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William and Margaret Snodgrass of Canton Township, Pennsylvania.

William Snodgrass and #1-Margaret Chambers; William Snodgrass and #2-Rachel Warden; William Snodgrass and #3-Mrs. Christianne Goodale.

Other Related Families (Chambers, McCullough, Snodgrass, etc).

Miscellaneous Other Snodgrass related articles. These people are likely related to our own family, however, the connections have yet to be found. The abstracts on this page will pertain to Washington County, Pennsylvania, Snodgrass and related families.

Personal Information Index, leading to documentation and information regarding our individual Snodgrass and related ancestors. There will be very few links between pages (far too confusing for me to keep up with) so a visit to this page is a must before you leave.

East Buffalo Cemetery index as it pertains to our family ties.

Other Snodgrasses, articles referring to people bearing the Snodgrass surname, as well as others, that may or may not be connected to our own ancestors.

In the obituary of our ancestor David Snodgrass, s/o William Snodgrass and Margaret Chambers, David is referred to as having descended from those "fierce fighting Scots". William Snodgrass of Canton Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, is our farthest-reaching known Snodgrass ancestor to date.

What is not known at this time is just who his parents were, nor where they settled upon arriving in America. However, they were of Scotch ancestry and our particular family was already living in their newly adopted land sometime near the mid 1700s, prior to the Revolutionary War.