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Charles Boucher & Marguerite Agnes Pelletier

Charles Boucher, child of Francois Boucher and Florence Gareman, was b.Que. He m.Marguerite Agnes Pelletier on May 07, 1685, in Sorel, P.Q. Known children were:

1-Charles Boucher, b.Sept.26, 1685, Sorel, d.Nov.19, 1685, Sorel:
2-Francois Boucher, b.abt.1688:
3-Charles Boucher, b.Dec.05, 1690, C.R., m.Marie Geneveive Henault on Dec.31, 1712:
4-Marie Boucher, b.April 15, 1693, Ste-Fam., m.Antoine Piette on May 02, 1711, Sorel:
5-Pierre Boucher, b.May 16, 1695, St-Francois, P.Q., m.first Geneveive Migneron on Nov.06, 1725, Sorel, m.second Marie Dorothee Chretien on Nov.09, 1739:
6-Michel Boucher, b.May 13, 1697, St-Francois, P.Q., m.Marie Anne Martin-Pelland Feb.23, 1728/29:
7-Joseph Boucher, b.March 15, 1698/99, m.Madeline Migneron Nov.06, 1725, at Sorel, P.Q:
8-Louis Boucher, b.April 23, 1701, Sorel, P.Q:
9-Marie Anne Boucher, b.July 09, 1704, Isle Dupas, P.Q., m.Antoine Delbec-Joly Aug.05, 1721, at Isle Dupas, P.Q:
10-Alexis Charles Boucher, b.May 26, 1706, Isle Dupas, P.Q:
11-Jean Baptiste Boucher
, b.Oct.30, 1708, Isle Dupas, P.Q., d.Feb.19, 1762, m.Marie Catherine Gladus Nov.29, 1737:


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