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Stoner Family Records

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Information from Tommy Stoner
Marriage Application of Michael Stoner and Isabell Warden:
Marriage License of Michael Stoner and Isabell Warden:
1860 Census, Crestline, Ohio, Michael Stoner family:
1870 Census, Crawford County, Ohio:
Mich Stoner, Livery, advertisement in Crestline Advocate:
1875-76 Crestline Directory:
Michael Stoner, Military:
Obituary of Ernest William Sherman Stoner
Excerpts from a letter from Harriett (Mrs. Herbert) Pheysey
12-View Information for Isabella Warden


Michael Stoner married Isabella Warden (Marriages in Crawford County, Ohio, file No.388676 Vital Rec., vol.3-4, 1847-1854). Of their children, Lilly M. Stoner was born December 25, 1867 (IGI Birth Records Batch C515951, Serial Sheet 0250, Film no. 840026)

Information from Tommy Stoner

A great deal of information has recently come to light with respect to our Warden/Stoner connection, many thanks to Tom Stoner at email address Much of Tom's information was taken from a family book that was written by Jean Minish-Stoner, and was printed in 1977. According to Tom's information I have recorded more children than he has so let's see if we can sort this family out. Keep in mind that variations of the Stoner name, according to military records that I received, include Stover and Stones. In his first letter to me Tommy stated as such:

I have your husband's Michael born March 10, 1825, in Carlisle, Cumberland, County, Pa., son of David and Margaret (Minnigh) Stoner. He died December 8, 1903 at Homer, Calhoun County, Michigan. Michael Stoner's first wife was Susan Myers, who was born at a time unknown and who died in 1852. She is buried in Shelby, Richland County, Ohio. Susan was the daughter of Abraham Myers and her known child was Susan Ellen Stoner, born July 10, 1852, at Plankton, Richmond County, Ohio.

Michael Stoner's second wife was our Isabell Warden, whom he married on November 22, 1852. Isabell was born April 8,1834 (this date differs from my information, and although Tommy had no death date, she did in fact die May 10, 1921, at Columbus, Ohio. Tom goes on to name her children as such:

Ransom Semar Stoner, Mary Almyra Stoner, Samson Melvill Stoner (m.Flora Belle Revington, she born February 11, 1862, died June 1904, and had one known daughter who married Archie Smith, and a daughter Content), and Ernst William Sherman Stoner, born March 13, 1863, died June 2, 1901. He was employed as a brakeman.

Michael Stoner's third wife, whom he married in the fall of 1876, was Jessie R. Keller, born and died at dates unknown but she died in Sylvania, Michigan -no children.

Marriage Application of Michael Stoner and Isabel Warden

The State of Ohio, Crawford County, Personally Name William W. McCoy Applying for license for Michael Stoner to be Married to Isabell Warden who being sworn says that the said Michael Stoner is over the age of 21 years and is unmarried; that the said Isabell Warden is over the age of 18 years, is unmarried, resides in Crawford County, and that he knows of no legal impediment to said Marriage. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 22 day of November 1853.

Marriage License of Michael Stoner and Isabel Warden

Michael Stoner to Isabell Warden, November 22, 1858 -The state of Ohio, Crawford County. I certify that I this day solemnized the marriage of Michael Stoner with Isabell Warden. Witness my hand this 22nd. day of Nov. A.D. 1853, S. Johnson, MG.

1860 Census, Crestline, Ohio, LDS film #653-951B, Crestline, Jackson Twp.

Stoner, Michael --- age 31 --- blacksmith --- born Pa.
Stoner, Isabel --- age 26 --- born Ohio
Stoner --- Susan E. --- age 9 --- born Ohio (Susan was the child of Michael's first wife, Susan Myers)
Stoner, Ransome --- age 6 --- born Ohio
Stoner, Mary E. --- age 3 --- born Ohio
Stoner, unnamed --- age 3 months --- born Ohio
Warden, James --- age 50 --- constable --- born Pa.

1870 Census, Crawford County, Ohio, Crestline, Jackson Twp.

Stoner, Michael --- age 43 --- blacksmith --- born Pa.
Stoner, Isabella --- age 43 --- born Pa.
Stoner, Susan E. --- age 17 --- born Ohio
Stoner, Ransome S. --- age 14 --- born Ohio
Stoner, Mary E. --- age 12 --- born Ohio
Stoner, Susan E. --- age 17 --- born Ohio
Stoner, Sampson M. --- age 10 --- born Ohio
Stoner, Sherman --- age 5 --- born Ohio
Stoner, William S. --- age 6 --- born Ohio
Stoner, _illie M. --- age 5 months --- born Ohio

Mich Stoner, Livery

In the Crestline Advocate, date unknown, the following ad appears -Livery Stable: Mich. Stoner's City Livery Stable, Crestline, O. Is still in full blast. He will be happy to accommodate his friends at all hours, and for reasonable figures.

1875-76 Crestline Directory --- Livery Stables

M Stoner, s e c south and main

Michael Stoner, Military

Michael Stoner served as a farrier in Company L of the 10th. Ohio Cavalry. I have several pieces of his military records but will not print them all here. Some of the most important information includes a personal description from the Company Descriptive Book, which says of our ancestor:
Age 28 years; Height 5 feet, 10 inches; Complexion dark; Eyes black; Hair black; Where Born Cumberland County, Pa; Occupation Blacksmith.

His Enlistment Records state that Michael Stoner was Enlisted October 7, 186_ (the year was not completed but it was 1862); Where Camp Mansfield; By Whom W.S. Hiscox?; Term 3 yrs; Remarks Appointed Farrier Jan. 15, 1863.

Fell Under the Cars, Brakeman Sherman Stoner sustains injuries Sunday at Mansfield which prove fatal

As Sherman (full name Ernest William Sherman Stoner, son of Michael Stoner of Crestline, Ohio) Stoner, a popular P.F. brakeman was about rounding up another trip and nearing his home on Sunday, June 2, 1901, he met with an accident in the east yards at Mansfield, which proved fatal. He jumped from the engine intending to catch the caboose as it came by, but he noticed that the velocity of the train was rapidly increasing and concluded by the time the caboose reached the place he was standing it would be going too fast to board it, so he attempted to get on board by taking hold of the side of a car near the center of the train. The train was even going faster than he thought, and he had to relax his hold because he was unable to raise himself up and in doing so fell under the cars, the wheels of which passed over his leg, crushing it near the hip and the first two fingers of his right hand were also crushed.

He was brought to the P.F. Hospital in this city on a special, where the injured leg and fingers were amputated, the leg near the hip joint, Dr. Bennett performing the operation, assisted by Drs. Louderige of Mansfield and Clutter of this city. The surgery was successfully done, but evidences later developed which pointed to even a more alarming condition than the loss of limb, vis: that of very serious internal injuries, and in a short time all hopes of his ever rallying was given up and he began to sink rapidly. At about 5:30 that evening he closed his eyes in death.

As soon as he reached here after the accident his wife was dispatched for, who came immediately to his side. He expressed to her little or no hope of his recovery after the operation and gave her wise instructions about some business matters after which he placed his arm around her neck and kissed her a last farewell. She heart-broken left the hospital and the doctors then administered chloroform and he soon passed into an unconscious condition and remained perfectly quiet during the operation.  He rallied, however, a little after the operation but hemorrhage set in later on and he quietly passed away. He was aged 38 years, 2 months and 18 days.

Funeral services were held at his late residence on South Street, Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, under the auspices of Arcana Lodge No. 272 AF&AM., of which he was an honored member. Rev. L. H. Royce of the Presbyterian Church officiated in his capacity of a minister.

Headstone in Crestline Greenlawn Cemetery, Sandusky Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio, reads --- Stoner, Sherman 14 Mar 1863 - 2 June 1901.

Excerpts from a letter from Harriett (Mrs. Herbert) Pheysey

I was in a library and was looking at a filmed index to Civil War records of Veterans pensions. I found Michael Stoner's number and sent for the information they had. This is the Michael Stoner who is the son of David and Margaret Minnigh Stoner.

There is a letter from his first child, Susan, giving her birth as July 10, 1852. She says she was born in Planktown, Richland Co., Ohio. Her mother's maiden name was Susan Myers. Her mother died soon after her birth. She was cared for by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Myers. When her father remarried she went back and lived with him until he deserted his second wife and their children. Susan Stoner married S.W. Carr. Her mother, Susan, is buried in Shelby, Richland Co., Pa.

There are letters and affidavits by Michael's second wife Isabell Stoner (maiden name Isabell Warden). In her old age she tried to get a widow's pension. She swears she never divorced her husband nor he her. She gives a lot of information in her letters such as:

Michael Stoner was born March 10, 1825 in Carlisle, in Cumberland Co., Pa. They were married Nov. 22, 1852 in Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio. Michael died Dec. 8, 1903, in Homer, Calhoun Co., Mich. Isabell says she was born April 8, 1834.

After Michael left his family (and after his war service) he moved to Michigan and took the name of Harry Stone. He married his third wife under this name. Her name was Jessie R. Keller. They were married in the fall of 1876 in Sylvania, Mich. He lived in Michigan under that name for over 20 years. He ran a hotel in Homer, Mich., for 20 years. A copy of his obituary which was among these records gives no children. I doubt if his third wife ever knew of the others or even knew his real name. She even gave the data for the newspaper obituary that his parents were David and Margaret Stone.

Michael Stoner served from October 1862 to July 1865 as a volunteer in the Ohio Calvary in the Civil War. His record says he was 5 foot 10-1/4 inches tall, had a dark complexion, black eyes, black hair and was a blacksmith when he enrolled. His war record was good so he wasn't hiding from that when he changed his name. No reason was given for him using an alias.