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Our Sigsworth Family
Generation #6
Christopher Sigsworth
(s/o Edward Sigsworth and Mary Wilson)
and Elizabeth Beeforth, Mary Smith

Christopher Sigsworth, son of Edward Sigsworth and Mary Wilson, was baptized on Sep. 12, 1750, at Sutton on the Forest, Yorkshire Co., England, and he died at Hovingham, Yorkshire Co., England on May 1, 1826. He married first on July 6, 1772, at Hovingham to Elizabeth Beeforth (she born Sep. 25, 1748, at Hovingham, where she died Feb. 9, 1800. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Beeforth). Christopher and Elizabeth had the following children:

1-William Sigsworth, baptized Aug. 9, 1773, in Dalby, Yorkshire Co., England, died abt. 1816. He married Elizabeth Keith at Bridlington, Yorkshire Co., England, on Sep. 3, 1797. Baptism records for William state that his father Christopher was from the Parish of Colton, Yorkshire Co., England (Certificate of Baptism, Parish of Dalby, 1773)

2-Thomas Sigsworth, born abt. 1775 at Hovingham, died Apr. 14, 1780, at Hovingham

3-Christopher Sigsworth, baptized April 7, 1778, at Colton, died July 1779 at Hovingham, where he was buried

4-Christopher Sigsworth, baptized at Colton on Oct. 7, 1780, died April 17, 1853, in Loughborough, Frontenac District, Ontario, Canada. He married Elizabeth Lapish on July 15, 1804, at Burton Agnes, Yorkshire Co., England. Christopher was buried at Sandhill Cemetery, Storington Twp., Frontenac District, Ontario Canada. His headstone reads - Christopher Sigsworth, died April 17, 1853, aged 73 years, A native of England. In 1851 he was living in Storington, Frontenac District, Ontario, and he was a gardener and farmer by trade. Christopher's family is recorded in Generation #7

5-Thomas Sigsworth, born May 11, 1782, at Hovingham, where he died and was buried on Sep. 12, 1782.

6-Thomas Sigsworth, born April 24, 1780, and was baptized April 30, 1780, at Farlington, Yorkshire Co., England, died Mar. 24, 1861, in Harrowsmith, Portland District, Ontario, Canada. He married Jane Laycock on Oct. 20, 1810, in Langtoft with Cottam, Yorkshire Co., England (she born May 1, 1788, at Rudston, Yorkshire Co., England, died March 14, 1878, in Portland, Frontenac District, Ontario. Jane was a mail carrier in Ontario). According to John Sigsworth's notes it is possible that Thomas was of Saxon-Germanic descent. Thomas Sigsworth's family is recorded in Generation #7

**The births of these two Thomas Sigsworths does not make sense. According to the 1861 census of Ontario, Canada, the Thomas that married Jane Laycock was born in 1787

7-Elizabeth Sigsworth, baptized Sept. 21, 1783, at Hovingham, married Leonard Young on Feb.17, 1813, at Farlington. The couple was living in London, England in 1829, where Leonard ran a woollen drapershop.  (LDS Baptism records, IGI, Fiche no., pg.105, 186). Leonard was born on Jan. 31, 1779, England

8-William Sigsworth, baptized Mar. 13, 1783, at Farlington, married Margaret Bodeman on Feb.13, 1813, in Owthorne, Yorkshire Co., England. William lived at Quay, a suburb of Bridlington, and in 1816 he was washed overboard just south of Bridlington and perished at sea (Marriage information LDS IGI, Fiche no., pg.105, 201)

9-George Sigsworth, baptized April 23, 1787, at Hovingham. He married Johanna Stephenson abt. 1833, in Kilham, Yorkshire Co., England (LDS Christening extract)

10-Mary Sigsworth, baptized Sept. 23, 1789, at Hovingham, where she dies and was buried on Nov. 1, 1789 (LDS Christening records, Fisch no. pg.105,196)

11-Mary Sigsworth, baptized at Hovingham on Nov. 22, 1790 (LDS Christening records, Fisch no. pg.105,196)

Christopher Sigsworth, son of Edward Sigsworth and Mary Wilson, married second to Mary Smith on July 7, 1800, at Hovingham. Mary was born abt. 1762 at Langtoft with Cottam, and she died July 2, 1883, at Colton. Christopher and Mary had the following children:

12-Edward Sigsworth, baptized July 14, 1801, at Colton, where he died and was buried on Dec. 16, 1827

13-Samuel David Sigsworth, baptized Feb. 6, 1802, at Hovingham, died May 27, 1871, at Loughborough, Frontenac District, Ontario. Samuel married Mary, who was born abt. 1830 and died Aug. 30, 1868, in Loughborough. Both were buried in Sandhill Cemetery

14-Michael Sigsworth, baptized Feb.27, 1803, at Hovingham

15-Rachael Sigsworth, baptized Feb. 27, 1803, at Hovingham

16-Robert Sigsworth, baptized April 19, 1807, at Hovingham, where he died and was buried on Mar. 03, 1827

17-Mary Sigsworth, born Dec. 28, 1809, at Langtoft with Cottam, where she was baptized on Dec. 31, 1809