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our WARDEN family
Personal Information Page

Generation #3
Samuel Neel and Ruth Jack/ Rachel Borland

Samuel Neel, s/o Margaret Warden and John Neel, was b.1785 MT.PLEAS., d.Oct.28, 1862 MT.PLEAS. He m.first Ruth Jack on Apr.01, 1812 in WEST., and m.second Rachel Borland on June 25, 1822.

Children born in MT.PLEAS. to Samuel and Ruth Jack were:

1-Lucinda Neel, m.__Lytle: 

2-J. J. Neel, b.1819, d.Feb.10, 1852 MT.PLEAS:

Children of Samuel Neel and Rachel Borland, born MT. PLEAS., were

3-William Borland Neel: 

4-Lydia G. Neel: 

5-Ruth Neel: 

6-Margaret A. Neel, d.Nov.28, 1884:

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