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Our direct line ancestor, Charles Arthur Beaulieu, son of Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Boucher, married Josephine Valerie Suzanne (Susan) Everett, daughter of William Everett and Isabel Clorveke, and had the following children:

1-Marie Josephine Beaulieu, b.1888, d.1892 NIC:

2-Maria Celina Beaulieu, b.Mar.19, 1893 NIC, d.Aug.29, 1961 MISS, m.May 10, 1911 WHON to Clyde Troll Snodgrass, son of William Snodgrass and Eunice Marie (Emma) Troll (these surnames will be linked at a later date. However, for now, view the family of Clyde at our Snodgrass family site):

3-Marie Celestine Beaulieu, b. 1895 NIC:

4-Mary Louise Sarah Lynn Beaulieu, b.May 13, 1895 NIC, d.July 12, 1945 California, m.August 13, 1912 to Harvey John Thompson:

5-Gertrude Francesca Mary Beaulieu, b.October 1, 1898 NIC, d.Sept.13, 1912 NIC:

6-Florence Maria Beaulieu, b.Jan 18, 1903 NIC, d.Dec.26, 1987, m.Oct.10, 1923 to George Prescott Murray:

7-Arthur Orlando Beaulieu, b.Aug.01, 1904 NIC, d.Oct. 28, 1960, VAN, m.Sept.04, 1940 to Verna Bernice Israel:

8-Lucy Madeline Beaulieu, b.Oct.15, 1909 NIC, d.Mar.15, 1978 KAML, m.Mar.23, 1948 VAN to Archibald Richardson McQuarrie:





1861 Federal Census, St. Alexandre, Kamouraska District, Quebec, Public Archives of Canada:

Pierre Beaulieu, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 57

Marie Boucher, Roman Catholic, Female, Age 48

Sarapine Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Female, Age 16

Celina Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Female, Age 12

Arneas Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 11

Achile Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 10

Arthur Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 8

Marie Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Female, Age 7

Joseph Bernier, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 13 or 15

Abraam Bernier, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 27

Hypolyte Beaulieu, Roman Catholic, Male, Age 3


1891 Canada Census, New Westminster District (2), Sub-district New Westminster (14), Page 2, Household 95:

Boleiux, Arthur, Age 27, Born Quebec, Parents born Quebec, Roman Catholic, Railroad labourer

Boleiux, Susan, Age 24, Born BC, Parents born BC, Roman Catholic

Boleiux, Josephine, Age 3, Born BC, Roman Catholic

Boleiux, Mary, Age 1, Born BC, Roman Catholic


1901 Federal Census, District Name NEW WESTMINSTER, District Number 2, Sub-district Name Dewdney, Sub-district Number c-8, Schedule 1, Nicomen,Reference RG31, Microfilm Reel Number T-6429, Page 2, Family #19:

Arthur Beaulieu, Male, White, Head, Married, Birth Date May 2, 1861 (age 39), Born Quebec, French, Canadian, Roman Catholic, (column 17 may say profession, response is Navy)

Susan Beaulieu, Female, R (for colour, she was First Nations), Wife, Birth Date Nov. 15, 1867, Age 33, Born BC, Roman Catholic

Selina Beaulieu, Female, R (for colour), Birth Date March 19, 1893, Age 8, Born BC

Mary L Beaulieu, R (for colour), Birth Date May 13, 1895, Age 5, Born BC

Gertrude Beaulieu, R (for colour), Birth Date October 1, 1898, Age 2, Born BC


1911 Federal Census, Dewdney Riding, Municipality of Maple Ridge, Page 3, District 11-New Westminster, Enumeration district 40, Household 25:

Beaulieu A. M Head M May ? ?

Beaulieu Susan F Wife M Apr 1867 44

Beaulieu Gertrude F Daughter S Oct 1900 10

Beaulieu Florina F Daughter Jan 1903 8

Beaulieu Arthur M Son S Aug 1908 3

Beaulieu Madeline F Daughter S Sep 1910 1


Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 about Charles Arthur Beaulieu, Event Year: 1853, May 3, Event: Naissance (Birth) , Religion: Catholique, Place of Worship or Institution: St-Alexandre (Kamouraska), Province: Québec (Quebec), Parents Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Boucher, Godparents Frederick Ouellet and Virginie Dufour.


Vital Statistics Marriage Registration Index, Search Gateway, B.C.Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1887-09-114387, B.C. Archives Microfilm No. B11381, GSU Microfilm No. 1983709 - Groom Name: Arthur Beaulieu, Bride Name: Susie Everett, Event Date: 1887 5 10 (Yr/Mo/Day), Event Place: St. Mary's Mission, New Westminster District

Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, B.C. Archivesvia the Internet Name: ARTHUR BEAULIEN, Event Date: 1922 5 14 (Yr/Mo/Day), Age: 65, Gender: Male, Event Place: NICOMEN ISLAND, Reg.Number: 1922-09-299363, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13120, GSU Microfilm Number: 1927297; birthplace given as St. Alexander, Quebec; date of birth given as May 2, 1857; farmer; parents given as Basil Beaulieu and Mary Beaulieu; informant Susan Beaulieu, Nicomen Island (wife); Cause of death cerebral hemorrhage, contributory arteriosclerosis (duration 3 years)


"The Roman Catholics had a church building long before any of the other denominations. There was a Catholic Church and no road to get to it (1890). A priest from St. Mary's Mission used to come out once a month or less to take services <although> he had difficulty in rounding up a congregation" (Sleigh 28). The Catholic Church stood on land first registered in the names of Edward and Emery Tremblay (on the north-east corner of Cooper Road and Lougheed Highway), and the site was given by a Mrs. Tremblay in memory of her husband. The legal side of the transfer was evidently overlooked, for when a subsequent buyer of the corner site came to sign the documents in the 1920s, he discovered that he was now the owner of a church and a cemetery! He hastened to make the transfer official" (Sleigh 28).


"A Catholic Indian Cemetery was established on the west side of today's North Deroche Road. There was also a Catholic cemetery beside the little wooden church at Cooper Road; today this graveyard is lost in a thicket of trees … some graves were moved to the Hatzic Cemetery at a time when the highway was widened" (Sleigh 29-30).


Canada Department of the Interior Dominion Lands Branch, Land settlement records for Railway Belt and Peace River: Microfilm (neg.) 1885-1949, 16mm - 86 reels [B14594-B14679] [B07893(1); B14680-B14700; B14999-B15000].

This collection contains Dominion Lands Branch files and registers relating to land settlement in the Railway Belt and the Peace River Block in British Columbia. The Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, by a memorandum of agreement dated 6 April 1972, transferred the files to the British Columbia Department of Lands, Forests, and Water Resources. The files were deposited in the Provincial Archives of British Columbia in June of that year. The registers were received in the spring of 1969. The federal government retained custody of general, policy, and ruling files. These files and microfilm copies of letters patent covering Crown grants were transferred to the Public Archives of Canada in 1972. Correspondence pertaining to the transfer of this material from federal to provincial jurisdiction is filed in BC Archives government records accession 91-2546-7:

B14630 133 Beaulieu, Narcisse 8887 2242895

B14633 147 Beaulieux, Arthur 9844 2242898

B14670 325 Beaulieu, Alfred 2955496 2243673


British Columbia Supreme Court (New Westminster) Probate/estate files, Microfilm (neg.) 1881-1943, 16 mm - 83 reels: B11305, Beaulieu, Arthur, 2308/1922.

., Matches in Canadian Genealogy Index: Arthur Beaulieu found in: Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s

Event: Living, Year: 1901, Place: De Roche, Province of record source: British Columbia, Comments: Farmer, Source: Henderson's British Columbia Gazetteer and Directory and Mining Companies for 1900-1901, Volume/Page(s): 252

Please note: The province and county are associated with the location of the record source and in some cases may not be the same as the place where the event occurred.


CP Rail record of employment for Arthur Beaulieu, born May 2, 1859:

1886, Oct 1, section man at Cascade Section

1899, Apr, foreman at Nicomen

1910, Dec 01, foreman at Whannock

1911, Aug 31, resigned (satisfactory)


According to Margaret (Snodgrass) Gillies, Arthur arrived in BC by sailing around Cape Horn, South America. He arrived in the province some time prior to 1887. The following describes one man's trip round the Horn - "Before the construction of the Panama Canal, the only way for ships to cross between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans was to brave the southern ocean. Cape Horn is the most extreme southern tip of Chile and the seas there are as rough today as they were hundreds of years ago. Sailing around the 'Horn is considered by some to be the Mount Everest of sailing".


1900-1901 Henderson's British Columbia Gazatteer and Directory and Mining Companies with which is consolidated the the William's British Columbia Directory for 1900-1901, De Roche (a settlement on the Fraser River opposite Nicomen, 12 miles from Mission City on CPR, in Nicomen municipality. Mails daily. Nearest telegraph office Harrison River, dis. 7 miles, nearest railway station (flag) Nicomen, dis. 1.5 miles): Beaulieu, Arthur, Farmer


1905 Henderson's British Columbia Gazatteer and Directory, De Roche (see also Nicomen and Sumas - a settlement on the Fraser River opposite Nicomen, 12 miles from Mission City on CPR. Nearest telegraph office Harrison River, dis. 7 miles, nearest railway station (flag) Nicomen, dis. 1.5 miles: Beaulieu, Arthur, Farmer


1910 Henderson's British Columbia Gazatteer and Directory, Part 1, De Roche (see also Nicomen and Sumas - a settlement on the Fraser River opposite Nicomen, 12 miles from Mission City. Nearest telegraph office Harrison River, distant 7 miles, nearest railway station (flag) Nicomen, distant 1.5 miles): Beaulieu, Arthur, Section foreman


1920 Wrigley's British Columbia Directory, Deroche (a P.O. and the centre of a thriving agricultural dsitrict, on the C.P.R. main line, 54 miles east of Vancouver, in Dewdney Prov. Elec. Dist. It is also reached by automobile over the excellent Dewdney Trunk Road. Has long-distance telephone, general store, public school, Presbyterian and R.C. churches, and gravity water supply. Good hunting and fishing in close proximity. Local resources - small fruits, dairying, stock-raising, poultry, bee keeping and mixed farming): Beaulin, Arthur, Dairying Sheep




1881 Federal Census, North, New Westminster, British Columbia, FamilyHistory Library Film 1375920, NA Film Number C-13284, District 187,Sub-district B, Page Number 74, Household Number 309, Head of Household Alphonse CARRIORE:

Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

Mary SUMINE1 Female Irish 48 Q <Quebec> Superior Nun Catholic

Mary CONCEPTION2 Female Irish 54 Q <Quebec> Teacher Nun Catholic

Mary ROSSARIE3 Female Irish 26 Q <Quebec> Teacher Nun Catholic

Eveline GRINDER Female German 16 British Columbia Catholic

Anne MERRYFIELD Female 15 British Columbia Catholic

Adeline SEMPER Female 15 British Columbia Catholic

Fanny CUNNINGHAM Female English 15 British Columbia Catholic

Mary MERRYFIELD Female 14 British Columbia Catholic

Susan EVERETT Female English 14 British Columbia Catholic

This is only a partial list: St. Mary's Mission School


Vital Statistics Death Registration Index, Search Gateway, B.C. Archives via the Internet -Reg. No. 1940-09-573205, B.C. Archives Microfilm No.B13168, GSU Microfilm No. 1953628; informant Mrs. Florence Murray, Nicomen Island (daughter); Gillies Mortuary Homes Co. Ltd., Mission; birth place given as Dog Creek - this conflicts with information on her marriage certificate which lists her place of birth as being Spences Bridge; age at death 74; racial origin Scotch (on her father's side); died at home in Deroche, unorganised territory; cause of death myocarditis __; other morbid conditions - insomnia


Margaret Gillies related the following information: While a girl in St. Mary's Mission, Mission BC, Susan never had a doll. Instead, she drew a face on her thumb and used it as her "baby". One day, when she refused to let another child "play" with her doll, the child cried and Susan was spanked. She was forbidden to use her thumb as a plaything.


When she was about 9 years old, Susan was visited at the Mission by a well-dressed and polished couple. It is not known who they were, but her granddaughter Margaret Snodgrass remembered a man by the name of Kirkpatrick who visited Susan occasionally. She also said the Mission received a sum of money each month on behalf of the child.


About 1910, Susan was visited by a couple at her home in Nicomen, but they were promptly run off by her husband Arthur Beaulieu. Who were these people and what part did they play in Susan's life??


Later in life Susan babysat her grandchildren while their mother, Celina, worked. Two interesting stories they told were of Susan sewing burrs on their coats in the place of buttons (an early form of Velcro), and of her placing baked potatoes in their pockets before going to school on a cold winter's day. The heat from the potatoes would keep their hands warm, and they would be devoured at lunch time as a nutritious meal.


Obituary: The death occurred on June 15th, at the family home Nicomen Island of Mrs. Susie Beaulieu, aged 74. The deceased had resided in the district for fifty years and is survived by four daughters and one son, Mrs. Green, Mission City, Mrs. Geo. Murray, Nicomen Island, Miss Madeline Beaulieu, Vancouver and one daughter in California, and one son Arthur at home. She also leaves a number of grandchildren. Her husband pre-deceased her several years ago. The funeral was held Tuesday 1 June 15th at 10 o'clock at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Father Tague officiating. Internment was in the Catholic Cemetery at Deroche beside her husband and two daughters. A large number of friends and relatives attended the funeral to pay their last tribute to a well-liked pioneer and friend The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful.


Another article appeared regarding Susan's death:

CARD OF THANKS: We wish to express our thanks to those who offered their assistance and sympathy during our late bereavement, and also for the beautiful flowers. MRS A. BEAULIEU AND FAMILY


The children's information will be added in time.

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