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Obed Gwin

Obed Gwin, s/o Jonathan F. Gwin Sr., was b.Nov.13, 1789 WNY, d.Sept. 22, 1863 EHAM, m:abt.1810 to Henrietta Briggs (she b.Feb.15, 1791 WNY, d.Feb.08, 1862 EHAM). Their children were:

1-Clarinda G. Gwin, b.Dec.19, 1810 ENY, d.Jul.02, 1887 GNY, m.abt.1833 EHAM to Elbridge G. Townsend (he b.abt.1811 Maine, d: GNY):

2-Mary Gwin, b.Apr.06, 1812 ENY, d.Sept. 02, 1833 EHAM, m.Emmons Fish:

3-Infant Gwin, b.Mar.21, 1814 ENY, d.Mar.21, 1814 EHAM:

4-Patience Jane Gwin, b.Mar.20, 1815 ENY, d.Jul.16, 1843 EHAM, m.1833 EHAM to David Bailey (he b.Dec.25, 1799 Lyon, Co. Tyrone, IRE, d.abt.1883 NY). Their know children were: 

1-Mary Jane Bailey (b.Oct.25, 1833 BOS, d.Nov.19, 1833 Aurora, ENY, m.abt.1854 HAM to Emmons T. Fish, he b.Dec.16, 1828 ENY, d.Dec.26, 1895): 
2-Nancy Bailey (b.Mar.03, 1837 HAM, m.abt.1867 NY to John W. Hukes): 
3-Emerson Bailey, b.Aug.16, 1840 HAM, d.Oct.08, 1893 Gorton, Brown Co., S.D., m.Oct.19, 1864 in Galesburg, Kalamazoo Co., Mich. to Phoebe Jane Cuykendall:  
4-Obed Bailey (b.Jun.29, 1842 HAM, d.Jul.28, 1843 OP):

5-Sarah Gwin, b.Jan.27, 1817 HAM, d.Apr.17, 1892 EHAM, m.Mar.01, 1846 EHAM to Dennis Kelly (he b.Mar.20, 1816 N.J., d.Nov.16, 1898 HAM), their known children were: 

1-Catherine B. Kelly (b.Jun.07, 1862 ENY, d: May 09, 1943 HAM):
2-Layette Kelly (b.Jun.07, 1862, d.Jun.29, 1901 HAM):

6-Triphena Gwin, b.Mar.16, 1819 ENY, m.abt.1838 ENY to Stephen B. Tidd (he b.abt.1812 ENY), their children were: 

1-Arcelia M. Tidd (b.abt.1839 ENY): 
2-Henrietta G. Tidd (b.abt.1842 ENY): 
3-Sarah E. Tidd (b.abt.1846 ENY):
4-Silas B. Tidd (b.abt.1849 ENY):

7-George W. Gwin, twin to Jerome B. Gwin, b.May23, 1821 EHAM, d.Sept. 26, 1890 ST, may have married Ermina Collins, d/o Stoel Collins (he born March 23, 1807, in NY and died March 27, 1884, in Sunrise Twp., Chisago Twp., Minnesota) and Mary, (she b.1809 NY, d.7 Jun 1837 in Sardinia, Erie Co., NY). In the 1850 Federal Census of Concord (Springville), Eire Co., N.Y. (LDS microfilm no.0017076), Frank was l/w Jonathan and Ermina Gwin, age 1 year. In the 1855 State Census at Hamburg, Erie Co., New York (LDS microfiom no.0825681), he was aged 5 years and was l/w his mother Ermina, and his step-father (uncle) George Gwin. In the 1870 Federal Census of Taylors Falls, Chisago County, Minnesota, Frank was 21 years of age, born New York, both parents born New York, and was newly married to Flora. He was l/w his parents George W. Gwin (age 49, carpenter, b.New York) and Ermina (age 42, born New York). Also with the family was Mary (age 14, born New York). Refer to Jonathan Gwin’s page for information regarding Frank. One known child born to George and Ermina : 

1-Mary Gwin (b.1856 EHAM):

8-Jerome B. Gwin, b.May23, 1821 EHAM, twin to George W. Gwin, d.Oct.15, 1877 EHAM, m.Aug.20, 1845 BNY to Helen Zimmerman (she b.1817 ENY, d: 1896 EHAM), their known children were:

1-Obed T. Gwin (b.EHAM, d: 1846 OP):
2-Ellen Gwin (b.1852 EHAM, d.Jul.28, 1933 EHAM, m.? Drew):

9-Polly B. Gwin, b.Jun.18, 1824 EHAM, d.Jun.08, 1889 HAM, m.abt.1847 HAM to Gershom Jessup Knapp (he b.Mar.05, 1819 Connec., d.Feb.28, 1900 HAM). Their children were: 

1-Royal E. Knapp (b.abt.1843 ENY): 
2-Cornelia Knapp (b.abt.1845 ENY): 
3-Elizabeth Knapp (b.abt.1848 ENY, m.bef.1865 to ? French): 
4-Alfred A. Knapp (b.abt.1850 ENY, m.? Griffin): 
5-Obed G. Knapp (b.abt.1850 ENY): 
6-Polly Knapp (b.abt.1854 ENY, d.bef.1865 ENY): 
7-Mariah Knapp (b.abt.1854 ENY, m. ? Skinner): 
8-Angeline H. Knapp (b.abt.1857 ENY, m.? Huested): 
9-Enos Knapp (b.abt.1859 ENY): 
10-Douglas G. Knapp (b.abt.1861 ENY): 
11-Fayette Knapp (b.abt.1864 ENY): 
12-Lester Knapp (b.abt.1867 ENY, d: 1936 HAM):
13-Orland Elias Knapp (b.abt.1871, m.Nettie May Fober):

10-Lucinda B. Gwin, b.Feb.21, 1827 EHAM, d.Mar.18, 1891 Hebron, Ill., m.Dec.11, 1855 EHAM to Alfred A. Turner: