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our WARDEN family
Personal Information Page

Generation #6
Lidia Warden and Allen G. Sprankle
d/o William Patterson Warden and Lucy Jane Beaver

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2-1870 Census, Crawford County, Ohio

3-1880 Census, Crawford County, Ohio

4-Newspaper article


Lidia J. Warden, duaghter of William Patterson Warden and Lucy Jane Beaver, was born September 13, 1866, at North Robinson, died July 26, 1963, in Bucyrus, married Allen G. Sprankle after 1906 (This could be the A.G. Sprankle who appears in the 1875/76 Crestline City Directory --- Newspapers and Job Printers, Crestline Advocate, A.G. Sprankle prop _ Bucyrus near Opera House). No known children: 

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1870 Census, Crawford County, Ohio - North Robinson, Jefferson Twp.

Warden, William P. --- age 35 --- carpenter --- born Ohio
Warden, Lucy J. --- age 33 --- born Ohio
Warden, Simtha --- age 9 --- born Ohio
Warden, Clorise E. --- age 7 --- born Ohio
Warden, Lidia J. --- age 3 --- born Ohio
Warden, Mary W. --- age 1 --- born Ohio

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1880 Census, Crawford County, Ohio

Warden, Wm. Patterson --- age 49 --- carpenter --- born Ohio
Warden, Elizza J. --- age 42 (should be Lucy J., did I translate wrongly?)
Warden, Cloris --- age 18 --- born Ohio
Warden, Lidia --- age 14 --- born Ohio
Warden, Mary W. --- age 11 --- born Ohio
Warden, Willimena --- age 8 --- born Ohio
Warden, Abram --- age 4 --- born Ohio

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Newspaper article (likely Crestline Advocate), North Robinson, Nov. 27, 1885

North Robinson Literary Society has been organized with Prof. O.E. DeWitt, pres., Lide Warden, vice pres., Edward Warden, marshal (Edward could be the son of Natrhan C. Warden and Emogene Wilcox).

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