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Pierre Paul Beaulieu, s/o Marie Anne Francoise Beaulieu and Pascal Beaulieu, was b.June 30, 1785 RO, m.February 01, 1808 Kamouraska to Marie Josette Cazes (she b.May 02, 1793 St. Anne de la Pocatiere, d/o Jean Baptiste Cazes and Marie Josette Sasseville). Their children were:

1-Paul Edouard Beaulieu, b.February 20, 1810 RO, m.January 20, 1851 to Henriette Belanger (she b.1831):

2-Marie Josette Beaulieu, b.January 18, 1811 RO:

3-Marie Luce Beaulieu, b.June 18, 1812 RO, m.October 26, 1829 RO to Honore Gagnon-Belzil (he b.1804, s/o Alexandre Gagnon and Charlotte Plourde). Their children were:

1-Adele Gagnon, b.1832, m.October 19, 1857 to Theophile Beaulieu (he b.1832, s/o Joseph Norbert Beaulieu and Felicite Rioux). Their children were Alphonsine Beaulieu (1861); Marie Beaulieu (1864); Honore Auguste Beaulieu, b.1866, m.November 08, 1887 to Arthemise Joubert (she b.1863); Marie Demerise Beaulieu, b.1869, m.August 30, 1892 to Moise Beaulieu (he b.1867, s/o Isaac Beaulieu and Aurelie Harton); Ovide Beaulieu, b.1871, m.January 07, 1903 to Marie Hermine Rioux (she b.1883); Etienne Beaulieu (1875):
Information regarding Adele Gagnon and Theophile Beaulieu:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Luce, Rimouski Co., Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375824, NA Film Number C-13188, District 40, Sub-district J, Page Number 38, Household Number 151:
Theophile Beaulieu M Male French 49 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Adele Beaulieu M Female French 49 Quebec --- Catholic
Alphonsine Beaulieu Female French 20 Quebec --- Catholic
Marie Beaulieu Female French 17 Quebec --- Catholic
Honore Beaulieu Male French 15 Quebec Farmers Son Catholic
Demeriss Beaulieu Female French 12 Quebec Scholar Catholic
Ovide Beaulieu Male French 10 Quebec Scholar Catholic
Etienne Beaulieu Male French 6 Quebec --- Catholic
2-Honore Gagnon, b.1838, m.September 04, 1865 to Marie Arthemise Fournier (she b.1841). Their children were Honora Gagnon (1877), and Cecelia Gagnon (1878):
Information regarding Honore Gagnon and Marie Arthemise Fournier:
1881 Federal Census, Jacques-Cartier Ward, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375846, NA Film Number C-13210, District 79, Sub-district B, Division 4, Page Number 94, Household Number 513:
Honore Gagnon M Male French 43 Quebec Merchant Catholic
Marie Artemise Gagnon M Female French 40 Quebec Catholic
Onara Gagnon Female French 4 Quebec Catholic
Cecilia Gagnon Female French 3 Quebec Catholic
Cimodoie St.Don Female French 13 Quebec School Catholic
Anastasie St.Don Female French 13 Quebec School Catholic
Georgiana Collin Female French 19 Quebec Servant Catholic

3-Hermine Gagnon, b.1842, m.February 15, 1860 to Hippolyte Rioux (he b.1837, d.1923, s/o Jean Baptiste Rioux and Marie Restitute Beaulieu). Their children were Epiphane Rioux (1862); Leontine Rioux (1864); Alphonse Rioux (1865); Adelard Rioux (1870); Hippolyte Rioux (1872); Cedulie Rioux (1873); Hermine Rioux (1875); Antoine Rioux, b.November 29, 1876, m.August 12, 1902 to Adele Desrosiers; Anna Rioux (1879); Marie Adele Rioux (1880):
Information regarding Hermine Gagnon and Hippolyte Roiux:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Luce, Rimouski, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375824, NA Film Number C-13188, District 40, Sub-district J, Page Number 35, Household Number 140:
Hyppolite Rioux M Male French 44 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Hermine Rioux M Female French 39 Quebec --- Catholic
Epiphane Rioux Male French 19 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Leontine Rioux Female French 17 Quebec --- Catholic
Alphonse Rioux Male French 16 Quebec Farmers Son Catholic
Adelard Rioux Male French 11 Quebec Scholar Catholic
Hyppolite Rioux Male French 9 Quebec Scholar Catholic
Cedulie Rioux Female French 8 Quebec Scholar Catholic
Hermine Rioux Female French 6 Quebec Scholar Catholic
Antoine Rioux Male French 4 Quebec --- Catholic
Anna Rioux Female French 2 Quebec --- Catholic
M. Adele Rioux Female French <1 Born: Dec; 4 M Quebec --- Catholic

4-Andre Beaulieu, b.October 24, 1814 RO:

5-Paul Pascal Beaulieu, b.January 27, 1815 RO, m.July 06, 1841 to Emilie Michaud (she b.1825). Their children were:

1-Hortense Beaulieu, b.1842, m.September 12, 1882 St. Simon, Rimouski Co., Quebec to Ferdinand Fournier (he b.1835, s/o Frederic Fournier and Seraphine Boucher). Ferdinand Fournier was married previously on October 09, 1860 to Philomene Rioux (she b.1840):
2-Edouard Beaulieu, b.1845 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.April 21, 1879 on Sophie Ouellet (she b.1854, d/o Godfroid Ouellet and Sophie Gagnon). Their children were Marie Anna Beaulieu (1880); Arthur Antoine Beaulieu, b.1885, m.September 26, 1910 to Eugenie Girard:
3-Narcisse Beaulieu, b.1855:
4-Celina Beaulieu, b.1856:
5-Marie Emma Beaulieu, b.1856, m.February 08, 1875 St. Andre Kamouraska to Frederic Magloire Cloutier:
6-Claire Beaulieu, b.1857:
7-Emilie Beaulieu, b.1858, m.July 05, 1887 St. Andre Kamouraska to Georges Dumont (he b.1862, s/o Sifroid Dumont and Julie St. Pierre):
8-Arsene Beaulieu, b.1860 Notre Dame du Portage, Kamouraska Co., Quebec, m.February 16, 1885 to Marie Zoe Boucher (she b.1863, d/o Bonaventure Boucher and Hortense Labrie):
9-Paschal Beaulieu, b.1862:
10-Henri Beaulieu, b.1863.
Information regarding Paul Pascal Beaulieu and Emilie Michaud:
1871 Federal Census, St. Andre & Notre Dame du Portage (other household information not recorded):
Beaulieu, Paschal (57); Emelie (48); Hortense (24); Claire (19); Delima (17); Edward (26); Narcise (18); Arsene (11); Paschal (10); Henri (8).

1881 Federal Census, Ste-Andre & Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Kamouraska, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375827, NA Film Number C-13191, District 42, Sub-district K, Page Number 30, Household Number 135:
Paschel Beaulieu M Male French 66 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Emilie Beaulieu M Female French 56 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Narcisse Beaulieu Male French 26 Q <Quebec> Boulanger Catholique
Araine Beaulieu Male French 21 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Paschel Beaulieu Male French 19 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Son Catholique
Henri Beaulieu Male French 18 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Son Catholique
Celina Beaulieu Female French 25 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Claire Beaulieu Female French 24 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Emilie Beaulieu Female French 23 Q <Quebec> Catholique

6-Salomee Beaulieu, b.October 06, 1816 RO:

7-Angele Beaulieu, b.February 22, 1818 RO, m.March 06, 1848 to Pierre Sirois (he b.1823):

8-Michel Beaulieu, b.July 13, 1819 RO, m.October 16, 1849 to Athiase Deschesnes (she b.1830). Their children were Henri Beaulieu (1855); Michel Beaulieu, b.1857, m.February 17, 1892 to Marie Louise Pelletier); Lumina Beaulieu (1860); Eugene Beaulieu, b.November 14, 1860; Eugenie Beaulieu (1863); Josephine Beaulieu (1866); Joseph Beaulieu (1869); Ludger Beaulieu (September 12, 1870); Aurelie Beaulieu (1872); Marie Louise Beaulieu (1874).
Information regarding Michel Beaulieu and Athaise Deschesbes:
1881 Federal Census, Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 42, Sub-district C, Page Number 1, Household Number 3:
Michel Hudon M Male French 61 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Athaise Hudon M Female French 51 Quebec Catholique
Henri Hudon Male French 26 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Michel Hudon Male French 24 Quebec Catholique
Lumina Hudon Female French 21 Quebec Catholique
Eugene Hudon Male French 19 Quebec Catholique
Eugenie Hudon Female French 18 Quebec Catholique
Josephine Hudon Female French 15 Quebec Catholique
Joseph Hudon Male French 12 Quebec Catholique
Ludger Hudon Male French 10 Quebec Catholique
Aurelie Hudon Female French 9 Quebec Catholique
Marie-Louise Hudon Female French 7 Quebec Catholique

9-Marcel Beaulieu, b.January 16, 1821 RO:

10-Bruno Beaulieu, b.June 01, 1822 RO:

11-Charles Francois Beaulieu, b.March 19, 1825 RO:

12-Joseph Henri Beaulieu, b.October 25, 1825 RO, d.February 26, 1897 Montreal, Quebec:

13-Hilaire Beaulieu, b.April 22, 1826 RO, m.July 27, 1852 to Judith Gagnon (she b.1831):
Information regarding Hilaire Beaulieu and Judith Gagnon:
1881 Federal Census, Cacouna, Temiscouata, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41, Sub-district G, Page Number 17, Household Number 86:
Hylarie Beaulieu M Male French 57 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Judith Beaulieu M Female French 50 Quebec Catholique
Auguste Lavoie M Male French 28 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Demerise Lavoie M Female French 37 Quebec Catholique
Allise Lavoie Female French 2 Quebec Catholique

14-Jean Theophile Beaulieu, b.January 09, 1828 RO, m.July 31, 1855 to Marie Clarisse Roy (she b.1836, d/o Pierre Antoine Roy and Angelique Pelletier). Their children were Alphonse Beaulieu (1859); Alice Beaulieu (1863); Amaria Beaulieu (1865); Theophile Beaulieu (1866); Angeline Beaulieu (1872); Joseph Beaulieu (1875):
Information regarding Jean Theophile Beaulieu and Marie Clarisse Roy:
1881 Federal Census, Jacques-Cartier Ward, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375846, NA Film Number C-13210, District 79, Sub-district B, Division 4, Page Number 94, Household Number 514:
Theophile Hudon M Male French 53 Quebec Merchant Catholic
Marie Clarice Hudon M Female French 45 Quebec Catholic
Alphonse Hudon Male French 22 Quebec School Catholic
Theophile Hudon Male French 15 Quebec School Catholic
Alice Hudon Female French 18 Quebec School Catholic
Amaria Hudon Female French 16 Quebec School Catholic
Angeline Hudon Female French 9 Quebec School Catholic
Joseph Hudon Male French 6 Quebec Catholic
Louise Robitaille Female French 25 Quebec Servant Catholic
Celina Billodeau Female French 20 Quebec Servant Catholic
Henriette Michaud Female French 30 Quebec Servant Catholic

15-Adele Beaulieu, b.March 27, 1830 RO.


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