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The Finnish surname for our Eagle family is Ohrn, however, for practical purposes I will use the English translation throughout. It was family members who immigrated to the U.S.A. and Canada that used the name Eagle. On this page you will find three generations of our Eagle family.

Our ancestor Johan Jakobson Backman Eagle (Source of Information) was b. Sept.28, 1839, in Mustassari, Vaasa, FIN., s/o Jacob Simmsonsson and Anna Johansson, d. Nov. 6, 1878, in Petsmo, Mustassari, Vasa, Finland. Johan m. Ulrika Gustavsdotter Warg (Source of Information) (she b. April 26, 1841, in Korsholm, FIN, d/o Gustav Axelsson Warg and Fredrika Eriksdotter). Children of Johan Eagle and Ulrika Warg were:

1-Anna Lisa Eagle, b.Nov.17, 1864 Kvevlax, Vaasa, FIN:

2-Maria Sofia Eagle, b.Nov.14, 1866 Vaasa:

3-Brita Stina Eagle, b.Jul.12, 1868:

4-Mathilda Eagle, b.Aug.20, 1870:

5-Wilhelmina Eagle, b.Oct.25, 1872 Petsmo, Mustasaari, Vaasa, FIN, d.Oct.10, 1898, in  Vaasa:

6-Johanna Fredrika Eagle, b.Dec. 28, 1874, Mustasaari, Vaasa, FIN, d.Jan.01, 1965:

Parish Records from Kvevlax Church Archives state that Johanna left Finland for America in 1894. She was declared dead by the Magistrate's Court in Vaasan - date of death determined to be Jan. 1, 1965

7-Anders Johan Eagle (Source of Information) b.Sept.20, 1878, in Petsmo, Mustasaari, Vaasa, FIN, d. March 04, 1936, Vancouver, BC, CAN, m. May 20, 1901, Vaasa to Maria Wilhelmina West (Source of Information) d/o Isak Nystrom and Matilda Burns. Maria was b. Dec. 16, 1877, at Korsnas, Vaasa, d. Jan. 30, 1932 ,Vancouver. Children of Anders Eagle and Maria West were:

1-Ester Maria Eagle, b.Jul.20, 1901, Vaasan, d.Feb.07, 1932, Mission, BC, CAN, m.1922 to Victor George Mann (he b.1891, d.March 8, 1957, at Dewdney, BC).

BC Archives Vital Event Marriage Registration: Groom Name Victor Mann, Bride Name Esther Eagle, Event Date 1922 3 15 (Yr/Mo/Day), Event Place Vancouver, Reg. Number 1922-09-247388, BC Archives Microfilm Number:B13743, GSU Microfilm Number 2074225, Victor Mann, Age 31, Lutheran, Labourer, Bachelor, Residence 628 Heathey Avenue, Vancouver BC, Place of birth illegible, Father Hendrik Mann (Vasa, Finland), Mother Maria Vestelback (Vasa, Finland), Can read and write: Bride Esther Eagle, Housemaker, Spinster, Age 21, Lutheran, Living at Dewdney BC, Place of birth Finland, Father Andrew Eagle (Vasa, Finland), Mother Mina Maars (Vasa, Finland), can read and write. Place of marriage 431 Princess Avenue. License #75657

BC Archives Vital Event Death Registration: Name Esther Mary Mann; Place Tranquille; Reg. Number 1932-09-475789; Date 1932 2 7; Age 30; Microfilm #B13146, (GSU # 1952657) - Died Tranquille Sanitorium, Residence Dewdney BC, Racial Origin Swedish, Birthplace Finland, DOB July20, 1901, Age 30 years, 6 months, 19 days, Housewife, Length of time at place of death 4 years, 5 months, Length of time in province/Canada 20 years, Father Andrew Eagle (Finland), Mother Mina West (Finland), Informant Victor Mann (living at Tranquille BC), Date of burial Feb 11,1932, Place of burial Kamloops BC, DOD February 7, 1932, Cause of death Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Duration (of disease) 4 years, 6 months, Disease contracted in Dewdney.

BC Archives Vital Event Death Registration: Name Victor George Mann; Place Dewdney; Reg. Number 1957-09-003534; Date 1957 3 8; Age 66; Microfilm #B13231, (GSU # 2033147) - Residence Sylvester Road, Dewdney BC, In municipality 32 years, In BC/Canada 39 years, Citizenship Canadian, Racial Origin Finnish, Married, Birthplace Finland, DOB October 20, 1890, Age 66 years, Fruit Farmer for 29 years, Last worked October1956, Spouse Ina Elizabeth Rodman, Father Hendrick Mann, Mother Mary Erickson (both born Finland), Informant R.G. Mann, Burial March 13, 1957at Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC, Mission Funeral Home presiding, DOD March 8, 1957, Cause of Death Coronary Thrombosis due to Coronary Arteriosclerosis due to General Arteriosclerosis.

3-Elsa Alvina Eagle, b.Mar.17, 1903 Korsnas, Vasa, Finland, d.May 18, 1985 Prince George, BC, CAN, m.first July 26, 1924 ,to Ernest Viktor Hannela (he b.Oct.14, 1889, in Terjarv, Karleby, FIN, d.June 17, 1952, New Westminster, BC, CAN), m.second in 1935 to Arne Waldemar Rudnas (he b.Apr.01, 1904, Kronoby, Finland, d.June 05, 1980, Mission), and m.third to Erny William Emans (he b.Feb.07, 1918 Abotsford, d.abt. 1993, at Lillooet, BC, CAN):

BC Archives Vital Event Marriage Registration - Groom Name Ernest Hannela, Bride Name Elsa Alvina Eagle, Event Date:1924 7 26(Yr/Mo/Day), Event Place Vancouver, Reg. Number: 1924-09-271242, BC Archives Microfilm Number B13747, GSU Microfilm Number 2074317 - Ernest Hannela, Carpenter, Age 34, Lutheran, Residence 571 Homer St., Birthplace Finland, Father Victor Hannela (Finland), Mother Sofia Hannela (Finland), Can read and write: Elsa Alvina Eagle, House Work, Spinster, Age 21, Lutheran, Residence Dewdney BC, Birthplace Finland, Father Andrew Eagle (Finland), Mother Mina West (Finland), Can read and write, Married 26 July 1924 at 431 Princess Avenue, License #85862, Witnesses Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mann.

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1952-09-006228, BC Archives Microfilm No.B13212, GSU Microfilm No. 2032861-undertaker Woodlawn Funeral Home, New Westminster - Place of death Royal Columbia Hospital, New Westminster BC, Length of stay in New Westminster 6 years, In Province/Canada 33 years, Residence 229 Osborne Avenue, New Westminster, Citizenship Finnish, Racial Origin Finnish, Married, Birthplace Gamla Karleby, Finland, DOB October 14, 1889, Age 62 years, 8 months, 3 days, Floor Layer in Building Industry (for 30 years), Spouse Ellen Marie Bjork, Father Unknown Hannela (Finland), Mother Sophia Unknown (Finland), Informant M. Hannela, wife, Burial June 20, 1952 at Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster, Woodlawn Funeral Home presiding, DOD June 17, 1952, Cause of Death MyocardialInfarction due to aging.

BC Archives Vital Records Death Index: Name Arne Waldemar Rudnas; Place Matsqui; Reg. Number 1980-09-009317; Date 1980 6 5; Age 76; Microfilm #B13604, (GSU # 2051388) - Place of death MSA (Matsqui-Sumas-Abbotsford) Hospital, Abbotsford BC, Usual Residence 32081 7th Avenue, Mission BC, Married, Spouse Beatrice Isabelle Stewart, Carpenter in Building Industry, Birth date April 1, 1904, Age 76 years, Birthplace Finland, Parents Unknown, Informant Beatrice J. Rudnas (wife), Cremation June 10,1980, Vancouver Crematorium Ltd., Vancouver BC, Mission Funeral Home officiating, DOD June 5, 1980, Cause of death Myocardial Infarction dueto Coronary Artery Disease

4-Signa Lena Eagle, b.August 16, 1906, in Minnesota, d.Dec. 15, 1932, at Mission, BC:

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1932-09-467512, BC Archives Microfilm No. B13144, GSU Microfilm No. 1952655 -was sick for 7 years, died at Mission Memorial Hospital, living at Dewdney. Informant sister Elsa Eagle (residing Dewdney), undertaker Gillis Mortuary Home.

Buried Hatzic Cemetery, Mission, Block #10, plot #68, 1906-1932

5-Gunnar Eagle, b.May 18, 1908, in Minnesota, d.July 4, 1939, at Vancouver, BC, CAN:

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1939-09-559868, BC Archives Microfilm No. B13165, GSU Microfilm No. 1953625 - died in Vancouver General Hospital, informant was his sister Elsa (Eagle) Rudnas, undertaker Gillis Mortuary Homes.

Buried Hatzic Cemetery, Mission, Block #10, plot #60, 1908-1939

7-Teny Amanda Eagle, b.Mar.08, 1910, in Wisconsin, d.Mar.31, 1926, at Tranquille Sanatorium (near Kamloops), BC, CAN:

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1926-09-373774, BC Archives Microfilm No. B13129, GSU Microfilm No. 1927306 - died at Tranquille Sanatorium, living at Dewdney, BC

Buried Hatzic Cemetery Mission, BC, 1910-1926, buried in family plot

6-Oscar Eagle, b.Feb. 26, 1912, in Minnesota, d.July 21, 1987, m.before Sept. 1932 in Mission, BC, to Julia Alice Wilson (she b.April 8, 1914, at Nanaimo, BC, d.Dec. 22, 1943, in Vancouver BC). Oscar m. second abt. 1940 to Margaret.

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1943-09-634792, BC Archives Microfilm No.B13181, GSU Microfilm No. 1953641- Julia Alice Wilson, Place of Death Vancouver, Provincial T.B. Control (length of stay 2 months), In Province/Canada for life, Residence Jeune Landing, Municipality of Quatsino Sound, Canadian, Racial Origin Swedish, Married, Born Nanaimo BC, DOB April 18, 1914, Age 29years, 8 months, 14 days, Housewife, Spouse Oscar Eagle, Father Rubin Erik Wilson (Sweden), Mother not known, Informant O. Eagle, Burial December 27, 1943 at Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC, DOD December 22, 1943,Cause of Death Pulmonary Tuberculosis

7-Elvera Eagle, b.Jan. 29, 1916, in Mission, BC, CAN, m.May 01, 1937 to James Henry Wooley:

8-Thelma Irene Eagle, b.Dec. 14, 1917, in Abbotsford, BC, m.Sept. 02, 1939 to Anthony John Carrat, who d.1989 Alberta, CAN:

Information Pertaining to Johan Jakobson Backman Eagle:

Information from Colleen Carrington. She says "When I first started researching in Kvevlax Parish a little more than a year ago, Johan was one of the first people I looked up information on. I can't remember why I started with him, maybe because he was in the military (sharpshooter) and not a farmer or farm hand like everyone else seemed to be. The first one is his birth record from SVAR microfiche VLAKoivulahti  IC: 1827 - 1845 F00946. Birth name Jacob Johan, father Jacob Simmsonsson Backman, mother Anna Johansson, age 23 years. The second is a marriage record from SVAR microfiche VLA Koivulahti IE: 1722 - 1924F00948. Sorry I do not have a copy of his death record, but I have noted that he drowned on 6 November 1878 at age 40 years, 1 month and 18 days. Burial was on the 17th of November.

Information Pertaining to Ulrika Gustavsdotter Warg:

Information from Records from Vaasan Suomalaisen Seurakunnas Kirkkoherranvirasto (Vaasa Archives): Ulrika was widowed by March 3,1890, when she and her three children moved from Koivulhati to Vassa. Records from Parish of Korsholm (Mustassari), compiled by Ann-Katrin Svenns (Address Pastorsexpeditionen i Vasa Svenska Forsamling, Postfack78 65101 Vasa 10, Skolhusgatan 26 C.- Telephone 961-119-444) state that Ulrika moved to the Parish of Kvevlax on Dec.6,1856, then she moved from the Luthern Church to the Baptist Church in 1899.

Information from Colleen Carrington []. She says " In my family tree I have the following: Johan Jakobson Backman Öhnr, Born 28 Sept 1838 in Petsmo, Kvevlax parish, Married 24 Oct 1862 in Kvevlax parish to Ulrika Gustavsdotter Warg (same birth date you have), Died 06 Nov 1878 in Petsmo. Johan is my 2nd cousin 4 times removed.

Information Pertaining to Anders Johan Eagle:

Information and copies of original records which are in Finnish but translated into English, from Colleen Carrington. Birth record for Anders Johan Johansson Öhrn:

Translation: Born and baptized year 1878, PetsmoVillage Back Homestead 20* 22*, Anders Johan, Parents ? ?,  the sharpshooter, Johan Jakobsson Örn and wife Ulrika Gustafsdotter, witnesses and sponsors at baptism were the farmer Abraham Möyts with wife Anna Lisa The crofter, Wilhelm Johansson Beijer with wife Brita, the farmer's son Isak Abrahamsson Möyts and the crofter's daughter Sofia Andersdotter Lund by Edvin Karsten 37* 46*
* 20 date born
* 22 date baptized
* 37 age of mother
* on page 46 in communion book (Petsmo village, No.1 Back, Matlax)

Colleen says: Abraham Möyts and Anna Lisa are my 2nd great-grandparents. Isak Abrahamsson Möyts was their son, who immigrated to Michigan with my great grandfather, Jakob. The last is the death record for Johan Jakobsson Öhrn, 1878, November 6.  Source SVAR microfiche VLA Koivulahti IF:1854 – 1890 F00950 3/3.

Anders Eagle is buried Hatzic Cemetery, Mission, BC, Block X1, plot 63, 1878-1936

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archivesvia the Internet -Reg. No. 1936-09-511483, BC Archives Microfilm No.B13156, GSU Microfilm No. 1953020

Information Pertaining to Maria Mina (Wilhilmena) West:

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, BC Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1932-09-469706, BC Archives Microfilm No. B13145, GSU Microfilm No. 1952656 -died in Vancouver General Hospital, was living in Dewdney at the time, informant daughter Elsa Eagle (residence 917 Richards St., Vancouver), undertaker Center & Hanna Ltd., Vancouver.

Buried Hatzic Cemetery, Mission BC Cemetery Records, buried Block X1, plot 67, 1877-1932