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Gabriel Beaulieu, s/o Joseph Beaulieu and Marie Angelique Levesque, was b.1782 Kamouraska, m.September 07, 1807 RO to Judith Julie Levesque (she b.1787). Their children were:

1-Marie Emelie Beaulieu, b.June 03, 1808, m.January 17, 1826 to Pierre Gagnon (he b.1801). Their children were:

1-Ignace Gagnon, b.1845, m.June 04, 1872 to Demerise Berube (1844). Their children were Ferdina Gagnon ((1874), Samuel Gagnon (1876), Anne Gagnon (1877), Lazare Gagnon (1879), Rose Gagnon (1880).
Information regarding Ignace Gagnon and Demerise Berube:
1881 Federal Census, Ile-Verte, Temiscouata, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41, Sub-district H, Division 2, Page Number 11, Household Number 44:
Ignace Gagnon M Male French 36 Quebec Journalier Catholique
Demerise Gagnon M Female French 37 Quebec Catholique
Ferdina Gagnon Male French 7 Quebec Catholique
Samuel Gagnon Male French 5 Quebec Catholique
Anne Gagnon Female French 4 Quebec Catholique
Lazare Gagnon Male French 2 Quebec Catholique
Rose Gagnon Female French <1 Born: <May>; 11/12 Quebec Catholique

2-Isidore Gagnon, b.1845, m.1st 1870 to Suzanne Roussel (she b.1850), m.2nd October 13, 1908 to Hortense Malenfant (she b.1855):
3-Charles Gagnon, b.1846, m.September 28, 1875 to Marcelline Boucher (she b.1841):
4-Georges Gagnon, b.1848, m.February 11, 1873 to Adele Roiux (she b.1853):
5-Henri Gagnon, b.1848, m.November 26, 1872 to Justine Roussel (she b.1851):
6-Ferdinand Gagnon, b.1854, m.May 16, 1881 to Rose Roussel (she b.1861).

2-Marie Beaulieu, b.August 31, 1810:

3-Leocadie Beaulieu, b.1811, m.July 05, 1831 to Jean Baptiste Pelletier (he b.1806):

4-Joseph Beaulieu, b.1816, m.1st April 20, 1841 St. Anne de la Pocatiere to Solange Dionne (1821), m.2nd February 16, 1887 to Bibiane Pelletier (1826). Child born to Joseph and Solange was Joseph Beaulieu, b.1842, m.July 09, 1861 to Marie Martin (she b.1842):

5-Thomas Beaulieu, b.1821, m.January 25, 1848 St. Anne de la Pocatiere to Florence Julie Masse (she b.Abt 1821):

6-Marie Beaulieu, b.1825, m.January 21, 1845 to Benoni Larouche (1825):

7-Virginie Beaulieu, b.1827, m.June 21, 1859 to Charles Madore (1829). Their children were Charles Madore (1861), Victoire Madore (1863), Marie Madore (1866), Amanda Madore (1871).
Information regarding Virginie Beaulieu and Charles Madore:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Anne, Kamouraska, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 42, Sub-district A, Page Number 19, Household Number 85:
Charles Madore M Male French 52 Q <Quebec> Journalier Catholique
Virginie Madore M Female French 54 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Charles Madore Female French 20 Q <Quebec> Journalier Catholique
Victoire Madore Female French 18 Q <Quebec> Servante Catholique
Marie Madore Female French 15 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Amanda Madore Female French 10 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Felicite Thibautal W Female French 72 Q <Quebec> Catholique

8-Marcelline Beaulieu, b.Abt. 1830, m.January 11, 1842 to Edouard Begin (1820).

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