837
(w/o William Snodgrass of Canton Twp.)

The following information has been found and documented with respect to this individual. A great deal of my Personal Information can be credited to the hard work of Charlou Dolan and her Snodgrass Source Books. Thank you also to Suzie, Patty, and Mac. You have been fantastic!

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Obituary of Margaret Snodgrass of Canton Twp., Wash. Co., Pa.
Burials in Old Hoge Cemetery, Washington, Wash. Co., Pa.
Snodgrass Family Bible records

Obituary of Margaret Snodgrass

Died on Wednesday night last Mrs. Margaret Snodgrass, wife of William Snodgrass of Canton Twp. Member of Presbyterian Church of this place. (date written on the obituary is Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1837).

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Burials in Old Hoge Cemetery, Washington, Wash. Co., Pa

Jane Snodgrass, daughter of Wm. & Margaret Snodgrass died Dec. 18, 1845, aged 45 years:
William Snodgrass, died Jany 14, 1838, aged 70 years:
Margaret Snodgrass, wife of William Snodgrass, died Aug. 24, 1837, aged 58 yr. (the 5 could also be a 6):

The following newspaper article was written in 1847 with respect to the Old Hoge Cemetery -a proposed road through the Hoge Cemetery caused quite a controversy in January 1847, which affected the resting places of more than 100 bodies: A following article (both appeared in a Washington newspaper, the second date is unknown), stated -Old Washington Cemetery is non-existent. The stones were decayed and gone. The land was purchased by the Immaculate Conception School. The names of those buried, the remains found, were put into a memorial built on these grounds. The John F. Kennedy School stands there now. Years before, a church was built on part of this cemetery; the remains found at that time are in vaults in the basement of the Lutheran Church, on Franklin Street, Washington.

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Snodgrass Family Bible
Remenants of a family bible were turned over to the South Western Genealogy Society in Washington Co., Pa. Information appears updated in records -Samuel Snodgrass Family Records

Samuel Snodgrass Family Records

Robbert Cambel was boarn Oct the 6th 1823
William Snodgrass was boarn Febuary the 12th 1768
Margaret Snodgrass was boarn Aprile the 15th 1780
William and Margaret wase married December the 27th 1798

Births of the Snodgrass Family

Jean was boarn Aprile the 19th 1800
Sally bel was boarn June 27th 1802
James Patterson (Snodgrass) was boarn Sept 21 1804
William was boarn Dec the 19 1807
Mary was boarn April 7th 1809
Eliza was boarn October the 11th 1810
Margaret was boarn January the 9 1813
Samuel was boarn March the 4th 1815
John was boarn April 4th 1817
Kezia Brotherton was boarn April 26th 1819
Mary Hannh was boarn May the 31st 1821

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