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Personal Information Page for Jacob Lisowski
Husband of Mary Pipa

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Miscellaneous Articles taken From Arcadia Leader Newspaper
1900 Census of Arcadia, Trempeauleau Co., Wisconsin

Miscellaneous Newpaper Articles

Bartek Waldera, a young man of this township, who underwent a surgical operation last Friday for the removal of an abscess on his lungs, died at the residence of Jacob Lisowski in this city Monday night. The remains were buried in the Polish Cemetery in North Creek Yesterday, under the direction of Rev. Kroll.

Hedwig Kupietz, a young Polish girl who has been ailing for some time with consumption, died last Saturday from the effects of that disease at the residence of Jacob Lisowski in this village. The remains were buried in the Polish Cemetery in North Creek, Monday.

December 15, 1881 - The Polanders as a class are nearly all good basketmakers, and are engaged, principally, in the winter season, in the manufacture of baskets of every description, from which source they derive a handsome profit. Large numbers of these baskets are brought to town and shipped to Eau Claire and other places, by the Polanders residing in this vicinity.

June 25, 1885 - a number of Polanders direct from Poland arrived here, bag and baggage, Saturday evening

May 10, 1907 to September 20, 1907: Mr. and Mrs. J. Losowski of American Valley were visitors here Sunday (referring to North Creek), September 27, 1907

1891 - The Polish Catholic school was established in North Creek.

December 17, 1907: Land Sales; Jacob Lisewski to Robert Martin, November1, 1907, NW NW 9-20-9, $900.00.

December 20, 1907: Land Sales; Jacob Lisewski to August Lisewski, November 6, 1907, N1/2 NE 21, NW NW 22, SE SE 16-20-9, $1,700.00.

January 24, 1908: Miss Anna Lisewski, now a Sister of Charity at Chicago, was here this week to visit her father in American Valley who is seriously ill.

1900 Federal Census, Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin; Genealogy.comPage 168, Household #126:

Lisowski, Jacob, Age 65, Day laborer, Born Poland/Ger (in USA since 1880, 20 years)
Lisowski, Mary, Age 62, Born Poland/Ger
Lisowski, Aug., Age 20, Day laborer, Born Poland/Ger

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