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Pierre Beaulieu (our direct line ancestor), s/o Jean Baptiste Beaulieu and Ursule Boucher, was b.St. Andre, m.1st Nov. 05, 1827 St. Andre to Marguerite Lebel (she b.1806, d/o Joseph Baptiste Lebel and Angelique Carrier), m.2nd Nov. 07, 1837 St. Andre to Thecle Morin (she b.1807, d.Bef. September 1842, d/o Augustin Morin and Luce Dumont), m.3rd Sept.05, 1842 St. Andre to Marie Boucher (she b.1821 Notre Dame du Portage, d/o Elie Boucher and Geneveive Eschemback).

Children born to  Pierre Beaulieu and Marguerite Lebel were:

1-Diane Beaulieu, b.1827 St. Andre:

2-Antoine Beaulieu, b.Aft. November 1827 St. Andre, m.June 30, 1841 St. Andre to Elisabeth Daris (she b.Abt 1828, d/o Pierre Daris and Josette Pelletier):
Information regarding Antoine Beaulieu and Elisabeth Daris:
Repertoire des Mariages de Saint-Andre de Kamouraska, 1791 - 1968, by Armand Proulx, Villa St-Jean. C.P. 636, La Pocatiere (Kamouraska), PQ CAN - Library of Parliament, Canada (copied Mar 2 1972).

Children born to  Pierre Beaulieu and Thecle Morin were:

3-Alfe Beaulieu, b.1837 St, Andre:

Children born to  Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Boucher were:

4-Marie Beaulieu, b.Aft. September 1842 St. Andre:

5-Seraphine Beaulieu, b.1843 St. Andre:

6-Celina Beaulieu, b.1847 St. Andre:

7-Ernest Beaulieu, b.1847 St. Andre:

8-Achille Beaulieu, b.1850 St. Andre:

9-Cesarie Beaulieu, b.1854 St. Andre, m.January 27, 1874 to Andre Beaulieu (he b.1845). Their child Joseph Beaulieu was b.Aft. 1874:

10-Arthur Beaulieu, b.May 02, 1857 Notre Dame du Portage, d.May 14, 1922 Nicomen Island, BC, m.May 10, 1887 Mission BC to Josephine Valerie Suzanne Everett (she b.September 14, 1865 Spences Bridge BC, d/o William Everett and Isabella Clorveke). Their children were:

1-Marie Josephine Beaulieu, b.1888:
2-Infant Beaulieu, b.Abt 1889:
3-Mary Louise Beaulieu, b.1890:
4-Marie Celina Beaulieu, b.March 09, 1892:
5-Marie Celestine Beaulieu, b.1895:
6-Gertrude Francesca Mary Beaulieu, b.1899:
7-Florence Beaulieu, b.Abt 1901:
8-Arthur Orlando Beaulieu, b.August 01, 1904:
9-Lucy Madeline Beaulieu, b.October 15, 1909.

11-Joseph Beaulieu, b.1858, m.October 08, 1883 to Celina Langlois (1863):

12-Paul Beaulieu, b.1862 Notre Dame du Portage, d.February 28, 1909 Vancouver BC, m.Abt. 1890 to Emilie \\ (she b.Abt. 1866 Vancouver BC, d.June 20, 1951 Pokum, BC. Emilie m.2nd to Peter Albert (he b.Abt. 1876, d.April 21, 1950 Pokum). Known children were Georgina Beaulieu, Lorne Beaulieu, and Philippe Beaulieu.

Family lore has it that Arthur Beaulieu left Quebec at the turn of the century, lured to BC by work on the Canadian National Railway in the Fraser Valley (he travelled by ship, sailing around Cape Horn). Arthur married Susan Everett, who was a First Nations resident of St. Mary's Mission residential school from an early age. Once he was established, Arthur paid his brother Paul's passage to BC, where he married a local resident and settled in the Fraser Valley. One day while sharing a meal at Arthur's home, Paul choked to death on a bone. His grieving widow blamed her sister-in-law, and the two families parted. Unfortunately, the relationship between the Beaulieu families was permanently severed and has not been mended to this day; their relationship has been lost over time. Paul's son Lorne was named for the street in Vancouver where the family lived. Death records for Paul confirm his identity and the Beaulieu family story:

Births, Deaths and Marriages Act, Schedule B, Reg. No. 1909-09-126948, B.C. Archives Microfilm No. B13096, GSU Number 1927124 -death by accidental suffocation, informant Thomas Joseph Caron, Roman Catholic, accidental death, no inquest, died at 157 Lorne St. W.

Information regarding Pierre Beaulieu and Marie Boucher:
1851 Federal Census, St. Andre and Notre Dame du Portage, Kamouraska Co., Quebec (other information not recorded):
Beaulieu, Pierre (47); Marie (37); Alfe (14); Saraphine (8); Rene (24); Celina (4); Unknown (2); Achille (1); David Beaulieu (38).

Genealogy Acadian and French Canadian Style; Pierre Hudon\Beaulieu Descendants: website
Repertoire des Mariages de Saint-Andre de Kamouraska, 1791 - 1968, by Armand Proulx, Villa St-Jean. C.P. 636, La Pocatiere (Kamouraska), PQ CAN - Library of Parliament, Canada (copied Mar 2 1972).


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