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Gwin Family and Miscellaneous Records

This page will contain miscellaneous surnames information, though they might not be our own families. I will include this information for the benefit of fellow researchers who might find a long lost cousin or two. Please print any information you are interested in and compare it. The primary names I have included are: Bailey: Briggs: Collins: Gwin: Kelly: Knapp: Use the find feature in your edit menu to find the surname you want.


1-Maplewood Cemetery, Concord, Erie County, NY:
2-Town of Elma deaths, Erie County, NY
3-Woodford Co., Ky tax list 1800
4-1789 Turner Patent
5-Vital index of early western New York families
6-Index of the 1855 census
7-Index of the 1865 census
8-Buffalo Historical Society marriage records
9-The Book of Burials, Batavia 1806-1880
10-Headstones in Chestnut Ridge Cemetery
11-Gwin family wills
(these are only court records for probated wills; I will add my personal collection of information as I am able to)

Maplewood Cemetery

Town of Concord, Village of Springville, Erie Co. NY -copied from stones erected in Section 16, removed from old cemetery June 14, 1899, Buffalo & Erie Co. Library # F129 c73 043 1985:

Briggs, Eugene C., died June 29, 1841, age 3y. 6m. 6d., son of Wray & Mary E:
Briggs, Julia Ada, died Nov. 24, 1850, age 5y. 6m. 13d., daughter of Wray & Mary E:
Collins, Adelbert, died May 4, 1848, age 1y. 8m. 17d., son of Stoel & Sally A:
Collins, Anna, died Jan. 15, 1845, age 22y. 1m. 24d., wife of Stoel Sr:
Collins, Elizabeth (nee Wilkes), died Dec. 19, 1842, age 26y. 1m. 25d., wife of Stoel Sr:
Collins, Ida M., died Jan. 20, 1861, age 5y. 7m. 13d., daughter of Stoel & L. Collins:
Gwin, Ermina, dau. of Stoel Collins Sr:
Gwin, Fayett F., died April 28, 1848, age 1y. 6m. 6d., s/o Jonathan & Ermina (nee Collins):
Gwin, James N., died Jan. 23, 1848, age 3y., adopted son of Jonathan:
Gwin, Jonathan, died Nov. 16, 1850, age 31y. 3m. 8d:

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Town of Elma Deaths

Erie County, New York. Taken from "History of the town of Elma", by Warren Jackman:

Briggs, Cortland C., age 65, d.Oct. 04 1894:
Briggs, Angis, R., wife of Wilbor B, age 25, d.June 07 1895:
Briggs, Joseph B., age 46, d.June 02 1890: 

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Woodford Co., Ky Tax List 1800

Gwin, John:
Gwin, Jonathan:
Gwin, Moses:
Gwin, Robert Jr:
Gwin, Robert Sr:  

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1789 Turner Patent

Residents, in 1789, of the Turner Patent, Washington Co., NY. From original document presented to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society by Tobias Alexander Wright, former member of the Publication Committee:

Thomas Collins, 150acres, no lot listed:

County of Washington -I do hereby Certify that the above named persons of the County of Washington has given me Sattisfactory Proof that they actually resided on the Respective Farms--annexed to their names, in the division of a patent of Twenty-five Thousand acres of Land Originally granted to Alexander Turner and twenty four others on the 7th day of August 1764, and that on Account of the Late War, they were respectively Obliged to Quit their said Farms by the Incursions of the Enemy, as Witness my hand this 24th day of January 1789.

David Hopkins, one of the Judges of Washington County Albany, January 24, 1789. I Certify that the within is a true Copy of a Certificate and Shedule Signed by David Hopkins, Esq., one of the Judges of Common pleas for Washington County, and I do futher Certify that the several persons therein named are free from paying all past as well as future quit rents for the number of acres set opposite to their respective names. 

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Vital Index of Early Western New York Families

Alfred H. Gwin, age 27, living in Hamburg, married Nov.27, 1856, to Charlotte Rankin, age 23 (they were married by Richard Sandford of the Congregational Church in Griffins Mill):
Emily Augusta, 34, w/o W.R. Gwinn, died Jul.18, 1864:
Lucinda Gwinn, d/o Obed, Hamburg, m.Dec.11, 1855, to Dr. A.F. Turner, d. Mar.18, 1891, age 64, at Hebron, Illinois:
William R. Gwinn d. July 1, 1861. Erma Gwynne, 1917-1930, buried Java Village Cemetery:
Richard Gwynne of Murray, d. Oct.8, 1884, age 80 yrs:
Ceremantha Elmira Guinn m. Mar.21, 1844, to Jonathan R. Brady:

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Index of the 1855 Census

Kelley, Dennis, 38, born N.J., farmer, living Boston:
Kelley, Sarah, 38, b.Erie:
Kelley, Maria, 8, b.Erie:
Kelley, Denis, 5, b.Erie:

Knapp, G., 36, b.Conn., farmer, living E.Hamburg:
Knapp, Polly, 36, b.Erie:
Knapp, Royal, 12, b.Erie:
Knapp, Cornelia, 10, b.Erie:
Knapp, Elisabeth, 7, b.Erie:
Knapp, Alphaela, 5, b.Erie:
Knapp, Polly, 1, b.Erie: 

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Index of the 1865 Census

Bailey, Asa, 46, b. NY:
Bailey, Mary, 42, b.Erie:
Bailey, Alonzo, 21, b.Erie:
Bailey, Eliza, 17, b.Erie:
Bailey, Asmer, 10, b.Erie:

Knapp, Grishom, 46, b.Conn:
Knapp, Polly, 41, b.Erie:
Knapp, Royal, 22, b.Erie:
Knapp, Cornelia, 20, b.Erie:
Knapp, Obed, 15, b.Erie:
Knapp, Alvaretta, 13, b.Erie:
Knapp, Mariah, 11, b.Erie:
Knapp, Angeline, 8, b.Erie:
Knapp, Enos, 6, b.Erie:
Knapp, Douglas G., 4, b.Erie:
Knapp, Fayette, 1, b.Erie:
Knapp, Enus, 76, b.Conn:
Knapp, Elizabeth, 65, b.Conn. (no doubt this couple are parents to the above Grishom). There was quite a change in the Knapp family in ten years. Seven year old Elizabeth was no longer in the family (she may have been deceased or she may have married), either Polly had died or she was known by another name, Mariah, and five year old Alphaela must have been known as Alvaretta, although the ages in the census varies by two years:

The Gwin surname and its variations; Gwyn, Gwynne, Gwinn, Quinn, Winn -Welsh, nickname for a person with fair hair or a noticeably pale complexion; from wgwyn, meaning light, white, fair. It was also used as a personal name in the Middle Ages: 

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Buffalo Historical Society Marriage Records

Guinn, Ceremantha Elmira, to Jonathan R. Brady, Mar.21, 1844:
Guinn, Jerome B., to Helen Zimmerman, Aug.20, 1845:
Gwin, Alfred H., to Charlotte Rankin, Nov.27, 1856:
Gwin, Betsey, to Dennis Kelley, Mar.1, 1846:
Gwinn, Elizabeth, to Samuel A. Mather, June 11, 1856:
Gwinn, J. Morris, to Mary C. Seymour, July 2, 1863:

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The Book Burials, Batavia 1806-1880

In Batavia there were two Guinnes, Emily who died in 1860, and William, born 1827, died 1861. The book goes on to say that Batavia was the oldest village west of the Genesee River, which radiated the Holland Purchase:

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Headstones in Chestnut Ridge Cemetery
Orchard Park, Erie County, NY. These is our own family members as copied from headstones in the cemetery:

Julius Knapp, died Feb.21, 1868, 24yrs:
Timothy, s/o David Knapp, July 8, 1845, 3yrs:
David Knapp, June 11, 1807-July 8, 1874:
Angeline Leeps His Wife, June 25, 1811- May -At Rest:
Isaac L. Knapp, Died July 7, 1877, age 20:
Isaac Knapp, died Oct.17__, age 24
Briggs, Mory P., 1795-1875:
Briggs, Polly A., 1829-1890:
Briggs, Edwin R., 1832-1902:
Ella Gwin Drew, died July 28, 1933:
Patience Jane, wife of David Bailey, died July 16, 1843, 28yrs:
Obed, s/o David and Patience Bailey, d.July 1843, 1 yr:
On the Gwin headstone was written: Capt. Obed Gwin, born Nov.12, 1789, died Sep.22, 1863, 73yrs:
Henrietta, w/o Obed Gwin, died Feb.8, 1802 -Loved Ones Rest In Peace:
Jerome B. Gwin, born May 23, 1821, died Oct.15, 1877:
Mary Gwin, his sister, born April 6, 1812, died Sep. 1833:
Helen W. Gwin, 1827-1896:
Our Son Obed T. Gwin, 1846-1846:
Jerome B. Gwin, 1821-1877:

The stone for Jerome Gwin and his sister and family is a three sided one. The grave of Obed Gwin was decorated with a flag, information regarding his years of service can be found by contacting the Chestnut Ridge Cemetery Association of Orchard Park, Orchard Park, New York:

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Gwin Family Wills says "Was at county hall this AM and checked the wills they have on file. The dates are when they were probated".

GWIN Obed 10/17/1863
Jane 4/12/1880
Wallace 4/4/1907

Wm. 7/15/1861
Thomas 9/30/1871

GWYNN, Amelia 6/17/1910

There are several GUENIN also and some in the naturalization index.

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