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Karens Korner
Genealogy Quest Main Index

On this page you will find:

My Personal Introduction, a little about me and mine
Links to my Family Sites, alphabetized by surname
The Prince George Genealogical Society; stop by for a visit!
Family Photos Index, where you will find Family Pictures
My Family Tree Maker site; lots of family information here!
My Friends and Neighbours page
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So let me introduce myself. I am an avid (O.K., addicted might be a better word) researcher who has been looking for family ties for many years now.

I am the mother of four daughters, and the grandmother of twelve beautiful kidlets. I completed the  Social Work Programme at the University of Northern British Columbia  in Spring 2005, and I enjoy doll collecting.

I was lucky to be married to a very patient man who put on many, many, miles in order to take me hither and yon in my search for family ties. The love of my life died on February 17, 2006, and while I miss him terribly, his loss is a constant reminder of the value of family.

Enjoy your visit and come back often to see what changes have been made! My goal is to eventually have all of my documentation online. Feel free to use what you want if it helps with your own research. However, under no circumstances is my personal documentation to be sold to others, by others. It is completely FREE for the taking!

Now on to my Family Sites where you will Meet the kinfolk!

These are links to Primary Family Sites; make sure you check the Personal Information Pages indexes at sites that have them for other pages and connections not listed here. Sites that have no Personal Information Pages indexes will have links to individual pages on the Main Page.

My Other Sites:

the Prince George Genealogical Society site.

  my Family Photos Index

my Family Tree Maker site.

While you're here stop by and Meet my Friends and Neighbours