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Pierre Boucher & Marie Anne Michaud

Pierre Boucher, child of Jean Galleran Boucher and Marie Leclerc, was C.R., and d.Sept.23, 1737 in Kam. He m.Marie Anne Michaud July 19, 1695 in R.O. Their children were:

1-Joseph Boucher, b.R.O., d.Nov.11, 1742, R.O., m.Geneveive Hayot Jan.20, 1723/24:
2-Marie Anne Boucher, b.R.O., d.Kam., m.Charles Francois Marquis Jan.20, 1723/24:
3-Marie Claire Boucher, b.R.O., m.Simon Gueret Feb.03, 1732/33, Kam:
4-Pierre Boucher, b.R.O., d.Kam., m.Marie Catherine Gueret 1730:
5-Marie Charlotte Boucher, b.R.O., d.Kam., m.Jacques Deneau Nov.10, 1740, Kam:
6-Guillaume Boucher, b.R.O:
7-Michel Boucher, b.R.O., d.Kam., m.Marguerite Choret Nov.14, 1735, Kam:
8-Marie Joseph Boucher, b.R.O., m.Francois Albert on April 10, 1736, Kam:
9-Marguerite Boucher
, b.R.O., m.first Pierre Roy-Desjardins Nov.04, 1748, Kam., m.second Gabriel Antoine Parent June 10, 1754, Kam:


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