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Generation #4

Our family line continues through Pierre Beaulieu, son of Jean-Baptiste Beaulieu and Ursule Boucher.

One known child born to Pierre Beaulieu and his first wife, Marguerite Lebel, was: 

1-Diane Beaulieu, b.1827 KAM:

One know child born to Pierre Beaulieu and his second wife, Thecle Morin, was: 

2-Alfe Beaulieu, b.1837 SAN:

Known children of Pierre Beaulieu and his third wife Marie Boucher (d/o Elie Boucher and Geneveive Eschemback, she b.NDP, d.NDP) were: 

3-Seraphine Beaulieu, b.1843 SAN: 
4-Celina Beaulieu, b.1847 SAN:
5-Errneas Beaulieu, was b.1849 SAN:
6-Achille Beaulieu, b.1850 SAN: 
7-Arthur Beaulieu, b.May 02, 1859 NDP, d.May 14, 1922 DER, m.May 10, 1887 Mission, B.C., Can. to Josephine Valerie Suzanne Everett:

According to family lore another child in this family was 8-Paul Beaulieu, who came to B.C. near the turn of the century, and who died in the very early 1900s while eating dinner at his brother Arthur's home. One such man, Paul Beaulieu, died Feb.28, 1909, age 47, in Vancouver, of suffocation -this man very likely is our ancestor's brother. Unfortunately, the families of the brothers became estranged after Paul's death. There is still much research to be done regarding the children of Pierre Beaulieu.

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