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our WARDEN family
Personal Information Page

Generation #2

1-James Warden, b.abt.1740 in IRE d.aft.1820 in ALLEG. He m.first Sarah Warden, and m.second bef.1770 to someone yet unknown, in ALLEG. Children of his second marriage were: 

1-Sampson Warden, b.abt.1775 PA., d.NR: 
2-Benjamin Warden, b.abt.1775 ALLEG., d.abt.1845 BLAN: 
3-Eleanor Warden, b.abt.1775: 
4-Samuel Warden, b.1775-1794:

2-George Warden, b.abt.1745, d.bef.1820 in LANC. One known child was:

1-John Warden, b.bef.1774:

3-Samuel Warden, b.abt.1745 in County Donegal, IRE, d.Jan.08, 1815 MT.PLEAS. He m.Mary Clarke in 1776. Their known children were: 

1-Robert Warden, b.Jul.08, 1777 MT.PLEAS: 
2-Isabella Warden, b.Dec.17, 1778 MT.PLEAS: 
3-John Warden, b.Oct.02, 1780 MT.PLEAS: 
4-Martha Warden, b.Oct.14, 1782 MT.PLEAS., m.William John Latta Sept.13, 1910 WEST:
5-Paul Warden, b.Nov.25, 1784 MT.PLEAS., d.June 1855 MT.PLEAS: 
6-Samuel Warden, b.Oct.18, 1786 MT.PLEAS., d.1824.

4-Margaret Warden, b.1750 in IRE, d.May 02, 1812 MT.PLEAS., m.John Neel on May 23, 1775 MT.PLEAS., son of John Neel. Their known children were: 

1-John Neel: 
2-Andrew Neel: 
3-Mary Neel, m.__Thompson: 
4-Martha Neel, m.__Tittle: 
5-Eleanor Neel, m.__Vance: 
6-Margaret Neel: 
7-Samuel Neel, b.1785 MT.PLEAS., d.Oct.28, 1862 MT.PLEAS: 
8-Robert Neel:

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