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Francois Boucher & Florence Gareman

Francois Boucher, child of Marin Boucher and Juliane Baril, was born at St. Lan., and d.May 02, 1678, at C.R. He married Florence Gareman on Sept.03, 1641 in Que. (she b.1629). Their children were:

1-Pierre Boucher, b.Sill., d.abt.1707, St-Nic:
2-Marie Boucher, b.Sill., d.Pt-Trem., m.Antoine Chaudillon on May 26, 1672, at C-Rageot, P.Q:
3-Florence Madeline Boucher, b.Que:
4-Charles Boucher, b.Que:
5-Francoise Boucher, b.Sill., d.April 09, 1704, m.Nicolas Thibault on July 23, 1686, C.R:
6-Michel Boucher, b.Sill., d.1713, m.first Madeline Huot on Nov.26, 1695, at N.D.Q., m.second Geneveive Amiot on April 19, 1700, at St-Aug:
7-Benoit Boucher, b.1645 Sill., d.Aug.16, 1706, at Sill:
8-Elisabeth Boucher, b.March 17, 1645/46, Sill., d.Sill., m.Denis Guyon on Oct.21, 1659, at N.D.Q:
9-Marin Boucher, b.Dec.26, 1650, at Sill:
10-Anonyme Boucher, b.Oct.09, 1654, Que., d.Oct.09, 1654, Que:
11-Denis Boucher
, b.April 06, 1660, Sill., d.1723:

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