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our WARDEN family
Personal Information Page

Generation #5
David Shay Warden and Sarah A. Nutter

David Shay Warden, s/o Samson Warden and Jane Shay, was b.Nov.06, 1836 CRAW., d.Mar.23, 1904 GIL., m.Sarah A. Nutter abt.1859. Their children, all born GIL, were: 

1-Chester B. Warden, b.Aug.29, 1860, d.Sept.25, 1900 GIL., m.Amanda M., abt.1882: 

2-Alice A. Warden, b.June 18, 1862, d.Jan.28, 1863 GIL: 

3-John W. Warden, b.Nov.26, 1864, d.June 28, 1865 GIL: 

4-Clement C. Warden, b.Aug.20, 1867, d.Sept.14, 1869 GIL: 

5-Edith F. Warden, b.abt.1871: 

6-Lawrence R. Warden, b.Dec.08, 1876, d.June 18, 1892 GIL: 

7-Nora E. Warden, b.Nov.28, 1877, d.Oct.19, 1878 GIL:

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