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our WARDEN family
Personal Information Page

Generation #6
Willimena E. Warden and John Knell
Daughter of William Patterson Warden and Lucy Jane Beaver

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2-1880 Census, Crawford County, Ohio

3-Excerpts from History of Crawford County, Ohio


Willimena E. Warden, daughter of William Patterson Wardenand Lucy Jane Beaver, was born April 29, 1872, died Dec.16, 1952, at Galion, married John Knell on July 11, 1901: 

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1880 Census, Crawford County, Ohio

Warden, Wm. Patterson --- age 49 --- carpenter --- born Ohio
Warden, Elizza J. --- age 42 (should be Lucy J., did I translate wrongly?)
Warden, Cloris --- age 18 --- born Ohio
Warden, Lidia --- age 14 --- born Ohio
Warden, Mary W. --- age 11 --- born Ohio
Warden, Willimena --- age 8 --- born Ohio
Warden, Abram --- age 4 --- born Ohio

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History of Crawford County, Ohio --- Horizons '76, Bicentennial Edition, edited by James E. McJunken

The first North Robinson Post Office was established in 1854 by J.P. Robinson. Mail was received once a week on Saturday afternoons, delivered by train. The Post Office was discontinued in 1860, but was re-established in 1861.

Past Postmasters include Frederick Neuman, A.R. Warden, J.P. Patterson, George Railing, George Darr, J.W. Littler, E.G. Smith, Wilmina Warden, E.R. Boyer, Ida Frank, Grace Deam, Kelly Smith, Merrill Bogan, Arthur Bogan, Samuel Eusey, Merrill Parcher, and Emma McLaughlin. Sarah K. Roe is the present Postmaster.

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