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Information Page For
George Ealy
of East Finley Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania
The Raymond M. Bell Anthology, transcribed by Jeanne Walsh of Seward, NE, in April 1998

The first record of George Ealy and Michael Ely is in 1773, when they were taxed in Lebanon Township (now Lebanon County, Pennsylvania), at which time they were both under 30 years of age. George was married in 1771 and Michael in 1772. They were likely related to John and George Ihli, who landed at Philadelphia in 1754.

George Ealy can be found in Pine Grove Township (now Schuylkill County) by 1779, and in Shamokin Township, Northumberland County, in 1800. He came to Canton (now South Franklin Township) in 1807, and in 1822 he went to East Finley Township, where he died in 1830. He fathered eleven children and was one of the founders of the Fairmont United Methodist Church.

Of the two men George Ealy was, d.1830 E. Finley Twp., m.1771 to Christina Strosnider (she, was still living in 1830). Their children were:

1-Henry Ealy, b.Mar.19, 1772, d.May 11, 1845, in Plain Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio, m.1800 to Eve Nyswaner (she b.Sept. 5, 1775, d.Oct.10, 1842). Henry went to Buffalo Twp. in 1807, moved to East Finley in 1816, and went to Washington Twp., Pickaway Co., Ohio, in 1830. He was founder of the Lutheran Church in Circleville. Known children were: 

1-Christina Ealy, b.Jan 25, 1801, d.Mar.25, 1881, never married:
2-Elizabeth Ealy, b.May 22, 1803, d.Dec.1, 1891, m.Dec.22, 1831 to John Y. Klinkert (he
3-Peter Ealy, b.Dec.9, 1805, d.Mar.27, 1878, m.Sophia Clouse (she
4-George Ealy, b.Jan 24, 1807, d.Jan 1, 1889, m.Aug.25, 1836, to Christina Klaus (she
5-Eve Ealy, b.Nov.6, 1809, m.Aug.23, 1846, to Hamaker Souder
6-Daniel F. Ealy, b.June 3, 1811, d.July 7, 1873, m.Dec.24, 1835, to Barbara Jose
7-Rosana Ealy, b.May 24, 1814, d.July 24, 1845, never married: 
8-Margaret Ealy, b.May 21, 1816, possibly d.young:

2-Elizabeth Ealy, bap.Sept. 11, 1774, at Hain's Church, Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., sponsor Elizabeth Eckert. Elizabeth died young:

3-John Ealy, b.1776, d.1850 Washington Twp., Green Co., Wis., m.1803 to Catharine Johnsonbach (she, d.1846 Ohio. Catherine was living in Knox Co., Ohio, in 1830 and 18400: Known children of John and Catherine were:

1-Mary Ealy, d.Apr. 27, 1871, in Monroe Twp., Green Co., Wis., to Otto King): 
2-George Ealy, b.Feb.28, 1807, in Centre Co., Pa., was living 1880 in Jefferson Twp., Green Co. Two of his three marriages were to Lucinda Forsythe (on Mar.5, 1832, she b.1814), and to Jemima Dennis (Blackford): 
3-John Ealy, b.Mar.16, 1809, in Wash. Co., Pa, d.Mar.5, 1882, in Monroe Twp., m.Mar.18, 1830, to Elizabeth Parks (she 
4-Christina Ealy, b.1812, living 1850 in Washington Twp., m.1833 to James Parks: 
5-Henry Ealy, b.Jan 9, 1815, d.Apr. 25, 1880, m.1837 to Elizabeth Bennett
6-James Ealy, b.Feb.22, 1822, Greene Co., Pa., m.1843 to Sarah A. Corbin (she b.1825, was living 1880 in Monroe Twp.):

4-George Ealy, b.1778, d.Jan 16, 1869, in E. Finley Twp., m.first ca.1799 to Mary Barrett, m.second Christina Ely (d/o Michael Ely, she b.Mar.10, 1786, d.Aug.27, 1845). George's will was written in 1855 and was probated in 1869, and on Oct.21, 1789, he served in the Northumberland militia. Children born to George Ealy (although the article didn't specify which wife mothered the children) were:

1-John Ealy, b.1802, d.Nov.4, 1857, m.1834 to Eleanor Sprowls (she b.1802, d.Sept. 9, 1886). Their children were: 

1-Nancy Ealy, b.1837, d.1860: 
2-Catharine Jane Ealy, b.1839: 
3-John Nelson Ealy, b.1841, d.1929:
4-William Lewis Ealy, b.1843, d.1895: 
5-David Ealy, b.1845, d.1886: 
6-George Washington Ealy, b.1847, d.1899: 
7-Silas Ealy, b.1850, d.1866:

2-Polly Ealy, b.July 15, 1803, d.Sept. 24, 1894, in Muskingum C., Ohio, to Robert McWhortr (he b.Mar.4, 1801, d.Apr. 16, 1837). Their children were: 

1-George McWhortr, b.1825, m.Margaret Williamson, she b.1827: 
2-Elizabeth McWhortr (m.McPeck), b.1829: 
3-Mary McWhortr (m.Clapper), b.1831: 
4-Nancy McWhortr (m.Maxwell), b.1833: 
5-Thomas McWhortr,

3-Henry Ealy, b.Dec.22, 1806, d.May 4, 1903, to Hannah Barney (she b.May 22, 1810, d.Sept. 17, 1876). Their children were: 

1-Jeremiah Ealy, b.1831, d.1903: 
2-George Ealy, b.1832, d.1891: 
3-Philip Ealy, b.1835, d.1912: 
4-Jonas Ealy, b.1838, d.1908: 
5-Jonathan Ealy, b.1844, d.1915: 
6-Delilah Ealy (m.Alexander), b.1849, d.1888:

4-George Ealy, b.Dec.1808, d.May 5, 1875, in Athens Co., Ohio, m.1836 to Sarah Scott (she b.1818, d.Oct.16, 1880). Their children were: 

1-Charles Francis Ealy, b.1837, d.1916: 
2-Christina Ealy (m.Pierce), b.1840, d.1923: 
3-Henry Sherlick Ealy, b.1842, d.1919: 
4-John Ealy, b.1843: 
5-George Washington Ealy, b.1846, d.1920: 
6-William Jefferson Ealy, b.1848, d.1851: 
7-Malintha Ann Ealy, b.1850, d.1851: 
8-Mary Jane Ealy (m.Cox), b.1852, d.1918: 
9-Michael Ealy, b.1852, d.1873: 
10-Sarah Elizabeth Ealy, b.1853, d.1853: 
11-Amsey Rudolphus Ealy, b.1856, d.1932: 
12-Samuel Lane Ealy, b.1858, d.1942:

5-Michael Ealy, b.Aug.20, 1810, d.Apr. 26, 1895, m.Aug.17, 1831, to Eliza Jane McWhorter (she b.Apr. 17, 1814, d.Apr. 8, 1886). Known children were: 

1-John H. Ealy, b.1833, d.1925: 
2-James Ealy, b.1835, d.1911:

6-Mary Ealy,, d.June 20, 1840, m.1832 to Henry Stollar (he b.1811). Their children were:

1-Martin Stollar, b.1833, d.1842: 
2-Peter Stollar, b.1834, d.1931: 
3-George Stollar, b.1836, d.1879: 
4-Andrew J. Stollar, b.1838, d.1872: 
5-Mary Stollar, b.1840, d.1840:

7-Daniel Ealy,, in Claysville, Pa., m.Judith (she b.1819, d.June 21, 1894). A notation specifies that Daniel was with George Ealy Jr. in 1850 - special administrator of George Ealy Sr., sold land to James Ely (I am not sure if this refers to George Jr. or to Daniel):

8-William Ealy, b.1817, d.July 10, 1821:

9-Catharine Ealy, b.1820, m.1837 to Christopher Scott (he b.1815 in Athens Co., Ohio). Known children were: 

1-John Scott, b.1838: 
2-Mary Jane Scott, b.1840: 
3-Charles Scott, b.1842: 
4-Christina Scott, b.1843: 
5-Catherine Scott, b.1845: 
6-George W. Scott, b.1846: 
7-Andrew Scott, b.1848: 
8-Sarah E. Scott, b.1850: 
9-Judith Scott, b.1852: 
10-Eliza E. Scott, b.1855: 
11-Nancy M. Scott, b.1857: 
12-Silas Scott, b.1859: 
13-Rachel M. Scott, b.1861, d.1887:

10-Christina Ealy, b.Jan 9, 1824, d.Nov.30, 1911, m.1844 to Silas Sprowls (he b.July 5, 1824, d.July 5, 1871). Their children were: 

1-Catharine Jane Sprowls (m.Wright), b.1845, d.1923: 
2-George Sprowls, b.1847, d.1927: 
3-Mary Sprowls (m.Howell), b.1849: 
4-William W. Sprowls, b.1851: 
5-Nancy Belinda Sprowls (m.McGuier), b.1853, d.1925: 
6-Sarah Ann Sprowls (m.Crowe), b.1855, d.1940: 
7-John C. A. Sprowls
8-Cyrus S. Sprowls
9-James Addison Sprowls:

11-Martin Floyd Ealy, b.Jan 15, 1826, d.Mar.19, 1885, m.June 20, 1846, to Nancy McConnell (she b.1828, d.1907). Their children were: 

1-Rosannah Ealy (m.Sampson), b.1847, d.1870: 
2-Silas W. Ealy, b.1849, d.1905: 
3-Martha Jane Ealy (m.Supler), b.1851, d.1926: 
4-Clarissa Ealy (m.Smith), b.1853, d.1951: 
5-Lucinda Ealy (m.Hunt), b.1854, d.1927: 
6-Hannah Minerva Ealy (m.Rockey), b.1857, d.1932: 
7-John Richard Ealy, b.1859, d.1927: 
8-Mary Ellen Ealy (m.Burns), b.1861, d.1936: 
9-Julia Ann Ealy (m.Booth), b.1865, d.1937: 
10-Sarah Catharine Ealy, b.1868, d.1868: 
11-Ida Florine Ealy, b.1868, d.1869: 
12-Martin Ellsworth Ealy, b.1869, d.1934: 
13-James Albert Ealy, b.1872, d.1945:

5-Rosana Ealy, b.1781, d.Jan 5, 1863, in E. Finley, m.1799 to Andrew Stollar (he b.1777, d.Dec.18, 1846). Their children were: 

1-Rosanna Stollar, b.Jan 1, 1800,, m.Peter Earnest in 1819: 
2-Peter Stollar, b.1802, m.1820 to Susanna
3-Christina Stollar, b.1804, d.1880, m.1822 to Isaac Earnest (he b.1799, d.1867): 
4-Catharine Stollar,, m.George Plants, moved to Illinois: 
5-Henry Stollar, b.1811, d.Feb.27, 1905, m.first in 1832 to Mary Ealy (she b.1815, d.1840), m.second Jemima Nickerson (she b.1809, d.1861), m.third to Mary Ann Dentzer, b.1835, d.1904): 
6-William Stollar, b.1813, d.1900, m.first in 1833 to Annie G. Rockefeller (she b.1816, d.1854), m.second in 1855 to Susanna Martin (she b.1822, d.1877), m.third to Rebecca Bedillion (she b.1845, d.1904): 
7-Daniel Stollar, b.1817, m.Nancy Barney
8-Mary (Magdalena) Stollar, b.1819, d.1907, m.Henry Sprowls (he b.1814, d.1889):

6-Christina Ealy,, to Nicholas Stollar, in 1810 was in Manheim Twp. (now Schuylkill Co.), in 1830 and 1840 was living in Cumberland Co., Pa:

7-Peter Ealy, b.Apr. 22, 1785, d.Apr. 7, 1869, in Knox Co., Ohio, m.Nov.9, 1809, to Mary Ann Horn, d/o Hardman Horn (she b.Sept. 16, 1790, d.Mar.23, 1862). Their children were: 

1-Benjamin Ealy, b.Dec.10, 1810, d.Nov.11, 1882, at Mt. Vernon Ohio, m.Jan 12, 1837, to Maria Staats
2-Rosanna Ealy, b.Nov.3, 1812, d.May 13, 1892, in Morgan Co., Ill m.1830 to Wm. Hammel
3-Peter Ealy, b.Nov.14, 1814, d.July 9, 1880, m.first on May 30, 1839, to Sabina Wolf (she b.June 29, 1813, d.Oct.5, 1864), m.second to Christina Horn on Dec.21, 1865 (she b.1831, d.1897): 
4-Abraham Ealy, b.June 9, 1817, d.Nov.15, 1882, m.Nov.14, 1839, to Elizabeth Barr
5-Sampson Ealy, b.1821 Ohio, d.Oct.19, 1889, m.June 4, 1842, to Hannah Kemmerer
6-Elizabeth Ealy, b.Jan 2, 1824, d.July 2, 1910, m.William Ross
7-Ziporah Ealy, b.1827, d.Feb.22, 1855, m.Lewis McKahn
8-Martin Ealy, b.Sept. 21, 1830, d.May 3-1916, in McDonough Co., Ill, m.Sept. 12, 1854, to Sarah Ann Horn
9-Mahala Ealy, b.1833:

8-Jonas Ealy, b.Aug.29, 1787, d.Feb.4, 1863, in Franklin Twp., Greene Co., Pa., m.Oct.12, 1810, to Euphen Wilson (he b.May 4, 1788, d.Mar.23, 1861). Their children were: 

1-James Ealy, b.1811, m.1837 to Melissa
2-Elizabeth Ealy, b.1813, d.June 5, 1834, m.Miller Andrew (he b.1813): 
3-John Ealy, b.1815, d.1852: 
4-George Ealy, b.1818, d.1898, to Mary Warrick (she b.1821, d.1887): 
5-Nancy Ealy, b.1821, to Daniel Throckmorton (he b.1819): 
6-Jonas Ealy, b.1823, m.1845 to Elizabeth Hill (she b.1826): 
7-Caleb Ealy, b.1829, d.1915, m.Elizabeth Patterson (she b.1832):

9-Daniel Ealy,, was living in 1830:

10-Catharine Ealy,, m.1810 to John Dennis, s/o Michael Dennis (he, d.1830 in Knox Co., Ohio.):

11-Mary (Magdalena) Ealy, b.Apr. 11, 1794, d.Sept.30, 1884, in Vermillion Co., Ind., m.first in 1811 to John Tedrow, m.second in June 1819 to Daniel Helt: