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our WARDEN family index

Individual and Family Information Pages

Generation #1

Generation #2
James Warden and Sarah Warden
George Warden

Margaret Warden and John Neel
Samuel Warden and Mary Clarke

Generation #3
Benjamin Warden and #1Unknown Ramage, #2Rachel Scott
Eleanor Warden and John Kerr
John Warden and Sarah Smith
Paul Warden and Mary Fleming

Sampson Warden and Elizabeth Allen
Samuel Neel and #1Ruth Jack, #2Rachel Borland

Generation #4
Benjamin Warden and Nancy Shay/ Almedia Johnson

Cunningham Warden and Elizabeth R. Bebout
Eleanor Warden and John McClelland

Isabella Warden and Michael Stoner
James Ramage Warden and Margaret Burwell
James Warden and unknown
James Warden, s/o Sampson Warden and Elizabeth Allen
Jane Warden and William Bloomfield
Joseph Warden and Margaret Pensinger/ Mary Jane Ross

Margaret Warden and Benjamin Vangundy
Mary Scott Warden and Joseph Burwell
Nancy Ann Warden and Unknown Burwell/ John Cunningham
Rachel Warden and William Snodgrass
Sampson Warden and Rosannah McKean/Ellen Gordon

Samson Warden and Jane Shay
Samuel Clark Warden and Elizabeth Latimer
Sarah Warden and David Shay
Susannah Warden and George Good
William Borland Neel and Nancy J. Hurst

Read a charming and info-packed letter from home, written on February 3, 1889, by William Patterson Warden to his cousin William Rufus Warden

Miscellaneous Warden Information, although not necessarily connected to our own family

General Information, these articles refer more to the lifestyles of the times that our ancestors lived, they not necessarily people-related articles.

Generation #5

Benjamin C. Warden and Amanda Wagner/ Amanda M. Carter/ Clarissa Van Buskirk
Benjamin Franklin Warden and Minnie Robertson
Benjamin F. Warden and Jane Ann McClintock
David Shay Warden and Sarah A. Nutter
Grace Snodgrass and William Guthrie
Hiram Warden and Jessie Ross

Isaac Burwell and Nancy S.
Isabella Burwell and John Waters
James Admiral Warden and Laura Addie Mountz

James Cunningham Warden and Margaret Smith
James D. Warden and Margery Sophia Robertson
James E. Warden and unknown
John Ramage Warden and Amanda Jane Greegor
Lettie Gertrude Warden and Charles Herbert Helfrich
Lucy Jane Beaver, w/o William Patterson Warden
Margaret Beaver, w/o Abram Ramsey Warden
Nancy Ann Warden and Calvin B. Sherrard

Nathan C. Warden and Emogene Wilcox
Robert Cunningham and Mary E.

Robert S. Snodgrass and Charlotte Donaldson
Sarah Ellen Warden and Lorin Ferrell

Susan E. Stoner and Robert Ausbauch/ __Jones
Van Floyd Warden and Vinnie Sprow
William Campbell Snodgrass and Eunice Troll
William Patterson Warden and Lucy Jane Beaver
William Rufus Warden and Olive Allen

Generation #6

Alonzo Warden and Melissa Jane Varnes
Lidia Warden and Allen G. Sprankle
Willimena Warden and John Knell

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