Our Cosgrove and Related Families

Our Cosgrove family surname is an Anglicized form of Gael, derived from O'Coscraigh, depicting people from Coscrach, a byname meaning "victorious", or "triumphant". Variations include Cosgrave, Cosgreave, Cosgrive, Cosgriff, Cosgry, O'Cosgra, (O')Cosker(r)y, and Cuskery. The main areas of early settlement by peoples bearing this surname were in Counties Clare, Galway, Offaly, and Roscommon, Ireland.

Our farthest-reaching known Cosgrove ancestor is John Cosgrove, reportedly born Glasgow, Scotland, died Nov.22, 1939, in Galway, Co. Galway. He married at a place and time yet to be determined to Maria, who was born abt. 1855, and died July 10, 1926, in Galway. Maria shares a common grave in Rahoon Cemetery, Galway, Co. Galway with Patrick John Cosgrove, Patrick Joseph Fennell (her grandson who died July 11, 1923), Sam Cosgrove, and a Patrick Barrett, who died July 10, 1924. According to family lore the Cosgroves were related to the Barretts, possibly through Maria. Known children of John and Maria Cosgrove were: 

1-Jane Cosgrove

2-James Cosgrove

3-Michael Cosgrove

4-Maria Cosgrove

5-Charlotte Cosgrove

6-Lena Cosgrove, married first to Martin Kelly, married second Martin Fineran

7-John Cosgrove married and had at least one child, a son named Sam Cosgrove, who was born 1899 and died on Aug.14, 1923. He is buried in a common grave in Rahoon Cemetery with his aunt, our direct-line ancestor Johanna (Jane Cosgrove) Fennell

8-Patrick John Cosgrove, d.May 8, 1918

9-Joanna (Jane) Cosgrove, our direct line ancestor, born abt. 1889, died Mar.10, 1936, in Galway. She married Michael John Fennell on Oct.5, 1911, in Quilty. Michael was born Sept. 1889 in Mullaugh, Co. Clare, died Dec.12, 1969, in Galway, and was buried in Galway Cemetery. Jane was buried in Rahoon Cemetery. Follow the link to view Personal Information Page of Michael and Jane Fennell.

Family Notes

Old Cosgrove house address #44 Railway View, Wood Quay, Galway -was #44 Suckeen, Wood Quay. John Cosgrove and wife (who was connected to the Barretts) came from Glasgow or Paisley Scotland to Dublin. John had inherited money and bought hobby horses; he performed some sort of show with horses. Their children were Jimmy, Mike, Charlotte, Maria, Jane, Lena, and John


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