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At This Site You Will Find
Children of our earliest know Gwin ancestor, Jonathan F. Gwin:

1-Thomas Gwin and Almira Francis, and Thomas Gwin and Jane Leclear

Wallace Gwin and Isabel Pierce, s/o Thomas and Jane (Leclear) Gwin

2-Obed Gwin and Henrietta Briggs:

3-Jonathan F. Gwin Jr. and Ermina Collins:

Page Two, miscellaneous surnames information, primarily Bailey, Briggs, Collins, Gwin, Kelly, and Knapp.

Page Three, more miscellaneous surnames information, although not necessarily pertaining to our own families. Primarily Bailey, Briggs, Collins, Gwin, Kelly, and Knapp.

Our farthest reaching known Gwin ancestor is Jonathan F. Gwin, b.abt.1755 NY, d.bef.1840, m.bef.1788 to someone yet unknown, who d.bef.1840.

The legend below was designed out of pure laziness -I didn't want to have to repeat the same place names time and again. Hopefully viewers will find it easy to use.

ARC=Arcadia, Tremp. Co., Wis: BNY=Buffalo, Erie Co., NY: BOS=Boston, Erie Co., NY: BRF=Black River Falls, Wis: CHI= Chicago, Illinois: CHIS=Chisago Co., Wis: CL=Clear Lake, Polk Co., Wis: CON=Concord, Erie Co., NY: ED=Eden, Erie Co., NY: EHAM=East Hamburg, Erie Co., NY: ENY=Erie Co., NY: EVE=Everett, Snohomish Co., Wash: GNY=Geneva, Seneca Twp., Ont. Co., NY: HAM=Hamburg, Erie Co., NY: LOY=Loyal, Wis: MIL=Milwaukee, Wis: NY=New York: OP=Orchard Park, Erie Co., NY: PRE=Preeceville, Sask., Can: SL=Shell Lake, Wis: ST=Sunrise Twp., Chisago Co., Minn: SUP=Superior, Doug.Co., Wis: WEY=Weyburn, Sask., Can: WNY=Washington Co., NY:

When one considers that the only people we knew about when I first started my research was my own grandmother, and the name of her father, the progress in a short time has been phenomenal. However, having said that, a great deal of credit must be given to two cousins, Robert Bailey and Hugh Gwin, both elderly gentlemen who have done a lot of work on the Gwin and related lines. Robert just published his Bailey Family Book, which includes our Gwin line as well.

Some Gwin Facts and Fancies

Our ancestor, Margaret Jane Sigsworth, d/o James G. Sigsworth and Eliza Ann Whaley, was also known in varying records as Jennie or Jane. She left her second husband, Frank Stoel Gwin, when the children were quite young -my grandmother Pearl Ethel Gwin was told that her mother had died. Instead, Margaret was very much alive and at some point married William Seed -nothing more is known regarding their lives together. Margaret died at the Mischler Rest Home in Amery, Polk Co., Wis. -at the time of her death she was a widow. A letter was sent to her daughter Annie (nee Gwin) Gamble, informing the latter of her mother's death, and Margaret's obituary mentions that she was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and that she had several surviving daughters in Wis. and Minn.

An interesting family, found by a kindly lady and passed onto a cousin, was that of Jonathan Gwinn and Elizabeth Coleman, living in Nantucket, Nan. Co., Mass. Of their family, Elizabeth was b.1747, Hepsabeth was b.1749, Jonathan was b.1751, Obed was b.1753, and Paulina was b.1755. Our own Jonathan Gwin was b.abt.1755. This Welsh family bears further investigation. Annie Lloyd also explained that there was a natural migration pass from what is now Renesalaer Co., Mass., down the Mohawk or Erie Canal to Western New York.

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