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Makee Township, Allamakee Co., Iowa

Members of this Whaley family are buried in Oakland Cemetery Main, Makee Township, Allamakee Co., Iowa: Soruce

Listed on page 333 are:

Whaley, ?, born 1840, died 1902 Jun 28, remarks FM Mrs. A, location 39
Whaley, A., born ?, died 1877, remarks Obit, location 39
Whaley, Damon, born 1818, died 1883, location 143

Listed on page 334 are:

Whaley, David W., born 1829, Jan 12, died 1909, Oct 25, remarks DR FM,location 86?
Whaley, Douglas, born 1863 Dec 01, died 1945 Apr 02, remarks FM DR,location 143
Whaley, Jane, born 1822 Jan 02, died 1917 Jan 08, remarks DR FM, location86?
Whaley, Jane Amelia, born 1851 Jun 27, died 1924 Jun 25, remarks NM DR,location ?
Whaley, Jane E., born 1818 Jul 24, died 1882 Jun 10, location 86
Whaley, Louisa S., born 1848, died 1885 Jul 12, remarks W, location 135
Whaley, M. E., died 1870 Feb 25, remarks Obit, location 143
Whaley, Prosser, born 1812 Oct 09, died 1866 May 27, remarks Obit, location 86

Oakland Cemetery

The Oakland Cemetery at Waukon, Iowa, is at the south end of the city on State Highways 9/76. Originally described as an entity in a Waukon Standard newspaper item in the May 16, 1892 issue, which stated that the Waukon Cemetery would thereafter be known as the Oakland Cemetery. This cemetery comprises the original Waukon Cemetery, including the "1920 Addition" (shown as part of the original cemetery on a plat of September20, 1875, the St. John's Addition (Lutheran) probably acquired by the Waukon Burying Ground Association in early 1927, the German Addition, conveyed by Warranty Deed on July 1, 1927 by the Waukon Burying Ground Association, and "Alleys" created by establishing burial lots in spaces between existing lots in the four other entities and by renumbering some existing lots. Transcribed by Kay Brumbaugh <> and proofread by Nancy McClain