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Philippe Boucher & Marie Anne Mignier

Philippe Boucher, child of Jean Galleran Boucher and Marie Leclerc, was b.C.R., d.abt.1718, m.Marie Anne Mignier Nov.10, 1693 in R.O. Their known children were:

1-Jean Baptiste Boucher, b.R.O., d.abt.1740, m.Suzanne Cahouet Aug.01, 1724, at St-Ignace, P.Q:
2-Joseph Boucher, b.R.O., d.R.O:
3-Marie Madeline Boucher, b.R.O., d.Ste-Anne:
4-Jean Boucher, b.R.O., d.St-Thomas, P.Q., m.Madeline Leclerc Nov.24, 1727, L'Islet Co., P.Q:
5-Marie Anne Boucher, b.R.O., m.Jean Martin July 25, 1737, P.Q:
6-Philippe Boucher, b.R.O., d.Ste-Anne, m.Marie Dionne July 04, 1729, at Ste-Anne:
7-Dorothee Boucher, b.R.O., d.Ste-Anne, m.Pierre Bourgela April 26, 1730, Ste-Anne:
8-Elisabeth Boucher, b.R.O., d.R.O:
9-Reine Boucher, b.R.O., d.Ste-Anne, m.Michel Gannat Sept.23, 1743, at Ste-Anne:
10-Alexis Boucher, b.R.O., d.R.O:
11-Pierre Boucher, b.R.O., d.R.O., m.first Madeline Caron Nov.10, 1738, L'Islet Co., P.Q., m.second Marie Toussaint Sept.10, 1753, at Ste-Anne:
12-Angelique Boucher, b.Ste-Anne, d.Ste-Anne:
13-Therese Francoise Boucher
, b.abt.1705, R.O., m.Jacques St-Pierre, abt.1727:


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