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Generation #2

Pierre Beaulieu, s/o Jean Hudon-dit-Beaulieu and Francoise Durand, was b.abt.1649 NDC, d.Apr.25, 1710 RO, m.Jul.13, 1676 RO to Marie Gobeil (she d.Nov. 26, 1736 RO). Their children were as follows:

1-Marie Gertrude Beaulieu, b.abt.Jul.1677 RO, m.Jul.04, 1697 RO to Pierre Fortin:

2-Catherine Marguerite Beaulieu, b.RO, m.RO to Jacques Paradis, their known children were: 

1-Jean Baptiste Paradis (b.RO, m.Nov. 22, 1734 to Marie Josette Levesque): 
2-Marie Paradis (b.RO, m.Jan.08, 1726/27 to Pierre Francois Miville):

3-Francois Beaulieu, b.abt.Apr.1689 RO, d.bef.1740, m.first Geneveive Paradis, m.second Angelique Emond Feb.05, 1721/22 SAP:

4-Jean Bernard Beaulieu, b.abt.Jan.1693/94 RO, d.Nov. 17, 1758 RO, m.Jun.13, 1718 RO to Marie Charlotte Gagnon:

5-Alexis Beaulieu, b.abt.Aug.1700 RO, d.Apr.1720 RO:

6-Jean Baptiste Beaulieu, b.abt.Apr.1687 RO, d.May 04, 1754, m.Jan.09, 1712/13 RO to Marie Angelique Gagnon(she b.abt.1689 RDL, d.Nov. 10, 1762):

7-Catherine Jeanne Beaulieu, b.abt.Jun.1681, d.Jan.1754 RO, m.Jun.06, 1701 RO to Guillaume Paradis:

8-Marie Beaulieu, b.RO:

9-Pierre Beaulieu, b.May 11, 1679 RO, m.Aug.01, 1707 SP to Marie Claire Paradis:

10-Joseph Beaulieu, b.Apr.21, 1685 RO, m.Jul.28, 1711 to Geneveive Gamache:

11-Nicolas Beaulieu, b.May 25, 1691 RO, m.Nov. 27, 1713 RO to Mary Magdelene Bouchard:

12-Marie Francoise Beaulieu, b.March 26, 1696 RO, d.RO, m.Apr.25, 1718 RO to Jean Paradis:

13-Louis Charles Beaulieu (our direct line ancestor), b.Dec.04, 1696 RO, d.Apr.25, 1751 RO, m.Aug.30, 1723 RO to Geneveive Angelique Levesque (she b.abt.1711, d.abt.1770 RO). Their children were:

1-Elisabeth Beaulieu, b.SAK, m.Jan.25, 1773 SRA to Etienne Paradis:
2-Marie Geneveive Beaulieu, b.SAK, m.Nov. 09, 1772 SAP to Jean Bernard Leclerc:
3-Josette Beaulieu, b.SAK, m.Jan.16, 1758 RO to Michel Lagace::
4-Geneveive Beaulieu, b.SAK, m.Nov. 22, 1748 RO to Joseph Perrault::
5-Augustin Beaulieu, b.RO, m.Feb.10, 1766 RO to Marie Josette Martin::
6-Catherine Beaulieu, b.RO, m.Feb.11, 1771 RO to Augustin Dube:
7-Joseph Marie Beaulieu, b.RO, m.Feb.18, 1765 RO to Geneveive Gagnon:
8-Angelique Beaulieu, b.RO, m.Jun.04, 1764 RO to Barthelemi Dube:
9-Marie Josette Beaulieu, b.RO, m.abt.1758 to Michel Migner
10-Marguerite Beaulieu, b.RO, m.first Nov. 21, 1757 RO to Jean Baptiste Gagnon, m.second Apr.26, 1762 RO to Joachim Martin:
11-Jean Baptiste Beaulieu, b.abt.1732 RO, m.Oct.14, 1754 RO to Marie Louise Geneveive Gagnon (she b.abt.1735):
12-Marie Madeline Beaulieu, b.RO, m.Nov. 09, 1753 RO to Joseph Gagnon:
13-Louis Charles Beaulieu, b.RO, m.Nov. 13, 1747 KAM to Catherine Autin:
14-Pierre Beaulieu (our direct line ancestor), b.RO, m.Nov. 05, 1753 RO to Marie Madeline Dube:

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