Chambers Connections

Although this site is primarily intended to show the documented links between our Chambers connection and Margaret Chambers, w/o William Snodgrass, I would also like to dedicate the following pages to the Chambers Families that I have come across, insofar as have either proven, or strongly suspect, a connection to Margaret. Follow the links to Chambers' Personal Information Pages. To date it appears that Margaret's family is as such:

1-Unknown Chambers born, married, and died, at a time and place unknown, possibly had three sons --- Thomas (b.abt. 1775), Andrew, and John (b.abt. 1786).

2-Thomas Chambers was b. abt. 1775, d.April 09, 1856, in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, m.Elisabeth McCullough, d/o Samuel and Margaret McCullough (she b.abt. 1774, d.August 09, 1855). Both are buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in East Buffalo. This may well be the same Thomas Chambers who applied for naturalization in Washington County, Pa., in May 1840, having hailed from Ireland. Thomas and Elisabeth had the following children (not in order of birth):

1-James E. Chambers, born 1827 in Morris Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, died after 1915 in Youngstown, Mahoning Co., Ohio.

Mentioned in the obituary of Esther Hannah (Graham) Snodgrass, who died Nov. 1915, age 79, at the family home in Buffalo Town, Wash. Co., Pa. At the time James E. Chambers was living at Youngstown, Ohio

2-David Chambers, born 1804-1810 in Morris Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania.
3-Elisabeth Chambers, born 1820 n Morris Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Married Unknown Caldwell.
4-Sarah Delley Chambers, born 1804-1810 in Morris Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania.
5-John A. Chambers
, born 1820, Morris Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, married Louisa. They appear in the 1860 census:

1860 Federal Census, Boardman, Mahoning Co., Ohio, Roll 1005 Book 1, Page 43a, Household 630:
Chambers, John A., Age 40, Farmer, Born Pennsylvania
Chambers, Louisa, Age 26, Born Ohio
Chambers, Mary J., Age 6, Born Ohio
Chambers, Elizabeth A., Age 3, Born Ohio
Chambers, James B., Age 1, Born Ohio
Snodgrass, Samuel, Age 20, Farm laborer, Born Ohio

6-Mary Chambers, born 1812 in Pennsylvania, married Lewis Little. They died in Sandusky Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio. They appear in the following census'.

1860 Federal Census, Sandusky Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio, Roll 951 Book 1, Page 173a, Household #3:
Littler, Lewis, Age 48, Farmer, Born Virginia
Littler, Mary, Age 48, Born PA
Littler, Joel C., Age 23, Born Ohio
Littler, Mary A., Age 21, Born Ohio
Littler, Wm S., Age 17, Born Ohio
Littler, Abraham D., Age 15, Born Ohio
Littler, Sarah E., Age 13, Born Ohio
Littler, Emeline C., Age 12, Born Ohio
Littler, John W., Age 10, Born Ohio
Littler, Franklin, Age 7, Born Ohio

1870 Federal Census, Sandusky Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio, Roll 1186 Book 1, Page 578a, Household #15:
Littler, Lewis, Age 58, Farmer, Born Virginia
Littler, Mary, Age 58, Keeping house, Born PA
Littler, Sarah E., Age 24, At home, Born Ohio
Littler, Franklin, Age 7, Born Ohio
Littler, William S., Age 27, Farm laborer, Born Ohio - (William and Elisabeth were husband and wife)
Littler, Elisabeth, Age 27, Keeping house, Born Ohio - (William and Elisabeth were husband and wife)

1880 Federal Census, Sandusky Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio, Roll 1004 Book 1, Page 594a, Household #305:
Little, Lewis, Age 68, Farmer, Born Virginia
Little, Mary, Age 68, Keeping house, Born PA
Little, Mary A., Age 41, At home, Born Ohio

7-Thomas Carlisle Chambers, born 1810 Pennsylvania, d.May 10, 1852, in North Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio, m.Jennie (Jane) Isabinda Marshman (daughter of John Marshman, she born 1815 in Pennsylvania, died after 1880 in North Bloomfield) on July 29, 1834, in the Borough of Washington, Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Their known children are Albert V. (b. after 1834), William (b.1835), George Marshman (b.Jan. 6, 1837, married Helen Harding), Newton Thomas (b.1838, married Elisabeth), James Carlisle (b.1841), Daniel T. (b.1843), John Alexander (b.1845, married Adaline M.), Elizabeth Mary (b.1852).

1850 Federal Census, North Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio, Roll 716 Book 1, Page 404b, Household #794:
Chambers, Thomas, Age 41, Farmer, Born PA
Chambers, Jane, Age 35, Farmer, Born PA
Chambers, William, Age 15, Born Ohio
Chambers, George, Age 12, Born Ohio
Chambers, Thomas M., Age 11, Born Ohio
Chambers, James C., Age 10, Born Ohio
Chambers, Daniel, Age 7, Born Ohio
Chambers, John A., Age 5, Born Ohio

Marriage records: Married Tues. 29 July 1834, Thomas Chambers to Jane Marshman, d/o John Marshman, all of Wash. Co. by Rev. W. P. Aldrich

8-Margaret Chambers, who married William Snodgrass:
9-Samuel McCullough Chambers (b.abt.1815 Pennsylvania, d.May 22, 1880, in Jackson Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio, buried Greenlawn Cemetery in Crestline), m.Jane
(she b.1819 Pa.) and had the following children --- Elisabeth M. Chambers (b.1850): Thomas J. Chambers (b.1852): James F. Chambers (b.1854): William A. Chambers (b.1856): Mary. C. Chambers (b.1858): Eldora Agness Chambers (b.1859): Samuel Vance Chambers (b.1863 Crestline, Crawford Co., Ohio, d.July 10, 1906, buried Greenlawn Cemetery in Crestline):

10-Sarah Martha Chambers, born 1826  in Morris Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania, married December 28, 1843, in Washington Co., to Samuel Caldwell (he born 1814 in Pennsylvania):

1850 Federal Census, Donegal Twp., Washington, Pennsylvania, Roll 834 Book 1, Page 502b, Household #231:
Caldwell, Samuel, Age 36, Farmer, Born Pennsylvania
Caldwell, Sarah M., Age 24 Born Pennsylvania
Caldwell, Elisabeth J., Age 5, Born Pennsylvania

Marriage records: married Thurs. 28 Dec. 1843 by Rev. W. P. Aldrich; Samuel Caldwell to Martha Chambers, d/o Thomas C., all of Wash. Co.

3-John Chambers, ancestor of Erskine Chambers in the following biography, was b.abt.1786, June 19, 1858, in Springfield Twp., Richland Co., Ohio, married Sarah McCullough (she b.abt. 1791, d.April 16, 1866, in Springfield Twp., Richland Co., Ohio. Both are buried in Ontario Cemetery. Their family consisted of the following known children:

1-Susanna C. Chambers (b.March 15, 1814, d.March 26, 1893):
2-Elazan Chambers (spelling questionable), m.Robert Smith:
3-Elizabeth Chambers, m.Hugh McCullough:
4-Emily Ann Chambers, m.John McCullough:
5-Samuel G. Chambers:
6-James Harvey Chambers (b.May 02, 1821, d.November 08, 1902, m.Elizabeth Morrow):
7-Sarah Marie Chambers, m.Unknown Caldwell:
8-Margaret Chambers (b.abt.1818, d.August 12, 1840, m.Joseph Roe):
9-Thompson Chambers

John and Sarah Chambers are the aunt and uncle that raised young James Francis Snodgrass, s/o Margaret Chambers and William Snodgrass.

4-Andrew Chambers, possibly the family listed in the 1850 Census of Richland County, Ohio (follow the link and use your Find feature.)