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Hannela/Dryksback Family Page

The original family name was Dryksback, and it went through several changes over the generations, as you will see in the following information. Information on this page was found in records obtained from the Finnish Archives, Ventusvagen, 67700 Karleby 70, Finland.

Dryksback Genealogy

Anders Pehrsson Dryksback, b.Terjarv, Finland, d.Mar.28, 1771, Terjarv, m. before 1730 to Anna Johansdotter (she b.September 1695, Terjarv, d.Jun.30, 1781 Terjarv). Their child was:

1-Anders Andersson Dryksback, b.Apr.04, 1730, Terjarv, d.May 09, 1812, Terjarv, m.Carin Andersdotter Torrkulla on Oct.13, 1752, Terjarv (she b.November 1735, Kronoby, Finland, d.Jul.18, 1791, Terjarv): Their known child was Daniel Andersson, below.

1-Daniel Andersson (note the name change from Dryksback to Andersson), b.November 30, 1758, Terjarv, d.April 12, 1828, Terjarv, m.Oct.15, 1778, Terjarv to Lisa Hindersdotter Emat (she b.Octobrt 07, 1756, Terjarv, d.December 21, 1817, Terjarv). Their known child was Anders Danielsson Dryksback, below.

1-Anders Danielsson Dryksback (note the name change again, back to Dryksback) b.July 25, 1799, Terjarv, d.February 03, 1833, Terjarv, m.July 11, 1806, Terjarv to Maria Larsdotter Porko (she b.November 27, 1784, Karleby, d.March 30, 1839, Terjarv). Their known child was Johan Andersson Dryksback, below.

1-Johan Andersson Dryksback, b.April 11, 1802, Terjarv, d.December 31, 1877, Terjarv, m.July 01, 1835, Terjarv to Maria Larsdotter Backanda (she b.abt. 1811, d.August 30, 1868, Terjarv). Their known child was Anders Johansson Dryksback, below.

1-Anders Johansson Dryksback, b.December 05, 1837, Terjarv, d.April 11, 1897, Terjarv, m.December 14, 1861, Terjarv to Anna Andersdotter Frodjo (she b.September 27, 1840, Kronoby, Finland, d.March 10, 1877). Their known child was Johan Viktor Andersson Dryksback, below.

1-Johan Viktor Andersson Dryksback, b.December 24, 1862, Terjarv, d.October 22, 1927, Karleby, m.December 09, 1883, in Ludington, Mason Co., Michigan USA to Sofia Johansdotter Hannela (she b.June 21, 1863, Karleby, in Storby, d.November 29, 1942, Storby, d/o Johan Johansson Hannela and Brita Johanna Andersdotter Lagland). Children of Johan Viktor Andersson Dryksback and Sofia Johansdotter Hannela are listed below. Sofia Johansdotter Hannela's genealogy will follow at the end of the Dryksback genealogy.

1-Selma Sofia Dryksback, b. June 08, 1887, USA.

2-Ernest Viktor Hannela, b.October 14, 1889, Karleby, d.June 17, 1952, New Westminster, B.C., CAN., m.first Ellen Marie Bjork (she b.March 1, 1896, Monas, Munsula, Finland, d.March 7, 1893, New Westminster, BC, CAN). Ernest Viktor Hannela m.second in 1924 to Elsa Alvina Eagle, d/o Anders Johan Eagle (Eagle is the English translation of Ohrn) and Maria Wilhelmina West (she b.Mar.17, 1903 Korsnas, Vassa, FIN., d.May 18, 1985, Prince George, B.C., CAN). Ernest Viktor Hannela adopted his mother's maiden name when he left Finland as a precaution from either real or perceived persecution from enemy soldiers/military.

BC Archives Vital Records, Death Index: Name Ellen Maria Hannela; Place New Westminster; Reg. Number 1983-09-004456; Date 1983 3 7; Age 87;Microfilm #B13628, (GSU # 2051934) - Place of death Royal Columbia Hospital, New Westminster BC, Residence Y-410-7550 Rosewood Street, Burnaby BC, Widowed, Spouse Ernest Victor Hannela, Housekeeper, At Home, DOB March 1, 1896, Age 87 years, Birthplace Monas Munsula, Finland, Father Karl Bjork (Finland), Mother Sophia Henraknas (Finland), Informant (signatuer illegible, Grandson), Cremation March 11, 1983 at Victory Memorial Park Crematorium, Surrey BC, Royal Oak Woodlawn-Bowell Funeral Home, New Westminster officiating, DOD march 7, 1983, Cause of death Carcinoma of R. Kidney (rest difficult to read).

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, B.C. Archives via the Internet -Name Ernest Viktor Hannela, Reg. No. 1952-09-006228, B.C. Archives Microfilm No.B13212, GSU Microfilm No. 2032861-undertaker Woodlawn Funeral Home, New Westminster - Place of death Royal Columbia Hospital, New Westminster BC, Length of stay in New Westminster 6 years, In Province/Canada 33 years, Residence 229 Osborne Avenue, New Westminster, Citizenship Finnish, Racial Origin Finnish, Married, Birthplace Gamla Karleby, Finland, DOB October 14, 1889, Age 62 years, 8 months, 3 days, Floor Layer in Building Industry (for 30 years), Spouse Ellen Marie Bjork, Father Unknown Hannela (Finland), Mother Sophia Unknown (Finland), Informant M. Hannela, wife, Burial June 20, 1952 at Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster, Woodlawn Funeral Home presiding, DOD June 17, 1952, Cause of Death Myocardial Infarction due to aging.

BC Archives Vital Event Marriage Registration - Groom Name: Ernest Hannela, Bride Name: Elsa Alvina Eagle, Event Date: 1924 7 26(Yr/Mo/Day), Event Place: Vancouver, Reg. Number: 1924-09-271242, B.C.Archives Microfilm Number: B13747, GSU Microfilm Number: 2074317 - ErnestHannela, Carpenter, Age 34m Lutheran, Residence 571 Homer St., Birthplace Finland, Father Victor Hannela (Finland), Mother Sofia Hannela (Finland),Can read and write: Elsa Alvina Eagle, House Work, Spinster, Age 12, Lutheran, Residence Dewdney BC, Birthplace Finland, Father Andrew Eagle (Finland), Mother Mina West (Finland), Can read and write, Marries 26 July 1924 at 431 Princess Avenue, License #85862, Witnesses Mr. and Mrs.Victor Mann.

Elsa Alvina Eagle-Baptism records from Vaasan Archives in Finland- Godparents Karl and Anna Backman.
Elsa Alvina Eagle-Obituary in Mission newspaper- Living at Alward Place in Prince George at time of death.
Elsa Alvina Eagle-Last Will & Testament- Ramsay and Stelmock, Prince George, B.C.- Oct14,1981- Executrix daughters.

3-Hugo Adelbert Dryksback-Handelin, b.December 12, 1891, Terjarv, d.May 11, 1942, m.May 9, 1926, Terjarv to Ilai Irene Augustdotter (she b.1900 Terjarv).

4-Georg Elis Dryksback, b.October 09, 1898, Terjarv, d.May 13, 1932.

5-Ellen Ingeborg Dryksback, b.September 13, 1901, Terjarv.

Hannela Genealogy

Sofia Johansdotter Hannela, b.June 21, 1863, Karleby, in Storby, d.November 29, 1942, Storby (d/o Johan Johansson Hannela and Brita Johanna Andersdotter Lagland), m.December 09, 1883, Lundington, Mason Co., Michigan to Johan Viktor Andersson Dryksback (he b.December 24, 1862, Terjarv, d.October 22, 1927, Karleby). The following is the Hannela family genealogy (again, note the name changes):

Anders Jacobsson Bodo was born 1865 in Finland. He m.March 10, 1754, Karleby to Maria Johansdotter Haga (she b.January 13, 1719, Oja, Karleby, d.May 29, 1792, Oja). Their child was Mathias Andersson Bodo, below.

1-Mathias Andersson Bodo, b.September 8, 1758, Oja, d.August 18, 1796, Karleby, m.July 7, 1780, Karleby to Anna Caspersdotter Sipola (she b.September 17, 1759, Sipola, d.December 28, 1832, Karleby). Their child was Johan Mattson Sipola, below.

1-Johan Mattson Sipola, b.April 12, 1782, Sipola, d.January 24, 1858, Karleby, m.November 24, 1811, Karleby to Maria Eriksdotter Storgard (she b.May 31, 1778, Pedersore, Finland). Their child was Johan Johansson Hannela, below.

1-Johan Johansson Hannela, b.June 22, 1812, Karleby, d.November 9, 1882, Karleby, m.December 1, 1837, Kar;eby to Cajsa Greta Andersdotter Tjaru (she b.November 1, 1816, Karleby, d.September 28, 1844, Karleby. Their child was Johan Johansson Hannela, below.

1-Johan Johansson Hannela, b.September 6, 1838, Karleby, d.April 3, 1890, Karleby, m.May 2, 1858, Karleby to Brita Johanna Andersdotter Lagland (she b.July 2, 1839, Karleby, d.August 30, 1888, Karleby). Their child was Sofia Johansdotter Hannela, below.

1-Sofia Johansdotter Hannela, b.June 21, 1863, Storby, m.Johan Viktor Andersson Dryksback, see Dryksback genealogy above.