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Thomas Gwin

Thomas Gwin, b.Aug.20, 1788 WNY, d.Sept. 21, 1871 EHAM, m.first Almira Francis who d.abt.1822 HAM, m.second Mar.06, 1823 HAM to Jane Leclear (she b.Aug.12, 1803 WNY, d.Nov.18, 1879 ED). Their children:

1-Melvin Gwin, b.abt.1823 HAM, d.aft.1881, m.bef.1855 EHAM to Emily (she b.abt.1816):

2-Ceremantha Almira Gwin, b.abt.1824 HAM, d.aft.1881, m.Mar.21, 1844, to Jonathan Rauslor Brady (he b.abt.1822 EHAM, d.bef.1865), their children were: 

1-Augusta G. Brady, b.abt.1846 ENY: 
2-Rosanna Brady, b.abt.1848 ENY: 
3-Ellin Jane Brady, b.abt.1850 ENY, d.bef.1860 ENY:
4-Eward Brady, b.abt.1855 ENY:

3-Elizabeth Gwin, b.Mar.01, 1827 HAM, d.Mar.01, 1851 HAM, m.Dennis Kelly (he b.Mar.20, 1816 NJ, d.Nov.16, 1898 HAM), their children were: 

1-Maria Antoinette Kelly, b.May23, 1847 BOS, d.aft.1881:
2-Dennis Kelly, b.abt.1850 BOS, d.aft.1881:

4-Alfred B. Gwin, b.abt.1829 HAM, d.aft.1881, m.Nov.27, 1856 EHAM to Charlotte Rankin(she b.abt.1834 NY):

5-Rosanna Gwin, b.abt.1831 HAM, d.aft.1871, m.bef.1855 to Ezekiel T. Briggs (he b.abt.1824 ENY). Their known children were: 

1-John W. Briggs, b.abt.1850 ENY: 
2-Peter O. Briggs, b.abt.1852 ENY:
3-Estelle Briggs, b.bef.1859. m.?Johnson:

6-Peter Gordon Gwin, b.Apr.22, 1833 EHAM, d.Jun.23, 1897 LOY, m.Jan.01, 1862 BRF to Edna Sophia Brown (she b.Jul.19, Widham Co., Vermont, d.Apr.28, 1892 LOY). Their known children were: 

1-Cora Adell Gwin, b.Apr.25, 1865, d.Dec.16, 1944: 
2-Earl Franklin Gwin, b.Jul.03, 1870 BRF, d.Mar.04, 1932 LOY: 
3-Paul Willard Gwin, b.May17, 1875, d.Oct.02, 1941 EVE: 
4-Hugh Judson Gwin, b.Jan.25, 1881 LOY, d.Dec.09, 1928 MIL, m.Mar.07, 1904 CHI to Bertha Charlotte Preusser:

7-Ellen C. Gwin, b.abt.1835 HAM, d.aft.1881, m.Everett W. Loveridge:

8-John C. Gwin, b.abt.1838 HAM:

9-Charles E. Gwin, b.abt.1843 HAM, d.aft.1881:

10-Wallace B. Gwin (follow link to our Wallace Gwin page) b.abt.1847 HAM, d.aft.1881: