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Meet the family!

Generation #1 Jean Hudon-dit Beaulieu and Francoise Durand

Generation #2
Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Gobeil

Generation #3
Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Madeline Dube

Generation #4
Pierre Beaulieu and Marguerite Lebel, Thecle Morin, and Marie Boucher

 Generation #5
Arthur Beaulieu and Susan Everett

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At this site you will find the descendants of Jean Hudon-dit-Beaulieu and Francoise Durand. For now I have concentrated on my hubby's own direct line, however, in time I hope to expand his Beaulieu family page(s) to include more details and many more people. I will add other families as time permits, and it is my objective to eventually publish all of my documentation online. I used the following legend in order to avoid a lot of repetition of some very long place names. Hopefully viewers will find it easy to follow:

AUG=C-St-Augustin, Quebec, Can: BAF=Beaulieu, Anjou, France: DER=Deroche, B.C., Can: KAM=Kamouraska, Kam. Co., Quebec: KAML=Kamloops, B.C., Can: MISS=Mission City, B.C., Can: NDC=Notre-Dame-de-Chemille, Diocese d'Angers, France: NDP=Notre Dame du Portage, Kam. Co., Quebec, Can: NIC=Nicomen Island, B.C., Can: RDL=Riviere-du-Loup, RDL Co., Quebec: RO=Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska Co., Quebec, Can: SAK= St-Andre-Kamouraska, Kam. Co., Quebec, Can: SAN=St-Andre, Kam. Co., Quebec, Can: SAP=Ste-Anne-Pocatiere, Quebec, Can: SP=St-Pierre, Isle d'Orleans, Quebec, Can: SRA=St-Roch-Aulnais, Quebec, Can: VAN=Vancouver, B.C., Can: WHON=Whonnock, B.C., Can:

By clicking HERE you will find Beaulieu family information and documentation taken from Genealogie des familles de la Riviere-Ouelle: added notes from La Genealogie de la Famille Savoie: added notes from Une paroisse canadienne du XVIIe siecle: and added notes from Riviere Ouelle de la Boutellerie.

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