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Personal Information Page For

Dennis Whaley
(s/o Jeremiah Whaley and Susannah Waite)
and Minerva Caroline Bartlett

Dennis Whaley, s/o Jeremiah Prosser Whaley and Susannah Waite, was b.1825 New York, m.December 11, 1845, Springfield, Allen Co., Indiana to Minerva Caroline Bartlett (she b.1821 New York). Their children were:

1-Cyrus C. Whaley, b.1847

2-David P. Whaley, b.1850

3-Charles Dennis Whaley, b.1852

4-Francis F. Whaley, b.February 14, 1855, Walkoun, Allamakee Co., Iowa, d.January 6, 1933, Lansing, Allamakee Co., Iowa, m.Louisa F. Whaley (she b.1850 Ontario, Canada, d.July 12, 1885, Makee Twp., Allamakee Co., Iowa, buried Oakland Cemetery. Louisa was the d/o Damon Whaley and Jane M. McMullen). Francis and Louisa were first cousins one time removed. Louisa was previously married January 27, 1865, Allamakee Co., Iowa to Royal S. Whaley (he b.December 27, 1840, Onedia Co., New York, d.November 14, 1930, Barron, Barron Co., Wisconsin, buried Lakeview Cemetery, s/o Archibald Whaley and Catherine Kent). Louisa and Royal were first cousins. Royal S. Whaley remarried February 1, 1892, Allamakee Co., Iowa, to Martha Randall. Follow the link to view Personal Information regarding Royal S. Whaley, and keep scrolling down the page for information regarding Louisa S. Whaley genealogy.

5-Caroline J. Whaley, b.1856 Iowa.

6-Nathan I. Whaley, b.1860 Iowa.

7-Minerva Whaley, b.1861.

Information Pertaining to Dennis Whaley and Minerva Caroline Bartlett:

1850 Federal Census, Springfield Twp., Allen Co., Indiana, Roll 135 Book 1, Page 210b, Household #11971:
Whaly, Dennis, Age 25, Farmer, Born New York
Whaly, Minerva, Age 22, Born New York
Whaly, Cyrus, Age 2, Born Indiana
Whaly, David, Age 1, Born Indiana

1856 State Census, Allamakee Co., Iowa, Microfilm Number at the Family History Center, #1021290/J-59925 (051-018):
Dennis Whaley, 31, born N.Y., Farmer
Caroline Whaley, 27, born Canada
Cyrus Whaley, 8, born Indiana
David Whaley, 6, born Indiana
Charles Whaley, 4, born Indiana
Frank Whaley, 1, born Iowa

1860 Federal Census, Makee Twp., Allamakee Co., Iowa, Roll310 Book 1, Page 213, Household #1039:
Whaley, Susana, Age 35, Housekeeper, Born NY
Whaley, Dennis, Age 35, Farmer, Born Canada
Whaley, M. C., Age 34, Housekeeper, Born NY
Whaley, Cyrus, Age 13, Born Indiana
Whaley, David P., Age 11, Born Indiana
Whaley, Charles D., Age 9, Born Indiana
Whaley, F. F., Age 1, Born Iowa
Whaley, C. J., Age 4, Born Iowa
Whaley, N. I, Age 1 month, Born Iowa

Information Pertaining to Royal S. Whaley, Prior to Marriage to Louisa S. Whaley:

1850 Federal Census, Allamakee Co., Iowa, Roll 182 Book 1,Page 6a, Household #98:
Whaley, Archy, 35, M, farmer, born NY
Whaley, Catherine, 39, F, farmer, born NY
Whaley, Theodore, 12, M, born NY
Whaley, Eliza A., 10, F, born NY
Whaley, Royal, 8, M, born NY
Whaley, Moss, 6, M, born NY
Whaley, Caroline, 4, F, born Wis

1856 State Census, Center Twp., Alamakee, Indiana, transcribed by Patrick J. Utecht and proofread by Maureen O'Brien Creswick for the US GenWeb Census Project. Microfilm Number Family History Center, #1021290/J-59925 (051-018):
Archa Wholey, 44, born N.Y., Sawyer
Catharine Whaley, 44, born N.Y.
Theodore Whaley, 19, born N.Y.
Eliza Ann Whaley, 17, born N.Y.
Royal Whaley, 15, born N.Y.
Mass. Whaley, 13, born N.Y. (Moss)
Caroline Whaley, 8, born Wisconsin
Loretta Whaley, 5, born Iowa
Archa Whaley, Jr., 0, born Iowa
Elza W. Castle, 19, born Canada West

1860 Federal Census, Makee Twp., Alamakee Co., Iowa, Roll310 Book 1, Page 219, Household #1079:
Whaley, Archa, Age 46, Farmer, Born NY
Whaley, Mary, Age 23, Housekeeper, Born Norway
Whaley, Royal, Age 19, Farmer, Born NY
Whaley, Moses, Age 17, Farmer, Born NY
Whaley, Caroline, Age 13, Born NY
Whaley, Edward, Age 6, Born Iowa
Hill, Manly, Age 18, Farm laborer, Place of birth unknown
Whaley, Lafayette, Age 18, Farm laborer, Born NY
Cowles, Leonard, Age 30, Student, Born PA

Information Pertaining to Louisa S. Whaley Prior to Marriage to Francis F. Whaley or Royal S. Whaley:

1851 Census Loughborough & Storrington Twps., Frontenac Co., Ontario:
Damond Whaley, age 54, born US, religion RM (Reformed Methodist?), Yeoman, residing at Div. 2, Con. 4, Lot 9
Jane Whaley, age 28, born Canada West (CW, Ontario)
Enis, age 10, born CW
Damond L., age 9, born CW
Elizabeth J., age 8, born CW
Christian, age 6, born CW
Louise, age 3, born CW

1856 State Census, Allamakee Co., Iowa, Microfilm Number at the Family History Center, #1021290/J-59925 (051-018):
Damon Whaley, 54, born N.Y., Farmer
Jane Whaley, 35, born Canada
Enot M. Whaley, 15, M, born Canada, Farmer
Damon L. Whaley, 13, born Canada
Elizabeth J. Whaley, 11, born Canada
Christianna A. Whaley, 10, born Canada
Louisa L. Whaley, 8, born Canada

1860 Federal Census, Makee Twp., Allamakee Co., Iowa, Roll310 Book 1, Page 213, Household #1038:
Whaley, Damon, Age 60, Farmer, Born NY
Whaley, Jane, Age 38, Housekeeper, Born Canada
Whaley, Enos M., Age 18, Farmer, Born Canada
Whaley, Damon L., Age 17, Farmer, Born Canada
Whaley, Elizabeth J., Age 16, Housekeeper, Born Canada
Whaley, Cristina, Age 14, Born Canada
Whaley, Louisa L., Age 12, Born Canada

Information Pertaining to Louisa Whaley and Royal S. Whaley:

1870 Federal Census, Lansing Twp., Alamakee Co., Iowa, Roll374 Book 1, Page 202a, Household #17:
Whaley, Royal, Age 28, Laborer, Born NY
Whaley, Louisa, Age 22, Housekeeping, Born Canada
Whaley, Jane, Age 14, Domestic, Born Iowa
Strong, Henry, Age 27, Laborer, Born PA

Information Pertaining to Louisa S. Whaley After Separation from Royal S. Whaley and before Marriage to Francis F. Whaley:

1880 Federal Census, Waukon, Makee Twp., Allamakee Co., Iowa, Roll 325 Book 1, Page 396a, Household #58:
Whaley, Frank, Age 21, Teamster, Born Iowa (cousin to Ferris Whaley, living in household #59)
Whaley, Louisa, Age 30, Keeping house, Born Canada
Living in household #60 is David Whaley (b.1829)


Information Pertaining to Royal S. Whaley after separation from Louisa S. Whaley:

1880 Federal Census, Center City, Allamakee Co., Iowa, Family History Library Film 1254325, NA Film Number T9-0325, Page Number 275C:
Archey WHALEY Self W Male W 65 NY Grist Miller RI MA
Royal WHALEY Son S Male W 38 NY Works In Grist Mill NY NY
Roxey WHALEY Dau S Female W 14 IA Keeping House NY NY
Allice WHALEY Dau S Female W 16 IA Works In House NY NY
Denis WHALEY Son S Male W 12 IA At School NY NY

1910 Federal Census, Chetek, Barron Co., Wisconsin, Roll1701 Book 1, Page 39a, Household #279:
Anderson, Loretta, Age 45, Born Iowa
Anderson, Ruby, Age 16, Born Wisconsin
Whaley, Royal, Age 69, Born NY (brother) - this needs further checking.