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Joseph Francois Beaulieu, s/o Marie Anne Francoise Beaulieu and Pascal Beaulieu, was b.August 30, 1772 RO, m.1st February 14, 1803 to Anastasia Caron (she b.1783, d.Bef. August 1812, d/o Germain Chrysostome Caron and Marie Rose Beaulieu). Joseph m.2nd August 10, 1812 to Marie Marguerite Jean (she b.1791). Children from the first marriage to Anastasia Caron were:

1-Anastasia Beaulieu, b.Aft. February 1803 RO:

2-Joseph Beaulieu, b.Aft. February 1803 RO:

3-Cyprien Beaulieu, b.Abt. 1805 RO, m.February 17, 1829 to Marie Anastasia Soucy (she b.1808, d.Bef. January 1857, d/o Francois Benoni Soucy and Veronique Miville-Deschenes). Their children were:

1-Eusebe Beaulieu, b.1830, m.August 14, 1855 to Julie Sara Pinel:
2-Eliza Beaulieu, b.1834, m.January 11, 1856 to Bruno Dumais (he b.1834, d.1921, s/o Benoni Dumais and Marie Emilie Bouchard). Their children were Malvina Dumais and Joseph Dumais. Bruno Dumais m.2nd November 10, 1891 to Appoline St. Pierre.
3-Joseph Beaulieu, b.1841, m.August 11, 1863 to Domithilde Ouellet (she b.1841). Their children were:

1-Azilda Beaulieu, b.1866, m.August 29, 1882 to Arsene Lagace (he b.1857), Known child was Telesphore Lagace:
2-Clara Beaulieu (1867):
3-Alice Beaulieu (1870):
4-William Beaulieu (1872):
5-Alfred Beaulieu (1874):
6-Marie Beaulieu (1876):
7-Marie Louise Beaulieu, b.1877, m.January 15, 1920 to Charles Bouchard (he b.1867):
8-Anna Beaulieu (1878):
9-Elmina Beaulieu, b.1879, m.January 09, 1899 to Joseph Raymond (he b.1874).

4-Hyacinthe Beaulieu, b.1805, m.1st 1830 to Marguerite Desjardins (she b.1810, d.Bef. August 1837). Hyacinthe m.2nd August 08, 1837 to Marie Zoe Dumais (she b.1815):

5-Edouard Beaulieu, b.1807 RO, m.January 10, 1832 RO to Leocadie Dube (she b.1812, d.Bef. November 1848). Edouard m.2nd November 28, 1848 RO to Francoise Boucher). Children born to the first marriage with Leocadie Dube were:

1-Joseph Louis Beaulieu, b.October 30, 1832
2-Marie Geneveive Beaulieu, b.May 02, 1834, m.November 22, 1853 to Achille Petigrew (he b.1827). Their children were Sylvio Petigrew (1857); Alfred Petigrew (1859); Joseph Petigrew (1860); Alexis Petigrew (1864); Georgiana Petigrew (1866); Marcelin Petigrew (1868); Edouard Petigrew (1870); Helene Petigrew (1872); Arthur Petigrew (1875); Ernest Petigrew (1876); Lazare Petigrew (1877); Hypolite Petigrew (1879).
Information regarding Marie Geneveive Beaulieu and Achille Petigrew:
1881 Federal Census, Ile-Verte, Temiscouata, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41, Sub-district H, Division 2, Page Number 16, Household Number 64:
Achille Petigrew M Male French 54 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Marie Petigrew M Female French 47 Quebec Catholique
Sylvio Petigrew Male French 24 Quebec Navigateur Catholique
Alfred Petigrew Male French 22 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Joseph Petigrew Male French 21 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Alexis Petigrew Male French 17 Quebec Son Cultivateur Catholique
Georgiana Petigrew Female French 15 Quebec Catholique
Marcelin Petigrew Male French 13 Quebec Catholique
Edouard Petigrew Male French 11 Quebec Catholique
Helene Petigrew Female French 9 Quebec Catholique
Arthur Petigrew Male French 6 Quebec Catholique
Ernest Petigrew Male French 5 Quebec Catholique
Lazare Petigrew Male French 4 Quebec Catholique
Hypolite Petigrew Male French 2 Quebec Catholique

3-Alexandre Beaulieu, b.1837, m.January 07, 1862 to Olympe Dionne (she b.1840). Their children were Olympe Beaulieu (1864); Claudia Beaulieu, b.1867, m.July 22, 1890 to Joseph Dionne (he b.1865). Their son Joseph Dionne (1891) m.July 14, 1914 to Marie Anne Belisle; Alexandre Beaulieu, b.1869, m.January 20, 1891 to Eugenie Morin. They had one known daughter, Marie Angele Alma Beaulieu, b.July 28, 1905; Eugenie Beaulieu (1872); Marie Beaulieu, b.1873, m.May 04, 1891 to Alphonse Dube (he b.1866), and had one known child Alfred Dube (1898) who m.September 24, 1923 to Eugenie Bosse; Ernest Beaulieu, b.1877, m.July 12, 1898 to Marie Louise Gagnon (she b.1878); Victoria Beaulieu (1880);
Information regarding Alexandre Beaulieu and Olympe Dionne:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Epiphane, Temiscouata Co., Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41, Sub-district I, Page Number 50, Household Number 200:
Alexandre Beaulieu M Male French 44 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Olympe Beaulieu M Female French 41 Quebec Catholique
Olympe Beaulieu Female French 17 Quebec Catholique
Claudia Beaulieu Female French 14 Quebec Catholique
Alexandre Beaulieu Male French 12 Quebec Catholique
Eugenie Beaulieu Male French 9 Quebec Catholique
Marie Beaulieu Female French 8 Quebec Catholique
Arneste Beaulieu Male French 4 Quebec Catholique
Victoria Beaulieu Female French <1 Born: <Jan>; 3/12 Quebec Catholique
Lasare Cote Male French 15 Quebec Domestique Catholique

6-Henriette Beaulieu, b.June 22, 1807 RO, m.January 27, 1827 RO to Michel Dionne (he b.1802). Their known children were Marie Dionne, b.1831, m.February 25, 1851 to Louis Ferdinand Bouchard (1826); Damase Dionne, b.1833, m.August 03, 1858 to Caroline Thibault (1838); Michel Dionne, b.1840, m.April 24, 1865 to Georgiana Belanger (1845):

7-Marie Josette Beaulieu, b.Abt.1808 RO:

8-Marie Beaulieu, b.Abt. 1810 RO:

9-Francois Beaulieu, b.Abt. 1811 RO.

Children born of Joseph's second marriage to Marie Marguerite Jean:

10-Hyacinthe Beaulieu, b.1810, m.1st August 08, 1837 RO to Marie Zoe Dumais (she b.April 03, 1821. d.July 15, 1860, d/o Julien Dumais and Angele Pelletier). Hyacinthe m.2nd October 16, 1848 to Emelie Michaud (she b.1828). Known children were Benjamin Beaulieu, b.1853, m.January 29, 1878 to Celina Anctil (she b.1850). They had a son Joseph Beaulieu, b.1880; and Valerie Beaulieu, b.1860, who m.January 20, 1880 to Donat Mignault (he b.1855). Known children were Pantaleon Mignault and Louis Mignault.
Information regarding Hyacinthe Beaulieu:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Phillipe, Kamouraska, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 42, Sub-district F, Page Number 1, Household Number 4:
Jules Hudon M Male French 43 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Adee Hudon M Female French 33 Quebec Catholique
Aurore Hudon Female French 7 Quebec Catholique
Lea Hudon Female French 6 Quebec Catholique
Catherine Hudon Female French 5 Quebec Catholique
Marie Hudon Female French 3 Quebec Catholique
Angele Dumais W Female French 67 Quebec Renti`Ere Catholique
Hyacinthe Hudon W Male French 71 Quebec Routier Catholique

11-Henri Beaulieu, b.Aft. August 1812 RO, m.August 02, 1852 to Francoise Ouellet:

12-Joseph Beaulieu, b.1814 RO, m.February 13, 1838 to Emilie Berube (she b.1821, d.Aft. 1881, d/o Charles Felix Berube and Marie Charlotte Beaulieu). Known children were:

1-Louis Beaulieu, b.Aft.February 1838
2-Pascal Beaulieu, b.1845, m.September 06, 1870 to Cedulie Dube (she b.1855). They had the following children: Marie Beaulieu (1873); Lydia Beaulieu (1877); Ernest Beaulieu (1880); Amanda Beaulieu, b.1890, m.July 19, 1910 to Paul Joseph Gagnon (he b.1885). Their children were Leonard Gagnon (1920) and Pierre Paul Gagnon (1924):
Information regarding Pascal Beaulieu and Cedulie Dube:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Cecile-du-Bic, Rimouski, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375824, NA Film Number C-13188, District 40
Sub-district D, Page Number 40, Household Number 171:
Paschal Beaulieu M Male French 36 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Cedulie Beaulieu M Female French 26 Quebec Catholic
Marie Beaulieu Female French 8 Quebec Catholic
Lydia Beaulieu Female French 4 Quebec Catholic
Ernest Beaulieu Male French 1 Quebec Catholic
Medee Beaulieu W Female French 60 Quebec Catholic
Solomee Beaulieu Female French 16 Quebec Catholic
Anna Beaulieu Female French 26 Quebec Catholic
Louise Beaulieu Female French 24 Quebec Catholic
Louis Beaulieu Male French 23 Quebec Farmer Catholic
3-Amable Beaulieu. b.1848, m.August 30, 1870 to Georgina Beaupre (she b.1854). Their children were Pierre Beaulieu (1872); Delhia Beaulieu (1874); Georgina Beaulieu (1876); Delima Beaulieu (1877); Omerele Beaulieu (1878):
Information regarding Amable Beaulieu and Georgina Beaupre:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Cecile-du-Bic, Rimouski, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375824, NA Film Number C-13188, District 40, Sub-district D, Page Number 14, Household Number 61:
Amable Beaulieu M Male French 33 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Georgina Beaulieu M Female French 27 Quebec Catholic
Pierre Beaulieu Male French 9 Quebec School Catholic
Delhia Beaulieu Female French 7 Quebec Catholic
Georgina Beaulieu Female French 5 Quebec Catholic
Delima Beaulieu Female French 4 Quebec Catholic
Omerele Beaulieu Male French 3 Quebec Catholic
4-Anna Beaulieu, b.1855:
5-Louise Beaulieu, b.1857:
6-Louis Beaulieu, b.1858, m.July 22, 1884 to Georgiana Gagnon (she b.1856). Their child Louis Beaulieu was b.1880.
Information regarding Louis Beaulieu and Georgiana Gagnon:
1881 Federal Census, Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 42, Sub-district C, Page Number 48, Household Number 198:
Louis Hudon M Male French 23 Quebec Journalier Catholique
Georgina Hudon M Female French 25 Quebec Catholique
Louis Hudon Male French 1 Quebec Catholique

7-Salomee Beaulieu, b.1865, m.September 19, 1882 to Philippe Carrier (he b.1857). Their son Louis Carrier was b.1900.

13-Francois Xavier Beaulieu, b.Abt. 1815 RO, d.Bef. 1881, m.July 25, 1836 RO to Angele Dumais (she b.1814, d.Aft. 1881). Their child Isreal Beaulieu was b.Aft. July 1836:

14-Mathilde Beaulieu, b.Bet. 1816-1825 RO, m.September 03, 1849 to Francois Lebel (he b.1824). Their child Joseph Francois Lebel was b.Aft. September 1849:

15-Edouard Beaulieu, b.1817 RO:

16-Pierre Beaulieu, b.June 29, 1817 RO:

17-Marcelline Beaulieu, b.Abt.1818 RO:

18-Angele Beaulieu, b.Abt.1819 RO:

19-Remi Beaulieu, b.Abt.1821 RO:

20-Emilienne Beaulieu, b.Abt.1823 RO:

21-David Beaulieu, b.1823 RO, m.April 15, 1845 RO to Hortense Dionne (she b.1827, d.Bef. July 1854). Their child Augustin Beaulieu was b.1846 RO, m.1st February 11, 1868 RO to Adele Dumont (she b.1848, d/o Marcel Dumont and Leocadie Paradis); David m.2nd July 24, 1854 to Elisabeth Raymond (she b.1834, d.Bef. August 1862). Their children were:

1-David Beaulieu (1857):
2-Theophile Beaulieu, b.1858, m.June 25, 1883 to Julie Anna Beaulieu (she b.1863, d.Bef. August 1887, d/o Louis Charles Beaulieu and Marie Jovite Gagnon). Their child Real Beaulieu was b.1886, m.May 14, 1949 to Aline Gagnon (she b.1919). Theophile Beaulieu m.2nd August 02, 1887 to Amanda Lavoie (she b.1860). Their children were:

1-Joseph Augustin Beaulieu, b.1888, he m.April 22, 1913 to Marie Stellina Dionne (she b.1893). Their children were Emilien Beaulieu, b.February 21, 1914 to Rose Anna Rodrigue (she b.1824); Madeline Beaulieu, b.1929, m.October 29, 1949 to Raymond Casgrain (he b.1924):
2-Theophile Beaulieu, b.1889, m.September 01, 1914 to Marie Pelletier (she b.1894, d/o Francois Xavier Pelletier and Philomene Beaulieu).

Information regarding David Beaulieu and Hortense Dionne:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Phillipe, Kamouraska, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 42, Sub-district F, Page Number 30, Household Number 107:
David Hudon M Male French 58 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Hortense Hudon M Female French 54 Quebec Catholique
David Hudon Male French 24 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Theophile Hudon Male French 23 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Alphonse Hudon Male French 16 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Sarah Hudon Female French 14 Quebec Catholique
Elize Hudon Female French 9 Quebec Catholique
Sifroid Lavoie M Male French 40 Quebec Journalier Catholique
Henriette Lavoie M Female French 38 Quebec Catholique
Joseph Lavoie Male French 8 Quebec Catholique
Celeste Lavoie Female French 37 Quebec Catholique

22-Marie Beaulieu, b.1824 RO:

23-Thomas Beaulieu, b.1827 RO, m.1st January 11, 1848 to Henriette Beaupre (she b.1828, d.Bef. August 1864). Thomas m.2nd August 18, 1864 to Charlotte Beaupre (she b.1832). Their children were Thomas Beaulieu, b.1865, m.March 04, 1889 to Cecile Elise Levesque (she b.1870). Their child Thomas Elzear Beaulieu was b.1890, m.July 29, 1913 to Adele Delvina Martin (she b.1894); Alfred Beaulieu (1868); Arthur Beaulieu (1870); Charles Beaulieu (1875); Emile Beaulieu (1878):
Information regarding Thomas Beaulieu and Charlotte Beaupre:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Cecile-du-Bic, Rimouski, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375824, NA Film Number C-13188, District 40,
Sub-district D, Page Number 38, Household Number 165:
Thomas Beaulieu M Male French 54 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Charlotte Beaulieu M Female French 49 Quebec Catholic
Thomas Beaulieu Male French 16 Quebec Farmer Catholic
Alfred Beaulieu Male French 13 Quebec At School Catholic
Arthur Beaulieu Male French 11 Quebec At School Catholic
Charles Beaulieu Male French 6 Quebec Catholic
Emile Beaulieu Male French 3 Quebec Catholic

24-Flavie Beaulieu, b.1831 RO:

25-Alphonse Beaulieu, b.1832 RO:

26-Joseph Georges Beaulieu, b.1833 RO, m.1st August 14, 1854 to Charlotte Phocas-Raymond (she b.1834, d.Bef. January 1873). Their child Georges Beaulieu was b.1864, m.January 22, 1889 to Marie Delvina Levesque (she b.1869). Joseph m.2nd January 28, 1873 to Julienne Dube (she b.1843). They had one known child Justine Beaulieu. Joseph m.3rd February 24, 1879 to Marie St. Onge (she b.1845):

27-Hermine Domine Beaulieu, b.1834 RO, m.April 23, 1855 to Norbert Lavoie (he b.March 13, 1831, d.March 09, 1914). Their children were:

1-Marie Lavoie, b.September 20, 1856, m.July 23, 1878 to Elzear Levesque (he b.1852):
2-Norbert Lavoie, b.January 01, 1858:
3-Marie Claudia Lavoie, b.July 07, 1859:
4-Eugenie D. Lavoie, b.September 30, 1860, m.February 03, 1880 to David Roy-Desjardins (1856):
5-Marie Lumina Lavoie, b.October 24, 1861, m.July 20, 1886 to Francois Masse (he b.1857):
6-Joseph Lavoie, b.December 04, 1862, m.February 11, 1887 to Marie Xiste Plourde (he b.1867):
7-Pierre Lavoie, b.May 15, 1864, m.January 10, 1888 to Marie Miville-Deschenes (she b.1868):
8-Sara Lavoie, b.December 07, 1865, m.March 04, 1889 to Joseph Miville-Deschene (he b.1861):
9-Marie Eunomie Lavoie, b.April 29, 1867:
10-Cyprien Lavoie, b.May 16, 1869:
11-Aurore Lavoie, b.August 06, 1870:
12-Francois Lavoie, b.May 21, 1872, m.February 07, 1899 to Alphonsine Desjardins (she b.1878).

Information regarding Hermine Domine Beaulieu and Norbert Lavoie:
1881 Federal Census, Mont-Carmel, Kamouraska, Quebec Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 42, Sub-district G, Page Number 9, Household Number 37:
Norbert Lavoie M Male French 50 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Domine Lavoie M Female French 53 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Norbert Lavoie Male French 23 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Emena Lavoie Female French 19 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Joseph Lavoie Male French 18 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Pierre Lavoie Male French 17 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Sara Lavoie Female French 15 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Marie Lavoie Female French 13 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Ovare Lavoie Female French 10 Q <Quebec> Going To School Catholique
Francois Lavoie Male French 9 Q <Quebec> Going To School Catholique

28-Marie Devie Beaulieu, b.1837 RO.

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