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Generation #5

Our direct line ancestor, Arthur Beaulieu, son of Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Boucher, married Susan Everett, daughter of William Everett and Isabel Clorveke, and had the following children:

1-Mary Josephine Beaulieu, b.1887, d.1892 NIC:

2-Female Beaulieu, b.1889, d.1889 NIC:

3-Mary Louise Beaulieu, b.1810 NIC, d.1944 California, m.abt.1913 to Harvey Thompson:

4-Maria Celina Beaulieu, b.Mar.09, 1892 NIC, d.Aug.29, 1961 MISS, m.May 10, 1911 WHON to Clyde Troll Snodgrass, son of William Snodgrass and Emma Troll (these surnames will be linked at a later date. However, for now, view the family of Clyde at our Snodgrass family site):

5-Marie Celeste Beaulieu, b. 1895 NIC:

6-Gertrude Francesca Mary Beaulieu, b.abt.1897 NIC, d.Sept.12, 1912 NIC:

7-Florence Beaulieu, b.abt.1901 NIC, d.Dec.1987, m.Oct.10, 1923 to George Murray:

8-Arthur Orlando Beaulieu, b.Aug.01, 1909 NIC, d.Mar.15, 1978 VAN, m.Sept.04, 1940 to Verna Bernice Israel:

9-Lucy Madeline Beaulieu, b.Oct.15, 1909 NIC, d.Mar.15, 1978 KAML, m.Mar.23, 1948 VAN to Archibald Richardson McQuarrie:

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