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Personal Information Page For Peter Jacob Killian
Son of Mathias Kilian and Rosalie Gandyra

On this page you will find

1880 census, Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin
1900 Census, Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin
Germans to America: Aboard the S.S. Teutonia
Certificate of Citizenship pg.379, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
Homestead Certificate: LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Church Records at Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, P.O. Box 428, 308 Osseo Rd,  Independence, Wis. 54747
Certificate of Marriage, August 5, 1890, Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin

1880 Census
Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin

Relation to head
Birthplace of father
Birthplace of mother
Kilian, Mathias M 42   M Farmer Prussia Prussia Prussia
" Rosa F 39 W M   " " "
" Peter M 14 S S   " " "
" Hedwig F 12 D S   " " "
" Elizabeth F 9 D S   Wisconsin " "
" Roche M 4 S S   " " "
" Mary F 2 D S   " " "
" Katie F Oct.1879 D S   " " "
Bill, John Jr. M 36 H M Farmer Vassan Vassan Vassan
**Bill, Anna F 24 Wife M Keeping House Prussia Prussia Prussia
**Bill, Mary F 4 Daughter S   Wisconsin Vassan Prussia
**Bill, John M Infant Son S   Wisconsin Vassan Prussia
**Bill, John  M 78 Farmer S At Home Vassan Vassan Vassan
**Killian, Andrew M 36 Boarder S Farm Laborer Prussia "  

Of the families above, Anna Bill was born Anna Sluga, daughter of Frank Sluga and Barbara Killian. Barbara Killian was the daughter of Matthew (Martin) Killian and Marie Kulig. This particular family has not yet been connected to our own Killian ancestors. However, a separate family group page will be devoted to Matthew and Marie (Kulig) Killian as time permits.

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1900 U.S. Census: Arcadia, Wisconsin

Killian, Peter; Head of household; White; Male; Birthdate May 1867; Age at last birthday 33; Married; Number of years married 10, Born Poland (Ger); Father born Poland (Ger); Year of immigration to U.S. 1870; Number of years in U.S. 30; Occupation farmer; Can read, write, speak English; Owns property, mortgage-free; Number of farm schedule 31.
Killian, Barbara; Wife; White; Female; Birthdate Dec. 1872; Age at last birthday 27; Married; Number of years married 10; Mother of 6 children; 4 children living; Born Poland (Ger); Father born Poland (Ger); Mother born Poland (Ger); Year of immigration to U.S. 1881; Number of years in U.S. 19; Can read, write, speak English.
Killian, Peter; Son; White; Male; Birthdate Sept. 1893; Age at last birthday 6; Single; Born Wisconsin; At school; Can read, write, speak English.
Killian, Kate; Daughter; White; Female; Birthdate Feb. 1896; Age at last birthday 4; Single; Born Wisconsin.
Killian, Palegia; Daughter; White; Female; Birthdate Dec. 1898; Age at last birthday 1; Single; Born Wisconsin.
Killian, Mary; Daughter; White; Female; Birthdate July 1899; Age at last birthday 10 months; Single; Born Wisconsin.

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Germans to America
Lists of Passengers arriving at U.S. ports. Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby.
Volume 23, June 1869 -Dec. 1869

Page No.







307 Kilian, C. 19 M Labr. GR000 USA
  Kilian, Elsie 21 F   GR000 USA
252 Kilian, Heinr. 16 M Farmer GR64W USA
234 Kilian, Wilh. 06 M Infant GR000 USA
56 Kilian, Mathias 37 M Labr. GR000 USA
56 Kilian, Rosalie 27 F Wife GR000 USA
56 Kilian, P. 3 M Child GR000 USA
56 Kilian, Margr 06 F Infant GR000 USA
58 Kilian, Mar. 19 F Single GR000 USA

Ship Teutonia from Hamburg to New York, arrival 14 June 1869
S.S. Teutonia-Peabody Museum of Salem, Salem, Mass. 01970

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Certificate of Citizenship pg.379, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin:

State of Wisconsin, Trempealeau County; SS Peter Killian personally appeared before the subscriber, the clerk of the Circuit Court of said county, being a Court of Record, and made oath that he was born in Germany on or about the year eighteen hundred and sixty six, that he emigrated to the United States and landed at the port of New York on or about the month of ____ in the year eithteen hundred and sixty nine that it is bona fide his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and to RENOUNCE FOREVER all allegience and fidelity to any Foreign Prince, Potentate, State and Sovereignty whatsoever, and particularly to William 2nd Emporer of Germany whereof he is a subject. Subscribed and sworn to the 26 day of Oct A.D. 1888; O.A. Hegg, clerk, signed by Peter Kilian

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Church records at SS. Peter & Paul Parish
Records of St. Michael's Parish in North Creek and of Ss. Peter and Paul Parish in Independence, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Sent to me in May, 1989, by Doris Mish, Parish Secretary (with her own notes and spellings)

Births, North Creek: (where our Mathias and Rosalie (nee Gandyra) Kilian lived

Florentina Kilian, born June 19, 1891, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Peter Killian, born October 17, 1892, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Katarzyina Kilian, born Februray 12, 1896, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Pelagia Kilian, born December 17, 1897, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Maria Kilian, born July 1, 1899, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Matilvan Kilian, born March 1901, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Edward T. Kilian, born April 4, 1903, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:
Emil Kilian, born April 1905, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski:

Marriage North Creek:

Peter Kilian and Barbara Kret (primo Lisowski). She was 24, he was 26. Married in 1890. His parents Matthau and Catherine Kilian, her parents Jacob and Anna Pipa. To date it is not known why our ancestor's mother was named as being Catherine. Possibly his father, Mathias Kilian, was married to a Catherine before leaving for America in 1869 (see table above). Rosalie may have been a second wife. The infant listed on board the SS Teutonia may have been Hedwig (born about 1868 Poland), there has been no further documentation of a Margr(et?). Barbara Lisowski had a prior marriage, details to follow.

Deaths North Creek:

Emil Kilian, died June 20, 1905, parents Peter and Barbara Lisowski: 

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Certificate of Marriage, August 5, 1890, Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin:

License #63: Full name of husband Peter Kilian; Name of the father of the husband Mathew Kilian; Name of the mother of the husband before marriage Catherine Kilian; Occupation of husband farmer; Residence of husband Arcadia Wis.; Birthplace of husband Poland; Full name of wife previous to marriage Barbara Krett; Name of the father of wife Lisowski; Birthplace of wife Poland; Time when the marriage was contracted Aug. 5/90; Place/town/township where the marriage was contracted Arcadia, Wis.; The color of the parties white; By what ceremony contracted Catholic; Names of subscribing witnesses Francis Lisowski, Elizabeth Kilian; Name of person pronouncing marriage __ Kret; Date of certificate  or affidavit of marriage Aug. 5/90.

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