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Gertrude Gandyra and Adalbertus (Albert) Killian

Gertrude Gandyra, d/o Blasius Gandyra and Marie Woychik was b.November 13, 1897, North Creek, d.January 3, 1961, at Independence, m.November 16, 1921, at Independence to Adalbertus (Albert) Lawrence Killian. Gertrude was the second wife of Albert, his first wife being Juliana Skroch (she b.February 25, 1887, in Wisconsin, d.February 25, 1920, at Burnside, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin. Julaina was the d/o Albert Skroch and Christiana Luhastek).

Albert Killian was the s/o Clemence Killian (he b.October 1850 in Prussia, d.December 24, 1912, Independence, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin, s/o Matthew Killian and Marie Kulig) and Josephine Sygulla (she b.April 1861 in Prussia, d.September 21, 1903, at Independence, d/o Gregar Sygulla and Barbara). There is undoubtedly a connection between this Killian family and our own, but to date that connection has not been found. Nevertheless, the Clemence Killian family will be recorded at a later date.

Children born to Albert Killian and Juliana Skroch were:

1-Alphonse Killian (1908).

2-Theresa Killian (1911).

3-Edward F. Killian (October 1913), married Gertrude M.

Headstone in Calvary Cemetery, Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin, shared with Gertrude M.
Cemetery records compiled by William H. Krause, 1562 N. 119th Street, Wauwastosa, Wisconsin 53226; Gertrude M. 1911-1976

4-Ephriam Killian ((1917).

 5-Eleanor Killian (November 1919). Eleanor appeared in the 1920 census as a three month old infant, but did not appear in the 1930 census with her family.

Children of Albert Killian and Gertrude Gandyra, all born in Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin, were:

6-Arlene Killian (after 1921).

7-Eugene Killian (1926). This could be the Eugene Killian who served as mayor of Arcadia from 1970-1986, and 1988-1992, according to Mayors Walk, Arcadia, Trempeleau Co., Wisconsin (the Walk is located in a 54 acre a memorial park in tribute to veterans of all wars. Website

8-Marion Killian (1927).

9-John Killian (1929).

Information Pertaining to Adalbertus (Albert) Killian:

1900 Federal Census, Burnside, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, Page185, Household #202:
Kilian, Klemence, Age 49, Farmer, Born Poland/Ger
Kilian, Sophia, Age 39, Born Poland/Ger
Kilian, John, Age 19, Born Wisconsin
Kilian, Albert, Age 16, Born Wisconsin
Kilian, George, Age 13, Born Wisconsin
Kilian, Joseph, Age 8, Born Wisconsin

Tombstone in Sts. Peter and Paul RC Church Cemetery, Independence,Wisconsin: shared stone with Gertrude.
Church records from Sts Peter & Paul RC Parish, PO Box 428, 308 Osseo Road, Independence, Wisconsin 54747, May 2, 1989: Adalbertus Kilian born April 7, 1883, parents Klemenfis and Josephae Sigula.
Albert farmed the family farm near Burnside, southwest of Independence, Wisconsin. He retired to Independence and lived on Washington Street after his son Ephriam took over the homestead. According to descendant Harvey Killian of Scobel, Montana in May 1995, Albert was born on the family farm in Burnside, southwest of Independence. He took over the family farm when his parents died. Albert and Gertrude moved to Independence where Albert worked for the Trempealeau County Highway Department until he died of cancer.

Information Pertaining to Juliana Skroch:

According to Harvey Killian of Scobel, Montana in May 1995, Julia died at home at the age of 33, in the town of Burnside on Thursday, February 25, 1920. She had a short illness of influenza followed by pneumonia.

The Skroch Family Tree, Website
Albert Skroch (s/o Jacob Skroch and Anna Sweicz) was born 1843 in Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland, d.12 Mar 1888, at Independence, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin. He married Christina Lukaszczyk (d/o Joseph Lukaszczyk and Rosalia Bartylla) in 1876. Christina was born 1849 in Prussia. Children born to Albert and Christina were:

1-Peter Skroch, Born 1877, Died 1925
2-Susie Skroch, Born 10 Aug 1879
3-Lawrence Skroch, Born 1880, Died 30 Aug 1911
4-Frances (Frank) Skroch, Born 30 Sep 1881, Died 1966
5-Michael Skroch, Born 26 Jul 1883
6-Juliana Skroch, Born 25 Feb 1886, Died 1920

Information Pertaining to Albert Killian and Juliana Skroch:

1910 Federal Census, Burnside Town, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin, Roll 1739 Book 2, Page 64b, Household #99:
Killian, Albert, Age 27, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Julia, Age 24, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Alphonse, Age 2, Born Wisconsin
Killian, George, Age 23, Born Wisconsin (brother)
Sluga, Julia, Age 13, Born Wisconsin

1920 Federal Census, Burnside, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin, Roll 2018 Book 2, Page 81a, Household #160:
Killian, Albert, Age 36, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Julia, Age33, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Alfonse, Age 11, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Theresa, Age 9, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Edward, Age 6, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Ephrim, Age 2, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Elanor, Age 3 months, Born Wisconsin

Information Pertaining to Albert Killian and Gertrude Gandyra:

1930 US Federal Census Burnside Twp., Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin, Roll 2614 Book 2, Page 62a, Household #87:
Killian, Albert, Age 47, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Gertrude, Age 32, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Alphonse, Age 21, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Teresa, Age 19, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Edward, Age 16, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Ephriem, Age 13, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Eugene, Age 6, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Marione, Age 3, Born Wisconsin
Killian, Johnnie, Age 5 months, Born Wisconsin