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Pierre Pitoche-Boucher & Marie Anne St. Denis

Pierre Pictoe-Boucher, child of Marin Boucher and Perrine Malet, was b.Beau., d.May 03, 1707, R.O. He m.Marie Anne St. Denis on April 04, 1663 at C.R. Their known children were (dates may or may not be correct. There tends to be a lot of discrepancies among researchers):

1-Barbe Boucher, b.December 14, 1663, at C.R., d.March 20, 1724, at Levis Co., P.Q., CAN, m.first Rene Maheu on Nov.16, 1682, C.R., m.second Georges St. Louis-Cadoret on April 22, 1686, C.R., m.third Louis Jordain on Feb.08, 1711/12, at Levis Co:
2-Pierre Boucher, b.about January 01, 1665 at C.R., d.1666 at C.R:
3-Jacques Boucher, b.about 1666 at St. Famille, Isle d'Orleans, Quebec CAN, died January 06, 1667 at St. Famille, Isle d'Orleans, Quebec CAN:
4-Marie Xaintes Boucher, b.August 12, 1668 at C.R., d.July 15, 1717 at R.O., m.Jean Baptiste Labrie-Mignot on Nov.07, 1689, at C.R:
5-Jean Boucher, b.January 14, 1671 at Ste-Fam., m.October 16, 1696 to Marie Angelique Guay:
6-Pierre Boucher, b.January 01, 1666 at Ste-Fam., d.June 17, 1714 at C.R, m.Francoise Thiboutot:
7-Marie Angelique Boucher, b.October 27, 1676 at Ste-Fam., d.March 02, 1717 at R.O., m.January 28, 1697 to Louis Dube:
8-Charles Boucher, b.September 07, 1679 at C.R., d.May 04, 1709 at R.O., m.November 18, 1704 at R.O. to Marie Anne Ouelette:
9-Marie Therese Boucher, b.January 09, 1683 at C.R., d.July 15, 1743 at Montreal, m.Pierre Dube on Jan.07, 1703/04, at R.O:
10-Marie Geneveive Boucher, b.September 12, 1685 at C.R., d.June 24, 1769 at Ste-Anne, m.Laurent Dube on Jan.07, 1705/06, at R.O:
11-Prisque Boucher, b.April 22, 1689 at C.R., d.May 10, 1768 at Lauzon, Levis Co., Quebec CAN: m.Marie Francoise Miville on April 06, 1712, at R.O:
12-Marguerite Boucher, b.May 12, 1692 at C.R., m.Pierre Poitier-Aumier on Nov.02, 1716, at R.O:
13-Marie Anne Boucher
, b.Aft. April 1663 Que., m.Joseph Pelletier in 1721:

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