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our WARDEN family
ersonal Information Page

Elizabeth R. Bebout
d/o Peter M. Bebout and Nancy Kelly, w/o Cunningham Warden
October 09, 1810 - April 24, 1884

On this page you will find

1-Distribution of Estate of Israel Bebout
2-1860 Census, Crawford County, Ohio

Distribution of the estate of Israel Bebout
The following was submitted by John E. Mellick --- record of the distribution of the estate of Israel Bebout who died intestate. Administrators account, vol 34, pages 543-544, Wash. Co. Pa. --- Audit Book 1, page 194

Israel Bebout born 1810 died Aug. 30, 1895 Paris Pa. Distribution of the estate as follows:

1-Nancy, sister, Paris, Pa. $229.46

2-Rachael Abraham, Bellefountaine, Ohio. $229.46

3-Jacob Bebout, heirs --- Hamilton Bebout (New Brighton, Pa. $114.73, of this $26 to John Boots: William Bebout deceased, heirs (not all ascertained) $114.73

4-Elizabeth Bebout Ward heirs --- Samuel Ward (Vinton, Iowa $32.78): Elizabeth W. Elliott (Edson Ohio $32.78): Rispah W. Brown, heirs not ascertained: Israel Ward heirs, Lizzie M.Konkle (Birmingham, Ala. $16.39), Mary Best, (Shelby, Iowa $16.39): Thomas Ward heirs Eddie Ward (Rochelle, Ill. $10.92), William E. Ward (Chicago, Ill $10), John W. Ward (Los Angeles, Cal. $10.93): William Ward heirs not ascertained: John Ward heirs, Mrs. Mary Whitmer (Canton Ohio, $16.39), Maggie Gibbs (Canton, Ohio, $16.39)

5-Rispah Bebout Buchanan heirs --- Benjamin Bebout Buchanan (Paris, Pa. $114.73): Hannah B. Buchanan (Paris, Pa. $114.73)

6-Abraham Bebout, heirs, (not ascertained) $229.46 (Alexander Flick's line)

7-Samuel Bebout heirs --- Will S. Bebout (minor, guardian William Campbell, Hamden Jct. Jackson Co. Ohio $229.46)

8-Peter Bebout heirs --- Elizabeth R. Warden, North Robison, Ohio --- Joshua Bebout: Hannah Wilson: Vincent Bebout: Nancy Barnes: Peter Bebout: Abraham Bebout (Hopkins, Nodaway Co. Mo.): Rachael B. McGuire (Clorinda, Page Co. Iowa): Sarah B. Scott (Clorinda, Page Co. Iowa)

9-John Bebout heirs --- James Bebout: John Bebout: Stewart Bebout (Waterford, Ohio): Benjamin Bebout (Logan, Ohio): Mary Jane Austin (Monticello, Ind): Elizabeth Bushfield (not ascertained): Thomas Bebout (212 Grove Alley, East Liverpool Ohio) --- all $32.78, J.P. McCalmont, Executor $500.00; Attorney J.F.McFarland $34.00

Collected and compiled by mrs. H.E.Faulk 288 Buffalo St. Beaver, Pa.
Courtesy of Beverly Matson Lange, Pullman, WA
Retyped by John E. Mellick, 1-21-98

1860 Census, Crawford County, Ohio --- LDS film #653-951B - Galion

Warden, Eliza --- age 45 --- born Pa.
Warden, Jas. C. --- age 27 --- farmer --- born Ohio

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